the Rift

the GoldenShade

World's Edge Mare

left wing droops from muscle/tendon injury

Species: Hybrid Gender: Mare Age: 5 Height: 16.0
     A P P E A R A N C E     

Breed: -- Warmblood x Campolina
Gender: -- Mare
Age: -- 5 years
Height: -- 16 hh
Species: -- Unipeg
Wings: -- Large with black and gold feathers
Eyes: -- Pupil-less crimson
Mane: -- White with gold fringe
Tail: -- White with gold fringe
Body: -- Black and Gold
Horn: -- Spiraled, gold
Hooves: -- Cloven, gold
Markings: -- Four gold stockings with leg barring, gold blaze, and golden tribal markings on both shoulders.
Items: -- 5 red glass beads crafted by Dragomir located in her mane.
Black feather from Gaucho in her mane behind her ear.
Woven-brass tail ring inlaid with tiny pieces of topaz, given to her by Roskuld.

     P E R S O N A L I T Y     
• Adventurous • Protective • Brave • Independent • Intelligent •
• Non Racist • Opinionated • Loving • Curious • Outgoing • Honest • Just • Temper • Observant •

In many ways, Ranjiri embodies both of her parents, from her sense of adventure and independence to her protective tendencies toward those that she is closest to. Her sense of adventure is bolstered by a curiosity of the world and the individuals that inhabit it. She is always ready for a conversation and will always try her best to give good advice, despite her young age and inexperience in most things. Honesty has always been important to Ranjiri and because of this she will avoid lying at all costs and expects the same from others, though time and again she has been disappointed. She is not afraid to love and when she does she puts her whole heart into it. Recently, Jiji has discovered that she's inherited her mother's temper when pushed far enough, with this being said she is not afraid to unleash her wrath on those that threaten her or the family that she adores.

     L I N E A G E     
Midas the Gallant*
Ktulu the Constrictor

Ryuu (adopted, missing)
Letha (x Rhoa)
Geronimo (adopted)

Paternal Grandparents:

Maternal Grandparents:
Paladin the Valiant*
Soleil the Virtuous*

Hototo the EarthSinger* [Ktulu x Earth God]
Zhara [Midas x Africa]
Murtagh [Ktulu x Lakota]

Ophelia the Forsaken
Psyche the DarkEmpress


Roskuld the Sparklight

* (deceased)

     T H O S E    M E T     


Best Friend:

Close Friends:






* (deceased)

     T H O U G H T S     

Cathun - "Her stubbornness was equal to his own and her heart a vast ocean of gentle strength that didn't budge no matter how many rocks he threw at it."

Archibald - "Archibald knew this girl before him, this young master of the wind and sword mixed together with elegance and strength, but he did not know her."

Gaucho - "He had done irreplaceable damage to her family, and yet she had forgiven him. Gaucho had always known the girl was strong, but he had never really known how deep her well of strength truly was. Only know was he beginning to have some understanding."

Rhoa - "She seems ... so strong, even when she was speaking of things which were sad, there was a hardiness about her. To admit such worry, especially to me, a near stranger, only proved her strength."

:: [ Item: Beads | 5 red glass beads made by Dragomir ]
:: [ Item: Brass Tail Ring | Woven-brass tail ring inlaid with tiny pieces of topaz ]
:: [ Item: Glowing Black Fang | Small fang from the body of the Rift Wolf God ]
:: [ Item: Vial of Tiger God Blood | Blood from the Tiger God of the Rift ]
:: [ Item: Trinket | Phoenix Feather. (from Rhoa) ]
:: [ Item: Blue Raindrop Charm | A blue raindrop charm that sweats fresh water. (from Rhoa) ]
:: [ Item: Golden leaf | A golden leaf on a string. ]
:: [ Companion: Rougarou | Mythical, common | Shadow | 3 yrs 3 mos ]
:: [ Sun Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   6 SPD:   5 AGL:   6 END:   4
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   0 CP:   0
4.5 8.5 6 62
Notable Accomplishments
:: [Item: 5 red glass beads made by Dragomir]
:: [Item: Brass Tail Ring]
:: [Item | Woven-brass tail ring inlaid with tiny pieces of topaz]
:: [Item | One of Gaucho's feathers tied into her mane]

