the Rift

Ramble :: Dark -- the ability to provide thoughts in a lengthy and often incoherent manner.

Rainy -- 2002 blue roan qh mare. Loves to cut cows, has an adorably pathetic whiny, eats carrots like they're in shortage.

Harley -- 2000 yellow lab male [living at mom's house]. Always carries a stuffed toy, terrified of the cats, book smarts and no street smarts.

Ellie -- 2012 german shepherd female. Rescued, so has some insecurities with other dogs. Very affectionate and mellow. Obsessed with light/reflections ( :[ ). Also has book smarts and no street smarts.

Garnet -- 2012 gargoyle gecko female. Likes to educate children, hides all day, licks eyeballs like a CUTIE.

Fish -- fish.

the Bootyful



Species: Other Gender: Mare Age: 25 Height: 5'7"
-- Brown hair
-- Blue-gray eyes
-- Medium build

Organized -- calm -- friendly -- laid back -- inventive -- busy -- dreamer's disease -- competitive -- passionate -- lazily productive

Tammy -- Mother
Paul -- Father

Dustin -- half-brother

-- Halloween, October 31st, 1988 - born in Arizona.
-- 1990 moved to California.
-- 1998 moved to Virginia. Began riding horses.
-- 1999 moved to California. Finished elementary school. Started middle school. Started rping.
-- 2001 introduced to Willow Glen ranch and horse trainer Courtney :D
-- 2002 finished middle school x.x Started high school.
-- 2004 purchased Rainy!
-- 2005 met Josh <3 Broke up with Josh -- 2006 finished high school.
-- 2008 Founded Isilme :3 Got back together with Josh <3 Moved away to finish college at UC Davis.
-- 2009 interned at the equine hospital for a semester. Interned at the dairy for a semester. Worked as a recreational supervisor at a 4 star hotel and resort for the summer.
-- 2010 interned at the dairy for another semester. Closed Isilme/crashed.
-- 2011 became vice-president of the UCD rodeo club. Finished college with a bachelor's degree in Animal Science and Management. Moved in with Josh <3 Hired as seasonal educator for SeaWorld San Diego, kept on part time. Hired as part time educator at the Helen Woodward Animal Center, shifted to animal care assistant with partial educator roles.
-- 2012 Co-founded Helovia :3 Week vacation to the Rhine river in Europe 8]
-- 2013 Left SeaWorld and became Animal Care Supervisor for Education department at Helen Woodward Animal Center.


Played by
Blu plays: Ampere, Ink, and Öde

There's currently no magic, items nor companions associated with this character.
Battle Statistics
STR:   99 SPD:   99 AGL:   99 END:   99
OI:   9 DI:   9 MG:   9 CP:   9
99 99 99 99999
Notable Accomplishments

