the Rift

the Silverthorn


Well fed, fit and in good shape.


Species: Equine Gender: Stallion Age: 14 Height: 15.3 hh
Breed: Lusitano x Arab
Gender: Stallion
Age: 14 (born in Orangemoon)
Species: Equine
Horn/Wings/etc: None
Eyes: Amber
Mane: White, full, half-long
Body: Silver Grullo
Hooves: Solid, Black
Markings: Dun markings. Gold dusting over the back from whithers to croup, that stretch about halfway down the shoulders, belly and flanks. A barren black tree on the right side shoulder. A white cobweb over the face.
Tail: White, full, long

Lace is lithe yet strong, with the build of a dancer and the muscle of a warrior. His body holds several scars as testimony to his experience on the battlefield and of life in general, marked by the encounters he has faced over the years. Due to a magical ability to regenerate his body, Lace stopped aging when he was 8 years old, and from then on only magic is capable of leaving marks and scars.

He is an introverted soul prone to brooding. Generally kind and patient with others, Lace used to be far more hot-tempered and outspoken than he is now and considers himself as a failure because of his inability to maintain that cheerful nature. Past mistakes tend to haunt his conscience for months, and while he claims otherwise it has become apparent that he holds grudges towards both himself and others. With a strong sense of responsibility and loyalty he cares deeply for those that have managed to earn a place in his heart - but he is ultimately a vagabond and a lone wolf who love the open expanse and the adventure more than any home or family.

Mother: Whereabouts unknown
Father: Whereabouts unknown

Son: Cathun

Born in a region called Gassul, Lace left his home at the age of two in the wake of a disaster, brimming with confidence and lust for adventure. After about a year of travel he came upon Isilme, where he joined a herd and began to make friends. There he was given a dragon egg and bonded to his long time companion Fajira, who has remained by his side ever since. Unfortunately, due to an accident he was influenced by particular herbs into betraying his leader to a rivaling herd, something that led to him changing sides and participating in a war against his old friends.

Injured and defeated during battle Lace fell into depression and withdrew from contact with others, and eventually decided to leave Isilme. During the years that followed he and Fajira roamed across the world, sometimes on their own and sometimes joining nomads or mercenary bands. But eventually Fajira began to long for the company of her own kin, and so to please her Lace reluctantly began a return to Isilme.

As they came closer to their old home however they realized that something was very wrong with the region; it seemed empty and deserted, void of life - later they would discover that the land had been overrun by the dead - and so they were forced to move on. It was pure coincidence that led Lace to step into the Threshold one day... or so he believed.

Year 1
-- chapter 1 | Déjà Vu
-- chapter 2 | Contemplating Treason
-- chapter 3 | A place of Genesis
-- chapter 4 | I've got blood on my name
-- chapter 5 | This is it
-- chapter 6 | Reminiscing
-- chapter 7 | Prayers
-- chapter 8 | null and void
-- chapter 9 | Olympics, Equine race Part One, Part Two, Part Three - Received magic
-- chapter 10 | Sun Rising
-- chapter 11 | Never was a happy ending
-- chapter 12 | harvest moon
-- chapter 13 | Queens and Vagabonds
-- chapter 14 | In the dark of the night
-- chapter 15 | Fight for yourself
-- chapter 16 | Enemies, Wars & Broken hearts
-- chapter 17 | lightning and spiders
-- chapter 18 | Trespassing
-- chapter 19 | Going under - Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five
-- chapter 20 | The Result
-- chapter 21 | The Medic's Tent

Year 2
-- chapter 22 | Home
-- chapter 23 | Home is where the heart is
-- chapter 24 | A place to return to
-- chapter 25 | Taking a break
-- chapter 26 | An uneasy encounter
-- chapter 27 | Dreaming wide awake
-- chapter 28 | Around the campfire
-- chapter 29 | Broken!
-- chapter 30 | of ghosts and other unnatural things
-- chapter 31 | How dare they!
-- chapter 32 | Slipping through the night
-- chapter 33 | A small heart in a big world
-- chapter 34 | Gratitude