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Amani, Ranjiri, Random Event
10-16-2015 by Amani
Rosey Posey Thistle Meadow
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10-23-2015 by Dragomir
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Cathun, Ranjiri, Ampere
10-15-2015 by Ranjiri
SWP :: You thought it was over? So did I. (Part I) Halcyon Flats
God of the Sun, Gaucho, Archibald, Rhea, Kalona, Isopia, Evaneska, Erthë, Mauja, Ampere, Öde, Gull, Ciceron, Cera, Tembovu, Rexanna, Nuray, Deimos, Ghost, Erebos, Sacre, Shida, Lena, Tiamat, Soren, Ki'irha, Cathun, Shadow, Enna, Najya, Knox, Milo, Ashamin, Ahvelyn, Volterra, Rohan, Rikyn, Aithniel, Thantos, Ophelia, Panzram, Nyx, Maren, Badger, Persephone, Thranduil, Einarr, Mesec, Torleik, Ranjiri, Random Event, Naerys, Miykael, Boy, Destrier, Morrigan, Lace, Megaera, Imonada, Ultima
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What about angels? Thistle Meadow
Miykael, Ki'irha, Imonada, Ilios, Ranjiri, Megaera, Random Event
10-14-2015 by Miykael
bring back the sun Dragon's Throat
Mesec, Ranjiri
11-22-2015 by Mesec
SWP :: Through the Fire and Flames Halcyon Flats
God of the Sun, Destrier, Gaucho, Evaneska, Boy, Erthë, Rikyn, Soren, Tembovu, Mauja, Volterra, Einarr, Deimos, Lena, Megaera, Erebos, Rexanna, Persephone, Random Event, Ki'irha, Ranjiri, Rhea, Ophelia, Iscah, Ahvelyn, Ashamin, Kalona, Eden, Knox, Ampere, Milo, Öde, Ilios, Maren, Thantos, Ghost, Sacre, Archibald, Cera, Kaj, Naja, Najya, Aisling, Tiamat, Euphrates, Aithniel, Isopia, Mesec, Ultima, Torleik, Badger
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10-06-2015 by Laedere
why even try? Green Labyrinth
Ranjiri, Archibald
10-10-2015 by Ranjiri
SWP :: What's mine is mine (Conclusion) Green Labyrinth
God of the Moon, Ampere, Random Event, Volterra, Badger, Maren, Ophelia, Ulrik, Gaucho, Eden, Megaera, Hotaru, Archibald, Aviya, Ashamin, Erthë, Rikyn, Mauja, Ranjiri, Torleik, Ahvelyn, Mesec, Knox, Jaeger, d'Artagnan, Zünden, Enna, Nuray, Tembovu, Resplendence, Soren, Mortuus Nox, Najya, Cera, Ktulu, Aithniel
09-27-2015 by Soren
Carrying the Sound Helovia's Threshold
Dragomir, Resplendence, Lace, Ranjiri, Random Event
10-23-2015 by Dragomir
SWP :: What's mine is mine (Part II) Green Labyrinth
God of the Moon, Lace, Kalona, Volterra, Nyx, Nuray, Rikyn, Maren, Cera, Mortuus Nox, Eden, Shadow, Erthë, Badger, Elsa, Ophelia, Ulrik, Dvorak, Hotaru, Mesec, Isopia, Soren, Najya, Tiamat, Ilios, Rohan, Enna, Aviya, Lothíriel, Ashamin, Ahvelyn, Archibald, Knox, Random Event, Resplendence, Ranjiri, Cathun, Ampere, Crystarius, Öde, Tatiana, Tembovu, Mauja, Aithniel, Thranduil, Torleik, Megaera, Gaucho, Rexanna, Thantos, Panzram
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SWP :: What's mine is mine (Part I) Green Labyrinth
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A mind full of eternity Deep Forest
Ophelia, Ranjiri
08-31-2015 by Ranjiri
SWP :: Not without consequences Green Labyrinth
Ophelia, Ulrik, Ktulu, God of the Moon, Mauja, Random Event, d'Artagnan, Archibald, Aaron, Knox, Mesec, Lace, Ampere, Gaucho, Hotaru, Sacre, Ranjiri, Shadow, Aurelia, Nyx, Megaera, Aithniel, Thranduil, Sialia, Rikyn, Volterra, Maren, Isopia, Najya, Erthë, Rexanna, Ashamin, Eden, Ahvelyn, Timothy, Thantos, Kratos, Tatiana, Crystarius, Dvorak, Nuray
09-01-2015 by God of the Moon
cocaine heart Blood Falls
Volterra, Random Event, Ranjiri
09-02-2015 by Volterra
SWP :: Gods do die Part II Blood Falls
Random Event, Roskuld, Ophelia, Öde, Ranjiri, Crystarius, Crescencia, Ashamin, Ahvelyn, Ilios, Rikyn, Volterra, Nyx, Erebos, Myrrine, Tembovu, Sialia, Mauja, Thantos, Erthë, Seren, Ragnarok, Aithniel, Badger, Rohan, Tiamat, Kaj, Tandavi, Torleik, Enna, Aurelia, Kalona, Rhea, Parelia, Knox, Maren, Amara, Isopia, Amani, Thranduil
08-28-2015 by Random Event
a day late and a dollar short Blood Falls