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268 threads
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05-14-2017 by Official
Team-Building Exercises Battleground
Roskuld, Bartholomeo
06-03-2017 by Blu
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05-07-2017 by Blu
a tale of two thieves [challenge, thranduil] Battleground
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04-22-2017 by Blu
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05-07-2017 by Blu
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Sacre, Pippigrin
05-28-2017 by Blu
the good, the bad and the ugly Battleground
Toulouse, Ampere
06-03-2017 by Blu
bulletproof [vol vs weaver] Battleground
Volterra, Weaver
05-26-2017 by Blu
Cold to the Bone Battleground
Sacre, Archibald
04-29-2017 by Blu
real deal [Megaera challenge] Battleground
Pippigrin, Megaera
04-05-2017 by Blu
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06-03-2017 by Blu
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05-23-2017 by Blu
tinker tailor soldier sailor [tou v. elsa] Battleground
04-15-2017 by Blu
[challenge] FOR HONOUR! FOR THE THROAT! [Cathun] Battleground
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Night Runner [Ru vs Albrecht] Battleground
Ru, Albrecht
04-29-2017 by Blu
antichrist II Battleground
04-05-2017 by Blu
david and goliath [vol vs pip] Battleground
Volterra, Pippigrin
03-26-2017 by Blu
anchors aweigh [bart vs tilney] Battleground
Bartholomeo, Tilney
04-08-2017 by Blu
Heal me, doctor [ Beloved vs. Mortuus Nox ] Battleground
03-07-2017 by Blu
got hands like an ocean, pull you out push you back in Battleground
Ampere, Myrrine
04-15-2017 by Blu
I only see what matters [hatching] Aurora Basin
Erebos, Enna
07-06-2017 by Erebos
if you go out you might pass out in a drain pipe [vol vs aelfwine] Battleground
Volterra, Aelfwine
04-01-2017 by Blu
All I Want [Ru vs. Elsa] Battleground
Ru, Elsa
04-15-2017 by Blu
blood is thicker?? [Mihtal v. Pippigrin] Battleground
Mihtal, Pippigrin
03-18-2017 by Blu
All Out of Enemies [ Beloved vs. Erthe ] Battleground
03-04-2017 by Blu
Let's Get To It (Open) Battleground
Nitika, Isopia
04-17-2017 by Blu
Brother vs Sister [Ilios vs Areli] Battleground
Ilios, Areli
04-15-2017 by Blu
The 4th wall comes tumbling down Battleground
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04-08-2017 by Blu
Tryin' ta fix my pride, but that shit's broken Battleground
Ampere, Erthë
03-11-2017 by Blu
Forgotten Savages [Erebos vs. Mortuus Nox] Battleground
Erebos, Mortuus Nox
03-07-2017 by Blu
the SERPENT and the WOLF [tae v. touloo] Battleground
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02-23-2017 by Blu
i'm a young lover's rage [vol vs airlia] Battleground
Volterra, Airlia
03-07-2017 by Blu
Kick Back Battleground
Roskuld, Ru
04-17-2017 by Blu
Don't Save Her Battleground
Roskuld, Alysanne
03-20-2017 by Blu
Dante's Inferno Battleground
Isopia, Virgil
01-19-2017 by Blu
Strike us like matches, cause everyone deserves the flames [Arion Teaching Spar] Battleground
Erebos, Arion
02-03-2017 by Blu
do you never laugh (Tilbert v. Arah) Battleground
Tilney, Arah
01-21-2017 by Blu