-- chapter 35 | in this kingdom by the sea
-- chapter 36 | Rebirth
-- chapter 37 | Silence of the heart
-- chapter 38 | Shaping the wood
-- chapter 39 | Scorched earth
-- chapter 40 | Crafting 101
-- chapter 41 | One hundred ways to break a heart
-- chapter 42 | a glaziers pace
-- chapter 43 | wood crafter
-- chapter 44 | Bodies to the test
-- chapter 45 | In all due respect
-- chapter 46 | Freeing the prisoners
-- chapter 47 | Heaven or Hell
-- chapter 48 | Help is on the way
-- chapter 49 | a matter of fact
-- chapter 50 | Just a little bit of practice
-- chapter 51 | Equality for the win
-- chapter 52 | I don't want you
-- chapter 53 | blood will have blood
-- chapter 54 | Handy Dandy Lies
-- chapter 55 | instruments to plague us
-- chapter 56 | No place like home
-- chapter 57 | Refinement

Tallsun & Orangemoon
-- Chapter 58 | After declining the offer from Mirage to take up the mantle of leadership, Lace hurriedly retreated to the deepest parts of the forest. In desperate need of rest and time for himself, he spent his time mulling over the events that had come to pass since he arrived in these magical lands. And as he did so the seasons passed by, and not until the cold winds and thick mists of Frostfall did he step out from the forest again.

Year 3
-- chapter 59 | Twilight
-- chapter 60 | Reborn
-- chapter 61 | A million pieces of me, on the floor
-- chapter 62 | Appeal to Reason
-- chapter 63 | Past and Present
-- chapter 64 | lay me down
-- chapter 65 | When the sun sets
-- chapter 66 | Too much unwelcome News
-- chapter 67 | A time for Action
-- chapter 68 | A visit and a suggestion
-- chapter 69 | Weight of the world
-- chapter 70 | Bent Truths
-- chapter 71 | Give me nothing, Give me Faith
-- chapter 72 | Under a starless sky
-- chapter 73 | Build Me Up
-- chapter 74 | A sound of Silence
-- chapter 75 | White light burning bright
-- chapter 76 | Troubled Souls
-- chapter 77 | Useful Things to Know
-- chapter 78 | Back to Business
-- chapter 79 | Once upon a time...
-- chapter 80 | Green Wrath

-- chapter 81 | Stormclouds
-- chapter 82 | When in Doubt, Stand and Fight
-- chapter 83 | Mending the Broken
-- chapter 84 | Disappointment
-- chapter 85 | The light of which chases the night sins away
-- chapter 86 | And End to An End
-- chapter 87 | Little Dreams
-- chapter 88 | Bitter Victory, Bitter Defeat
-- chapter 89 | Hopeless Wanderer

-- chapter 90 | Bless me, for I have Sinned
-- chapter 91 | Life in the Light
-- chapter 92 | Ouvertyr
-- chapter 93 | Storm rider
-- chapter 94 | Castle of Glass
-- chapter 95 | Everything that downs me
-- chapter 96 | Another beginning
-- chapter 97 | Cure that itch
-- chapter 98 | Visibility - zero
-- chapter 99 | Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, Who is the Least Welcome of All?
-- chapter 100 | Step 1; "A place to rest"
-- chapter 101 | What the world will never take

-- chapter 102 | Illumination
-- chapter 103 | Testing for Explosives
-- chapter 104 | Messenger
-- chapter 105 | For a cause
-- chapter 106 | Speak now
-- chapter 107 | They come
-- chapter 108 | WORTHLESS
-- chapter 109 | Lost in Translation

Year 4
-- chapter 110 | It's where my demons hide
-- chapter 111 | Burn it down
-- chapter 112 | Vad du anförtror åt mig

- chapter 113 | Lace and Fajira are lost to themselves and to the world, roaming the wilderness with no purpose but to stay alive, somehow.