Megaera, Ranjiri, Ilios, Ampere, Amani, Thantos
10-01-2015 by Ranjiri
Got a Pulse Thistle Meadow
Roux, Ranjiri, Sacre
08-25-2015 by Sacre
SWP :: Gods do die Blood Falls
Ophelia, Mauja, Random Event, Knox, God of the Spark, Kaj, Hotaru, Amara, Tiamat, Roskuld, Ranjiri, Tandavi, Torleik, Parelia, Aurelia, Öde, Nyx, Amani, Aithniel, Ilios, Badger, Erebos, Thranduil, Rikyn, Mirabella, Rhea, Caenan, Myrrine, Volterra, Maren, Isopia, Caleb, Erthë, Cathun, Ashamin, Tembovu, Rohan, Enna, Ahvelyn, Seren, Kalona, Ragnarok, Adonné, Ming Yue, Thantos, Crystarius, Aldoran, Crescencia, Artorias
08-24-2015 by Random Event
Guilty As Charged Blood Falls
Thantos, Ranjiri, Amani
09-24-2015 by Ranjiri
SWP :: First Contact Blood Falls
God of the Spark, Seren, Artorias, Roskuld, Ophelia, Thantos, Crystarius, Ragnarok, Ming Yue, Cathun, Erebos, Aldoran, Rikyn, Volterra, Erthë, Aithniel, Nyx, Badger, Ophyreia, Naya'il, Adonné, Ranjiri, Kalona, Ashamin, Ahvelyn, Mauja, Torleik, Crescencia, Maren, Knox, Madigan
09-16-2015 by Madigan
Snakeskin Belt, Snakeskin Shoes Dragon's Throat
Reginald, Ranjiri, Megaera
09-16-2015 by Megaera
threads we weave Heart Caves
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08-16-2015 by Ranjiri
Stars and Hope Dragon's Throat
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09-05-2015 by Ilios
the sidewalk ends [abaddon joining] Dragon's Throat
Ranjiri, Abaddon, Sikeax
08-23-2015 by Abaddon
If You're Unfortunate to Find Me [Ranjiri] Archives
Abaddon, Ranjiri
07-29-2015 by Ranjiri
it looks like i'm doomed forever Heavenly Fields
Nymeria, Ranjiri
08-21-2015 by Ranjiri
all those wiggles! Thistle Meadow
Ranjiri, Destrier
09-24-2015 by Ranjiri
Kings and Queens [DREAM] Archives
Ranjiri, Rhoa
07-16-2015 by Ranjiri
promises Archives
Ranjiri, Roskuld
08-11-2015 by Ranjiri
saving grace [patrol return] Archives
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07-15-2015 by Gaucho
It's as easy as... Veins of the Gods
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09-03-2015 by Ranjiri
some things just don't mix Archives
Ranjiri, Rhoa
06-21-2015 by Ranjiri
(i come to you in pieces) Archives
Cera, Ranjiri
07-22-2015 by Cera
watered down whiskey and coke Archives
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06-08-2015 by Ranjiri
the beginning [gaucho] Battleground
Gaucho, Ranjiri
07-27-2015 by Blu
Gilded Nights under the Moon Archives
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05-29-2015 by Ranjiri
saving grace and killing me [patrol] Archives
Ranjiri, Thranduil
06-14-2015 by Ranjiri
in a perfect world this would never happen Archives
Ranjiri, Roskuld, Sikeax
06-16-2015 by Roskuld
who needs a compass anyway Archives
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12-29-2015 by Ivezho
Salt life and sugar cubes Archives
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06-15-2015 by Camon
The Last Goodbye.... Archives
Africa, Gaucho, Random Event, Ranjiri, Rostislav
04-29-2015 by Gaucho
Greetings and threats Archives
Arah, Deimos, Diesel, Gaucho, Ophelia, Ranjiri, Thranduil
05-16-2015 by Gaucho
The Final Ascent Archives
Essetia, God of the Earth, Phantom, Ranjiri, Ulrik
04-22-2015 by Essetia
its not much Archives
Ophelia, Ranjiri
04-01-2015 by Ranjiri
i have so much to say but you're so far away Veins of the Gods
Archibald, Ranjiri
04-19-2015 by Ranjiri
all i need is you by my side Archives
Cera, Ranjiri
03-24-2015 by Ranjiri
Wonderwall Veins of the Gods
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06-10-2015 by Ranjiri
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I'm Sorry, Miss Jackson Archives
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05-14-2015 by Roskuld
what did you do?! Archives
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01-20-2015 by Ranjiri
[giveaway] HIS VALIANT RETURN Caela Insula