Beating of the Waves Battleground
Ru, Rikyn
02-10-2017 by Blu
fortitude (vol vs arah) Battleground
Volterra, Arah
02-21-2017 by Blu
DT Spar [Nizho] Battleground
Aithniel, Nizho
01-19-2017 by Blu
They Say Newcomers Have a Certain Smell Battleground
Mortuus Nox, Arion
02-03-2017 by Blu
the winds of winter [vol vs toulouse] Battleground
Volterra, Toulouse
02-04-2017 by Blu
There's only this Battleground
Erthë, Tembovu
12-26-2016 by Blu
Call it what you want, mutiny looks like this [VOLTERRA CHALLENGE] Battleground
Tae, Volterra
11-19-2016 by Blu
I blinked and the world was gone [Ru vs. Isopia] Battleground
Ru, Isopia
12-12-2016 by Blu
Crash Course [Erthë vs Tae] Battleground
Erthë, Tae
12-05-2016 by Blu
Supernova [Sohalia Challenge] Battleground
Cera, Sohalia
11-08-2016 by Blu
Show me what ya workin' with [Tembovu v Roskuld] Battleground
Tembovu, Roskuld
01-14-2017 by Blu
Property rights | ALYSANNE CHALLENGE Battleground
Isopia, Tembovu
12-18-2016 by Official
Gotta start somewhere [Tae vs. Rohan] Battleground
11-19-2016 by Blu
gods almighty [open] Battleground
Sikeax, Zenobia
11-10-2016 by Blu
If you care to take a dare Battleground
Erthë, Volterra
11-23-2016 by Blu
Father-Son Bonding Battleground
11-05-2016 by Blu
Firestorm [Hector Challenge] Battleground
10-14-2016 by Blu
command me to be well [open spar] Battleground
Auriel, Roskuld
10-20-2016 by Blu
I Hate Everything About You [Tembovu Challenge] Battleground
Elsa, Tembovu
09-20-2016 by Blu
mommy needs some alone time [open spar] Battleground
Megaera, Tembovu
10-20-2016 by Blu
closer to the prize at the end of the rope Battleground
Erebos, Ru
10-31-2016 by Blu
cats with glass claws [nyx vs elsa] Battleground
Nyx, Elsa
10-15-2016 by Blu
Grief Counselling | Iso v Abraham Battleground
Isopia, Abraham
09-28-2016 by Blu
close combat [vol vs sjal] Battleground
Volterra, Själ
11-19-2016 by Blu
She'll Chew You Up [Ashamin v. Paradox] Battleground
Ashamin, Paradox
09-28-2016 by Blu
Mosaic; [Caneo vs Cera] Battleground
Caneo, Cera
09-20-2016 by Blu
Finches [Ashamin v. Chaska] Battleground
08-17-2016 by Blu
Subjugation [Sialia Challenge] Battleground
08-07-2016 by Blu
the wolf and the whale [Mesec v Zèklè] Battleground
Mesec, Zèklè
09-13-2016 by Blu
Don't Let it Go To Waste [Erebos v. Sjal] Battleground
Erebos, Själ
11-25-2016 by Blu
Do Kings bleed? | Iso v Tembovu Battleground
08-07-2016 by Blu
Beneath the Bleeding Sky [Ashamin vs Seanan] Battleground
Seanan, Ashamin
08-17-2016 by Blu
Tide's low [Ovidius v. Ashamin] Battleground
Ashamin, Ovidius
08-17-2016 by Blu
like savage horses kept within Battleground
Mauja, Sacre
09-03-2016 by Blu
Ilios x Megaera Challenge Battleground
Ilios, Megaera
07-29-2016 by Blu
The Devil's Workshop; Battleground
Caneo, Kitty
08-07-2016 by Blu
eye of the storm (vol vs seanan) Battleground
Volterra, Seanan
08-25-2016 by Blu
Ilios vs Aquila Battleground
Ilios, Aquila
08-07-2016 by Blu
in your heart shall burn Battleground
Nyx, Gaucho
07-28-2016 by Blu
Show me Battleground
Tembovu, Raeden
07-29-2016 by Blu
blizzard [vol vs abaddon] Battleground
Volterra, Abaddon
07-29-2016 by Blu
[Hertz Capture] Lightning Only Strikes Once Hidden Falls