-- chapter 114 | Metamorphosis
-- chapter 115 | Burn it down
-- chapter 116 | Morning Glory
-- chapter 117 | Stray Dogs
-- chapter 118 | Spiders and dragonflies
-- chapter 119 | I am a loaded Gun
-- chapter 120 | If it's scary, close your eyes
-- chapter 121 | King and Lionheart
-- chapter 122 | sidera nobis
-- chapter 123 | Sidetracked
-- chapter 124 | At your service
-- chapter 125 | The terrors of withdrawal
-- chapter 126 | Come dance with me
-- chapter 127 | Exercitatio
-- chapter 128 | Palace of innocents, kingdom of mistakes

-- chapter 129 | and we are the dreamers of dreams
-- chapter 130 | Silver trinkets and golden leather
-- chapter 131 | Achtung!
-- chapter 132 | Cross Country Race
-- chapter 133 | Princesses and Vagabonds
-- chapter 134 | The final chapter
-- chapter 135 | Love of the leaf
-- chapter 136 | road's long, we carry on
-- chapter 137 | the woods are lovely, dark and deep

Year 5
-- A call for aid from a friend leads Lace and Fajira out of Helovia, keeping them away for the better part of a year.

Year 6

Personal Magic
[Dark x Light] Regeneration (Passive)

Can regenerate body, allowing for injuries to heal quickly and for body parts to meld back together if separated. If struck in the heart however, he cannot regenerate that.

[Earth x Water] Wood manipulation

The ability to manipulate and shape already existing wood, using trees and shrubs. Easiest during Birdsong and Tallsun, more difficult and potentially harmful to the plants during Orangemoon and FrostFall.

[Fire x Time] Sun Burst

The ability to create a small sun the size of a large human hand. Its lifetime may be manipulated, to make it burn steadily for a long time or to speed up its destruction, ending in an explosion that causes varying degree of burns to everyone within a 20 ft radius.

The items

Amulet of the Spark :: Deflection : able to cast the power of another character back onto that character, shattering as it does so. A deep blue sapphire inlaid in silver, braided into the mane by the whithers.

Amulet of the Moon : Empty and broken. The stone has cracked down the middle and is now only a regular amethyst inlaid in an ornate silver pendant, kept around the neck by a silver chain.

Other: ○ Enchanted Costume (winter contest) | Gingerbread man costume with top had and candy cane that can appear and disappear magically


♦ 1 ft (30cm) tall over the shoulders
♦ 1 m long from nose to tail
♦ 2 ft (60 cm) from wingtip to wingtip
♦ 19 lbs (8.6 kg)
♦ White scales, evenly colored over entire body
♦ Blue-gray eyes, cat-slitted pupils

♦ Capable of advanced fire breathing and skilled mind speech

* * *

Her body is vaguely reminiscent of a cat's, with a slender body and dexterous paws capable of complex motion. The talons are razor sharp, but she controls them well; only when she gets scared or excited can she forget about them and thus hurt her bonded. She is supple and have excellent balance, aided by flexible wings that can fold so tight against her body that they almost become invisible. The membrane that connects each finger is thin and see-though, unmarred and just as pale as the rest of her; in extremely hot weather it can be prone to light sunburn.

The scales are small and evenly sized over the entire body, except for the ones that run from the throat down to the belly and out into the tail; they are larger and harder than the rest. Each scale holds a pure white color that glitters like snow in the sunlight; and much like snow, Fajira seems to reflect the light of the sky by taking on the shades of the light.

Her spine is lined with short but sharp spikes that run all the way along her body to the base of the tail, where they blunt into small knobs before disappearing completely towards the end. The tip of the tail is adorned with a flat, spearlike spur, the edges blunt and rather harmless.

Because of her size Fajira is not too much of a threat physically. She is however both fast and agile in the air, and uses stealth in combination with fire to aid her bonded in fight.


Her personality can be described as calm, intelligent and fearless. Fajira is kind and generous and eager to open up to strangers, both dragons and horses alike - even when her bonded feels wary towards someone. She is sensitive to moods though, and her mind is so tightly linked with Lace's that they often think together. They share thoughts and feelings and the things they see almost instantly; yet she retains a completely separate personality from his, and can sometimes close him out of her mind when she wants to be alone with herself; something Lace hasn't managed to learn yet.

Where he is thoughtful and sometimes broody in nature, her mind is easy-going and brazen. Acting on impulse without caring much for the consequences, she can be both cheeky and mischievous.