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12-26-2014 by Random Event
lets see what we can see [patrol] Veins of the Gods
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01-03-2015 by Ranjiri
Take Me Home [Throat] Archives
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01-05-2015 by Gull
Colorblind Archives
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01-13-2015 by Ranjiri
Rain drops are black in the night (Midas's kiddos) Archives
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10-29-2014 by Ryuu
Sweet Dreams Are Made of This Archives
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10-09-2014 by Voodoo
There's serenity in the darkness. Archives
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09-02-2014 by Bellona
Not all who Wander are Lost -- but some are. Archives
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06-18-2014 by Gaucho
invisible Archives
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07-29-2014 by Ranjiri
storm warning [joining] Archives
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05-26-2014 by Sacre
don't be mad Archives
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06-22-2014 by Midas
i remember saying prayers for someone kind Archives
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05-14-2014 by Ranjiri
Reluctant Heroes Archives
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04-24-2014 by Ranjiri
into the fire Archives
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05-20-2014 by Roux
The Color of Kinship Archives
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05-27-2014 by Dragomir
itsy bitsy [healing] Archives
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03-23-2014 by Alysanne
My Bad Archives
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02-23-2014 by Roskuld
now i feel nothing [gaucho] Archives
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01-20-2014 by Midas
slime and snails and puppy dog tails [sikeax] Archives
Random Event, Ranjiri, Sikeax
01-08-2014 by Random Event
she's a ghost, unseen by the eyes of men. Archives
Ayelet, Kahlua, Nasreen, Nato, Random Event, Ranjiri
01-21-2014 by Nasreen
No More Strippers, I Swear Archives
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01-01-2014 by Ranjiri
Wayward Archives
Desperado, Ranjiri
12-19-2013 by Desperado
makes me wanna fly [open] Archives
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11-28-2013 by Midas
and a moon that's the color of bone; Archives
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11-17-2013 by Gabriel
I learned the language of another world. Archives
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11-15-2013 by Konstantin
Halloween Maze Challenge :: Round Three Archives
Africa, Amara, Ampere, Brisa, Ciceron, Circe, Confutatis, Dragomir, Ghost, Illynx, Kahlua, Kelec, Luneia, Midas, Ophelia, Random Event, Ranjiri
11-04-2013 by Random Event
...And Something Else Deep Archives
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10-28-2013 by Ranjiri
Charted Polaris [Artemis] Archives
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09-18-2013 by Artemis
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10-10-2013 by Midas
The Lights Won't Stop Me. Archives
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07-21-2013 by Ulano
Trees Again Archives
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06-16-2013 by Ranjiri
Lamentation. Archives
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06-25-2013 by Ranjiri
My Sister, My Soul Archives
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05-20-2013 by Ranjiri
pretty little life [open] Archives
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06-28-2013 by Midas
Gold Dust [Grey, Midas] Archives
Ktulu, Lakota, Midas, Ophelia, Ranjiri, Roskuld
06-09-2013 by Roskuld

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