Lotherarius, Hertz
09-10-2016 by Blu
Run, Run Lost Boy Heavenly Fields
Daetiin, Oultik, Lyanna
09-10-2016 by Blu
Nothing Left to Say Frostbreath Steppe
Roux, Mauja
10-04-2016 by Mauja
Cold, dark and silent World's Edge
Erthë, Mauja
10-16-2016 by Mauja
Reclamation Proclamation [SOREN CHALLENGE] Battleground
Knox, Soren
03-01-2016 by Blu
I never call it even [Thranduil Challenge] Battleground
Ophelia, Thranduil
03-19-2016 by Official
Bring it! (Ilios x Rohan) Battleground
Ilios, Rohan
03-07-2016 by Blu
don't threaten me with a good time [vol v morir] Battleground
Volterra, Morir
02-11-2016 by Blu
hang hallowed halos [Gull Challenge] Battleground
Deimos, Gull
02-01-2016 by Blu
Taste of Poison [OPEN] Battleground
Aithniel, Archibald
08-28-2016 by Blu
we dreamt in heist (volterra vs sialia) Battleground
Volterra, Sialia
02-20-2016 by Blu
thunderbolt Battleground
Nyx, Rohan
02-20-2016 by Blu
When Giants Collide (Tembovu v Alune) Battleground
Tembovu, Alune
02-11-2016 by Blu
I'll bite you | Gull Challenge Battleground
Gaucho, Gull
01-08-2016 by Blu
Armed and Free [ASHAMIN v. THRANDUIL] Battleground
Ashamin, Thranduil
01-26-2016 by Blu
Me, Myself, and I[Zandora vs Ilios] Battleground
Zandora, Ilios
01-10-2016 by Blu
Deep in the blues [Spar] Battleground
Sialia, Zandora
01-10-2016 by Blu
laceration [ dacianna x mauja ] Battleground
01-08-2016 by Blu
Rage red. Halcyon Flats
Tembovu, Thranduil
02-23-2016 by Tembovu
Fighting the boss | Iso v Archi Battleground
01-08-2016 by Blu
Should have said sorry while you had the chance | Gull challenge. Battleground
12-12-2015 by Blu
Pondering on Wanderers Wonderings Green Labyrinth
Thranduil, Zandora
05-19-2016 by Zandora
To the Bone [Hotaru vs Sialia] Battleground
Hotaru, Sialia
01-19-2016 by Blu
Bite Me [Nephele Challenge] Battleground
12-18-2015 by Blu
Painted in Diamonds World's Edge
Katerina, Tilney
03-22-2016 by Katerina
WARRIORS AND VAGABONDS [Voodoo Challenge] Battleground
Einarr, Voodoo
12-12-2015 by Blu
In truths that she learned, or in times that he cried Heavenly Fields
Erthë, Thranduil
02-14-2016 by Thranduil
Dreamcatcher Ancient Rotunda
Tilney, Arah
04-05-2016 by Arah
get drunk on the good life [EXT] Battleground
Nymeria, Rei
02-27-2016 by Blu
Let The Fire Burn Thistle Meadow
Aeolus, Darwin
12-29-2015 by Aeolus
now i'm here to right the wrong || abraham challenge Battleground
Zenobia, Abraham
12-12-2015 by Blu
the albatross [archibald vs imonada teaching spar] Battleground
11-12-2015 by Blu
C______3 Veins of the Gods
Öde, Erebos, Zèklè
02-07-2016 by Öde
half of me has gone away (any god) Veins of the Gods
Elsa, God of the Earth
01-03-2016 by God of the Earth
Sheer and Wild Abandon [Ghost vs Abaddon] Battleground
Ghost, Abaddon
12-15-2015 by Blu
Peace Be Still Riptide Isles
Adria, Imonada
12-26-2015 by Adria
Like fool like daughter [Nymeria Challenge] Battleground
Ophelia, Nymeria
11-08-2015 by Official
In's and Out's Dragon's Throat
Ilios, Ampere
01-05-2016 by Blu
dancing with a wolf Battleground
Volterra, Gashad
12-15-2015 by Blu
So Sexy it Hurts Battleground
Reginald, Shida
12-19-2015 by Blu
Splashing around in the muck and the mire Battleground
Einarr, Ashamin