The little female can be prone to jealousy when it comes to Lace, and she doesn't approve of old acquaintances that he knows but she doesn't.

Played by
Lace is played by Chan.
Chan also plays Xion.

:: [ Magic: EarthxWater | can manipulate and shape already existing wood, using trees and shrubs; easiest during Birdsong and Tallsun, more difficult and potentially harmful to the plants during Orangemoon and FrostFall ]
:: [ Restrictions | Cannot manipulate entire plants (trees, shrubs) during battle, only one branch/root or so at a time ]
:: [ Magic: FirexTime | can create a miniature sun and alter its time, making it last or age until it explodes ]
:: [ Restrictions | the sun is the size of a large, human fist; when it explodes, shards of fire can cause burns if in a 20ft radius ]
:: [ Magic: DarkxLight (P) | body regenerates, allowing for injuries to heal quickly and for body parts to meld back together if separated ]
:: [ Restrictions | Cannot regenerate if struck in the heart ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   4 AGL:   6 END:   6
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   1 CP:   2
5 9 5.5 65
Notable Accomplishments

- August 2015 || Rift Gods Plot Participant
- July 2014 || Sky Island Peace Plot Participant
- February 2014 || Wraith Sickness Plot Participant
- November 2013 || Thread of the Month
- October 2013 || Legend Title, the Silverthorn

- October 2013 || Leader of the World's Edge
- September 2013 || Restoration Dawn Plot Participant
- August 2013 || Broken Magic Plot Participant
- July 2013 || Four Monsters of Helovia Plot Participant
- June 2013 || Dead Magic Plot Participant

- June 2013 || Thread of the Month
- January 2013 || Quote of the Month
- January 2013 || Silence of the Veins Plot Participant
- December 2012 || Silence of the Bond Plot Participant
- December 2012 || A New God Plot Participant

- November 2012 || Character of the Month
- November 2012 || World's Edge Glazier
- september 2012 || Attended Birth of Sun Demi-God, Israfel
- September 2012 || Helovian Olympics Plot Participant
- October 2012 || Wrath of the Sun God Plot Participant