12-29-2015 by Blu
a daughter's worth. [zenobia vs. gaucho] Battleground
Zenobia, Gaucho
12-12-2015 by Blu
Test your mettle Battleground
Ampere, Nephele
12-19-2015 by Blu
Whatch me whip, whatch me neigh neigh Dragon's Throat
Ampere, Destry
01-17-2016 by Destry
Make it rain [anyone] Halcyon Flats
Naerys, Agnodice
12-01-2015 by Agnodice
made of scars Battleground
Ktulu, Archibald
12-15-2015 by Blu
On 3. 1...2...| Iso v. Kaj Battleground
Isopia, Kaj
02-15-2016 by Official
A man on a mission, changing the vision [Aaron vs Parelia - Spar] Battleground
Aaron, Parelia
12-01-2015 by Blu
you put a fever inside me Battleground
Nymeria, Abraham, Random Event
11-28-2015 by Blu
a ghost wind Blood Falls
Ghost, Chernobyl
12-23-2015 by Chernobyl
to the principal's office Dragon's Throat
Mesec, Megaera
02-03-2016 by Mesec
Mind the gap! [JOINING] Dragon's Throat
Nasreen, Evahna, Ampere
12-16-2015 by Evahna
origins of a revolution [Erebos & Cathun] Battleground
Erebos, Random Event, Cathun
11-19-2015 by Official
What you don't even know [Aithniel] Battleground
Ampere, Aithniel
12-08-2015 by Blu
SWP :: What's mine is mine (Conclusion) Green Labyrinth
God of the Moon, Ampere, Random Event, Volterra, Badger, Maren, Ophelia, Ulrik, Gaucho, Eden, Megaera, Hotaru, Archibald, Aviya, Ashamin, Erthë, Rikyn, Mauja, Ranjiri, Torleik, Ahvelyn, Mesec, Knox, Jaeger, d'Artagnan, Zünden, Enna, Nuray, Tembovu, Resplendence, Soren, Mortuus Nox, Najya, Cera, Ktulu, Aithniel
09-27-2015 by Soren
what happened here? [ilios x caleb] Battleground
Caleb, Ilios
12-09-2015 by Time
[LACE CHALLENGE] the Queen of Peace Battleground
Mauja, Lace
09-07-2015 by Blu
Have you no idea you're in deep? [Meg] Battleground
Archibald, Megaera
11-19-2015 by Official
Forgetting the Greenleafs [Ashamin vs. Zunden] Battleground
Ashamin, Zünden
11-19-2015 by Official
I Found Him in the Shadows, I Tried to Pull Him Out [Ashamin vs. Rikyn] Battleground
Ashamin, Rikyn
09-21-2015 by Official
And we're burning all the bridges now Heavenly Fields
Miykael, Alysanne
01-29-2016 by Alysanne
Gifted [Ki'irha] Aurora Basin
Ashamin, Ki'irha
10-16-2015 by Ashamin
So Long, Lonesome Archives
Essetia, Misael
01-12-2016 by Essetia
calling out at the mess you made Heavenly Fields
Rohan, Sialia
09-18-2015 by Rohan
Nah nah honey I'm good Archives
Camon, Zahra, Zèklè, Enna
08-11-2015 by Enna
A Frozen Baby Bird Helovia's Threshold
Freya, Lakota, Naerys
11-07-2015 by Lakota
Not what I had in mind. Archives
08-09-2015 by Blu
Same Old War (Ki'irha) Battleground
Ki'irha, Roland
08-29-2015 by Blu
the season may pass, but the dream doesn't die Aurora Basin
Caleb, Carnassial, d'Artagnan, Deimos, Ki'irha, Sialia
08-24-2015 by Caleb
Sapphire Daydreams Archives
Caleb, Eden
08-09-2015 by Blu
Sound the Sirens There's Pirates About Dragon's Throat
Ampere, Thranduil
08-20-2015 by Ampere
Here for You [Ashamin v. Zandora] Battleground
Ashamin, Zandora
09-12-2015 by Official
Let's Get Down To Business [Gaucho] Battleground
Gaucho, Sohalia
09-23-2015 by Blu
Man and Sidekick Archives
Ashamin, Caleb, Thranduil
08-13-2015 by Thranduil
Traveling North Frostbreath Steppe
Caleb, Rohan
08-22-2015 by Rohan
[HATCHING/STORYTELLING] My Little Eye Aurora Basin
Ashamin, Eden, Enna, Erebos, Ki'irha, NPC, Rexanna, Själ, Thranduil, Tiamat
08-18-2015 by Erebos
By Invitation Only Archives
08-12-2015 by Thranduil
Turn On A Light Frostbreath Steppe
Enna, Lena, NPC, Tiamat
08-19-2015 by NPC
Half-built churches Dragon's Throat
Gaucho, Maren
09-08-2015 by Maren
Winter Loving, Happened So Fast Archives
Caleb, Zahra
08-09-2015 by Blu
Love You Madly [Destrier] Battleground
Destrier, Romani
07-27-2015 by Blu
Caveman in a Cave [dream] Archives
Caleb, Enna
08-09-2015 by Caleb
The Sun Has Gone [Bucephalus Challenge] Battleground
Bucephalus, Essetia
06-28-2015 by Blu
Fool Me Once, Shame On You [Quest Return] Veins of the Gods
Elsa, God of the Earth
09-13-2015 by God of the Earth
Like a fungus Archives
Zahra, Camon
08-10-2015 by Zahra
Hey Young Blood Frostbreath Steppe
Cathun, Erebos, Rikyn
08-18-2015 by Erebos
Run for cover Archives
Cathun, Nymeria
08-11-2015 by Cathun
Curiosity killed the cat Aurora Basin
Ashamin, Ki'irha, Shadow, Hotaru
08-21-2015 by Shadow
You can run... Heavenly Fields
Gull, Parelia
09-10-2015 by Gull
Burn baby Burn Battleground
Aaron, Parelia
07-27-2015 by Blu
I want it now, Daddy! Hidden Falls
Areli, Ciceron
10-05-2015 by Ciceron
To catch a killer. Heart Caves
Gull, Isopia
09-01-2015 by Gull
And so it begins. Frostbreath Steppe
Gull, Nymeria
10-12-2015 by Odd
promise me i'm breathing Heart Caves
Sikeax, Tiamat
08-27-2015 by Tiamat
Drinking Class Battleground
Ampere, Megaera
07-27-2015 by Blu
Singing the Blues [Caleb Spar] Battleground
Caleb, Elsa
07-27-2015 by Blu
we are all liars here Ancient Rotunda
Alysanne, Knox, Naerys
08-16-2015 by Naerys
Of Shadows and Shrubs Battleground
Isopia, Mesec
07-27-2015 by Blu
The Birdman Secret Grove
Knox, Mesec
08-15-2015 by Blu
Fragile Bird Heavenly Fields
Lena, Mesec
08-20-2015 by Lena
The Reaping Scythe Does Burn Heart Caves
Deimos, NPC
09-07-2015 by Deimos
the beginning [gaucho] Battleground
Gaucho, Ranjiri
07-27-2015 by Blu
Bury Me in these Waters Archives
Ashamin, Zahra
08-09-2015 by Blu
Desert Princes[Rhoa spar] Battleground
Bucephalus, Rhoa
06-21-2015 by Blu
roll like thunder, burn like stars [mauja spar] Battleground
Mauja, Nyx
09-24-2015 by Official
Beware the Coming Winter Wind Archives
Ashamin, Thranduil
08-09-2015 by Blu
Got me in chains for your love [GAUCHO challenge] Battleground
Ampere, Gaucho
05-30-2015 by Blu
We fly as high as the flame will rise Secret Grove
Maren, Mauja
10-28-2015 by Maren
still fighting for peace World's Edge
Naerys, Torleik
09-07-2015 by Naerys
'88 Cutlass Battleground
Roskuld, Thranduil
09-12-2015 by Official
who needs a compass anyway Archives
Ivezho, Ranjiri
12-29-2015 by Ivezho
so i wield an iron fist | dröm challenge Battleground
Dröm, Kaj
05-11-2015 by Blu
Can I Borrow An Eraser? Thistle Meadow
Mesec, Thranduil
09-03-2015 by Thranduil
Drifter Battleground
Camon, Niskaru
06-14-2015 by Blu
Do you believe in love like I believe in pain? [Ophelia] Battleground
Archibald, Ophelia
06-21-2015 by Blu
inspired by adolescent dreams Archives
Sikeax, Zahra
08-09-2015 by Blu
Nobody Mapped Oblivion Archives
Ghost, Thranduil