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No place like home [- HERD MEETING -] Archives
Destrier, Hellena, Ink, Kiara, Lace, Mirage, Rishima, Thor, Torasin, Vikram, Yseulte
01-16-2013 by Kiara
[JUDGE] instruments to plague us [challenge for freedom - lace] Battleground
Deimos, Lace, Nao
01-08-2013 by Deimos
Handy Dandy Lies [Lace] Archives
Ink, Lace
12-31-2012 by Ink
blood will have blood Archives
Deimos, Ink, Lace
12-28-2012 by Ink
Equality for the win [Paladin] Battleground
Lace, Paladin
01-29-2013 by Official
a matter of fact [Quest, Knox] Archives
Knox, Lace
12-30-2012 by Lace
Just a Little Bit Of Practice [Lace Spar] Battleground
Aaron, Lace
01-30-2013 by Official
In all due respect [Azzuen] Archives
Ázzuen, Lace
12-30-2012 by Lace
Help Is On the Way Archives
Destrier, Ink, Lace
12-30-2012 by Lace
I don't want you [Deimos, open] Archives
Dawn, Deimos, Hellena, Ink, Lace, Psyche, Rishima
12-29-2012 by Lace
Heaven or Hell Archives
Faelene, Lace, Random Event
02-03-2013 by Faelene
a glaziers pace (crafting glass, open) Archives
Kiara, Lace, Rishima, Tor, Yseulte
01-09-2013 by Rishima
Crafting 101 [Quest, Tingal] Archives
Lace, Tingal
12-28-2012 by Lace
one hundred ways to break a heart [open] Archives
Lace, Tor
12-28-2012 by Tor
i see it's me you fear...[Complete] Archives
Lace, Maldecir
12-09-2012 by Maldecir
wood crafter; questing, lace Archives
Evers, Lace
02-02-2013 by Lace
scorched earth Archives
Hototo, Israfel, Lace, Rishima
12-12-2012 by Hototo
[ Judge ] Bodies to the test Battleground
Ázzuen, Lace
01-06-2013 by Official
Silence of the Heart [Companions and bonded] Archives
Lace, Ophelia, Torasin
12-06-2012 by Torasin
Freeing the prisoners (open) Archives
Aaron, Crowley, d'Artagnan, Deimos, Faelene, Kiara, Lace, Leander, Solstice, Stellaluna, Svetlana, Thor
12-27-2012 by Lace
Rebirth [Open/Archi] Archives
Archibald, Israfel, Lace, Madyrn Maskan, Ophelia
01-12-2013 by Ophelia
Winter's Prison [Gods/Open] Veins of the Gods
Crow, Florelle, God of the Spark, God of the Sun, Keahi, Kiara, Lace, Myrddin, Sierra, Valerion, Xanthos
12-02-2012 by Lace
Shaping the Wood[Questing][Lace] Archives
Lace, Tingal
12-10-2012 by Lace
in this kingdom by the sea, lace Archives
Lace, Yseulte
12-09-2012 by Lace
A small heart in a big world [Newcomer] Archives
Adira, Lace
11-20-2012 by Adira
Gratitude (any god) Veins of the Gods
God of the Earth, Lace
12-25-2012 by Lace
How DARE THEY! [Kamien/Open] Archives
Aaron, Kamien, Lace
11-17-2012 by Lace
of ghosts and other unnatural things (Tor, Azulee, NPC) Archives
Lace, NPC, Tor
11-20-2012 by NPC
.b r o k e n. [OPEN!] Archives
Lace, Svetlana
11-18-2012 by Svetlana
Around the campfire [Herd Meeting] Archives
Aaron, Ink, Kamien, Lace, Solstice, Tallow, Thor, Torasin, Yseulte
12-03-2012 by Lace
.s l i p p i n g. through the night Archives
Bazilisk, Lace
11-21-2012 by Bazilisk
Dreaming wide awake [Mirage] Archives
Lace, Mirage
11-16-2012 by Lace
An Uneasy Encounter (Lace) Archives
Lace, Random Event, Valentine
12-05-2012 by Valentine
somehow I doubt I'll ever find a home [open] Archives
Amenhotep, Lace, Leander, Nefertari
10-28-2012 by Nefertari
Home (RE, open) Archives
Lace, Random Event, Rishima
12-18-2012 by Rishima
A place to return to (Tor, Mirage) Archives
Lace, Mirage, Tor
11-15-2012 by Lace
Taking a break (Hototo) Archives
Hototo, Lace
11-16-2012 by Lace
The Medic's Tent [Injured Qian/Allies] Archives
Alisier, Breeze, Kiara, Lace, Onni, Tares, Torasin, Yol
10-16-2012 by Breeze
Moonrise [Qian + allies, aftermath] Archives
Ink, Kiara, Lace, Mirage, Moth, Onni, Rishima, Tillas, Torasin, Yol
10-08-2012 by Ink
Bring me to Life [Invasion - ROUND FIVE] World's Edge