08-10-2015 by Thranduil
One Fish, Two Fish Deep Forest
Auriel, Erebos
09-01-2015 by Auriel
Guard you from the light [Mesec] Battleground
Mesec, Ophelia
06-21-2015 by Blu
satisfying an itch [Artorius] Battleground
Artorius, Ophelia
05-21-2015 by Blu
they knew it was rough, but tough luck [rhoa spar] Battleground
Einarr, Rhoa
05-17-2015 by Blu
Helping Hands | Gaucho v Sialia Battleground
Gaucho, Sialia
06-14-2015 by Blu
Made of Steel Dragon's Throat
Cera, Mesec, Sohalia
08-25-2015 by Sohalia
Autobot destroy... [ Ink Challenge] Battleground
04-12-2015 by Official
[INVS] Aaron vs. Elsa Battleground
Aaron, Elsa
04-17-2015 by Sevin
Stoke the fire, let it burn [Cathun vs Gaucho] Battleground
Cathun, Gaucho
05-21-2015 by Blu
Bolverik, d'Artagnan, Essetia, Grimalkin, Phantom, Rhea, Roland, Ulrik, Waprevah
04-04-2015 by Blu
as we dance with the devil tonight Battleground
Argen, Kaj
05-17-2015 by Blu
fires in the sky Battleground
Aithniel, Cirrus
05-29-2015 by Blu
a crown for the taking Archives
Bucephalus, Daenarys
04-05-2015 by Blu
Tubthumping [Saffron x Zenobia] Battleground
04-05-2015 by Blu
I am a stone [open!] Battleground
Aithniel, Megaera
05-11-2015 by Blu
something that doesn't belong to you (Hotaru challenge) Battleground
Aurelia, Hotaru
03-21-2015 by Sevin
Beat it out of you [Cera] Battleground
Ampere, Cera
04-28-2015 by Official
Golden boys and their hair... [ Thranduil] Battleground
Thranduil, Ulrik
01-26-2015 by Official
This is not a game [Confutatis Challenge] Battleground
Confutatis, Ophelia
12-30-2014 by Official
mares that like mares&& [lakota] Battleground
Aurelia, Lakota
01-26-2015 by Official
You Could Be My Muse Battleground
Destry, Zenobia
01-26-2015 by Official
sugarvodka&& [Rostislav] Battleground
Dröm, Rostislav
01-26-2015 by Official
dark and thin [ graveyard vs Caneo ] Battleground
11-20-2014 by Blu
Darkness rises (Drom) Battleground
Dröm, Midas
01-26-2015 by Official
Lets have a luau[Graveyard Thranduil] Battleground
Daemyn, Thranduil
11-11-2014 by Blu
The Monkeys His Uncle? [Graveyard vs Daemyn] Battleground
d'Artagnan, Daemyn
10-31-2014 by Blu
Its Getting Hot in Here [Graveyard/ Cheveyo] Battleground
10-29-2014 by Blu
something sinister [Graveyard Champ vs. Bellona] Battleground
10-29-2014 by Blu
WE DON'T NEED NO WATER [Graveyard Champ Roskuld x Voodoo] Battleground
10-29-2014 by Blu
everything is a gamble [graveyard champ] Battleground
10-29-2014 by Blu
Seeing Spots. [Graveyard Champ vs. Archibald] Battleground
Archibald, Panzram
10-29-2014 by Blu
My what big teeth you have Grandma [Graveyard - Dragomir] Battleground
10-18-2014 by Blu
We're Off to See the Wizard! [Graveyard - Voodoo] Battleground
Merida, Voodoo
10-19-2014 by Blu
Penny for your thoughts {Grave Champ. -- Jakar} Battleground
Grimmrot, Jakar
10-18-2014 by Blu
monsters, they're inside of us. [Graveyard :: Vale] Battleground
Biru, Vale
10-20-2014 by Blu
knight of the golden sun [graveyard v. pompeii] Battleground
10-16-2014 by Blu
[Bellona, Grave Champ] Dry Ice Burns Battleground
Agrona, Bellona
10-19-2014 by Blu
Defy Me [Hotaru -- Graveyard] Battleground
10-18-2014 by Blu
When the Reaper Comes {Graveyard Champ}{XRoskuld} Battleground
Bucephalus, Roskuld
10-19-2014 by Blu
[Graveyard Champ ]Where the real ends and fake begins Battleground
10-16-2014 by Blu
Heart Attack [training spar w. archi] Battleground
Archibald, Cheveyo
12-31-2014 by Official
Electric Surge [Arvakl x Thranduil] Battleground
Arvakl, Thranduil
12-31-2014 by Official
No One Talks About Fight-Club Battleground
Gaucho, Roskuld
12-31-2014 by Official
They Say Names Are For Fools [Déodat] Archives
09-13-2014 by Blu
we're waiting for thunder [Luken spar] Battleground
09-13-2014 by Blu
Knocked Off Your Pedestal {Aurelia} Battleground
Aurelia, Bellona
09-13-2014 by Aurelia
Rain Dance Battleground
09-13-2014 by Blu
Vibrantly Dull Archives
Öde, Random Event, Rei, Sheba
09-13-2014 by Öde
sweat, blood and rust - sacre - Battleground
Locket, Sacre
09-13-2014 by Blu
Blood In The Writing[Thranduil x Déodat spar] Battleground
Déodat, Thranduil
10-02-2014 by Thranduil
My Mirror Dissapoints Me [time] Archives
Archibald, Cheveyo
09-13-2014 by Blu
Spiritus Khayyam (Open Spar) Battleground
Destrier, Kahlua
09-14-2014 by Official
Bad Wings [Azulee] Battleground
Azulee, Dalibor
09-14-2014 by Official
it's a new day [kahlua challenge] Battleground
Aurelia, Kahlua
06-14-2014 by Official
No, of course I am not cranky. Battleground
Archibald, Ulrik
09-14-2014 by Official
Burn it down Battleground
Lace, Psyche
05-04-2014 by Official
angels weep in fear [basin tourney] Battleground
Belial, Torleik
04-13-2014 by Official
healer's dilemma [d'art challenge] Battleground
01-20-2013 by Official
Fear Feast :: Boggart Boss [Companion Drop] :: d'Artagnan is the winner! Archives
Crowley, d'Artagnan, Djinn, Levi, Mandrake, Nadira, Osiris, Random Event, Tingal, Valentine, Vermillion
01-17-2013 by Blu
F stands for friend and foe [Rishima spar] Battleground
02-12-2013 by Blu
A New Beginning✸ [Open] Archives
Epona, Kanti, Levi, Lusana, Orinthia
01-13-2013 by Blu
Only the Beginning [EDIT: Aitheria, Lynx, Yiska, etc.] Archives
Aitheria, Aryel, Ázzuen, God of the Sun, Kri, Leander, Lynx, Svetlana
12-28-2012 by Lynx
Resolution. [Svetlana challenge] Battleground
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12-19-2012 by Official
Prisoner of War Archives
d'Artagnan, Ink, Mirage, Xanthos
12-25-2012 by Mirage
Freeing the prisoners (open) Archives
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12-27-2012 by Lace
Blue Skies [Knox] Archives
Alex, Coris
11-07-2012 by Blu
Like causes without rebels [Insanity, open] Archives
Insanity, Ricochet, Thor
11-08-2012 by Thor
what now? (leads) Archives
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11-08-2012 by Svetlana
Snow Brooding [Ricochet, open] Archives
Bellatrix, Ricochet
11-07-2012 by Blu
&&Baby, Even Fairytales will be Jealous [open] Archives
ali, Histe, Orinthia, Ricochet, Rumplestiltskin, Shatter
11-18-2012 by Orinthia
a reunion. [open] Archives
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No good deed goes unpunished [Lotus/open] Archives
Coris, Lotus, Mirage
11-09-2012 by Mirage
Bird with a Broken Neck [Questing: Coris] Archives
Alex, Coris, Prometheus
11-07-2012 by Alex

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