Aaron, Alan, Aurelius, Ázzuen, Cineviam, Deimos, Descaro, Faelene, Giselle, Kiara, Korra, Kri, Lace, Leander, Lena, Lucius, Madyrn Maskan, Mauja, Midas, Mirage, Monster, Ned, Paladin, Psyche, Tares, Vikram
10-02-2012 by Kri
Bring me to Life [Invasion - ROUND FOUR] World's Edge
Aaron, Alan, Aurelius, Ázzuen, Cineviam, Deimos, Delinne, Descaro, Faelene, Giselle, Jaydan, Kiara, Korra, Kri, Lace, Leander, Lena, Lloyd, Lucius, Madyrn Maskan, Mauja, Midas, Mirage, Monster, Ned, Paladin, Psyche, Ricochet, Tares, Vikram
09-29-2012 by Aaron
Bring me to Life [Invasion - ROUND THREE] World's Edge
Aaron, Alan, Arabella, Archibald, Aurelius, Ázzuen, Cineviam, Deimos, Delinne, Descaro, Faelene, Giselle, Jaydan, Kiara, Korra, Kri, Lace, Leander, Lena, Lloyd, Lucius, Madyrn Maskan, Mauja, Midas, Mirage, Monster, Ned, Paladin, Psyche, Ricochet, Tares, Torasin, Vikram
09-26-2012 by Cineviam
EQUINE :: Cross Country Race, Round THREE Archives
Aaron, Bellatrix, Kiara, Lace, Mirage, Query, Random Event, Tisco, Tor, Willow
09-26-2012 by Random Event
In the dark of the night [open] Archives
Lace, NPC, Sohalia, Tor
10-14-2012 by Sohalia
Bring me to Life [Invasion - ROUND TWO] World's Edge
Aaron, Alan, Arabella, Archibald, Aurelius, Ázzuen, Cineviam, Deimos, Delinne, Descaro, Faelene, Giselle, Jaydan, Kiara, Korra, Kri, Lace, Leander, Lena, Lloyd, Lucius, Madyrn Maskan, Mauja, Midas, Mirage, Monster, Ned, Paladin, Psyche, Ricciardo, Ricochet, Rishima, Tares, Torasin, Vikram
09-23-2012 by Rishima
EQUINE :: Cross Country Race, Round TWO (edited) Archives
Aaron, Bellatrix, Kiara, Lace, Madyrn Maskan, Mirage, Query, Random Event, Tor, Torasin, Willow
09-22-2012 by Random Event
Trespassing [Alisier] Archives
09-16-2012 by Lace
lightning and spiders {Lace} Archives
Delinne, Lace
11-15-2012 by Delinne
Enemies, Wars & Broken Hearts [Lace] Archives
Lace, Torasin
11-15-2012 by Lace
Bring me to Life [Invasion - ROUND ONE] World's Edge
Aaron, Alan, Arabella, Archibald, Aurelius, Ázzuen, Cineviam, Deimos, Delinne, Descaro, Faelene, Giselle, Jaydan, Kiara, Korra, Kri, Lace, Leander, Lena, Lloyd, Lucius, Madyrn Maskan, Mauja, Midas, Mirage, Monster, Ned, Paladin, Psyche, Ricciardo, Ricochet, Rishima, Tares, Torasin, Ulrik, Vikram
09-20-2012 by Cineviam
Fight for yourself [Rishima] Archives
09-14-2012 by Lace
Queens and Vagabonds [Soleil] Archives
Lace, Soleil
09-21-2012 by Lace
harvest moon [Ahriman, Mirage] Archives
Ahriman, Aurelius, Lace, Mirage
11-15-2012 by Aurelius
never was a happy ending [closed] Archives
Faelene, Lace
11-14-2012 by Faelene
EQUINE :: Cross Country Race, Round ONE Archives
Aaron, Bellatrix, Histe, Kiara, Knox, Lace, Madyrn Maskan, Mirage, Poppy, Query, Random Event, Rishima, Soleil, Tisco, Tor, Torasin, Willow
09-17-2012 by Tisco
Sun Rising [Birth, Open] Archives
Israfel, Kimber, Lace, Mirage, Ricochet, Rishima, Smoke, Solstice
10-25-2012 by Ricochet
null and void [open] Archives
Lace, Mirage
09-17-2012 by Mirage
Prayers Archives
Lace, Random Event
09-06-2012 by Random Event
:: Cross Country Obstacle Race :: Guidelines & Sign Ups! Archives
ali, Boom Boom, Coris, d'Artagnan, Daenerys, Ink, Kiara, Lace, Leander, Lloyd, Mirage, Query, Random Event, Rishima, Tisco, Tor, Xira
09-10-2012 by Boom Boom
Reminiscing [Huy, open] Archives
Bellatrix, Huyana, Lace, Tor
09-19-2012 by Tor
-- I've got blood on my name Archives
Lace, Manitou
08-29-2012 by Lace
Contemplating Treason [chan/Ina] Archives
Delinne, Lace, Paladin
08-28-2012 by Delinne
A Place of Genesis [Gods/Open] Veins of the Gods
Cassiopeia, God of the Earth, God of the Sun, Lace
10-08-2012 by Tamme
Déjà Vu Archives
Lace, Mirage
09-04-2012 by Lace
this is it [open] Archives
Jonas Janus, Kiva, Lace
09-14-2012 by Lace

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