the Rift

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Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 10 (ages in Orangemoon) Height: 14.3 hh

Sohalia is a name that means 'moon-glow,' and it's a very accurate portrayal of the fae. A snow-white pelt covers the majority of her lean, graceful bodice, fading to a light grey at her knees and muzzle. From a slightly dished face, one light blue eye and one light green eye can be seen, though her white forelock generally covers at least one of her eyes. A thick mane and tail match the forelock; her mane hangs long on her nape, and her tail almost touches the ground behind her dark, solid hooves. She has several scars from bites and kicks along her hips and withers, permanent memories of her short time as a captive. From her strong shoulders sprout large, owlish wings of pure white. Her build is similar to that of an Andalusian.


kind - patient - humble - benevolent - curious - intelligent - dependent

Sohalia is a kind-hearted but tortured soul, scarred from a young age by the injustice of the world. In her youth, she was a curious, outgoing type, prone to wandering and exploring. However, she became a reserved, withdrawn mare who tends towards a quieter curiosity than that of her youth. She is more open and inviting than she used to be, though she still keeps her feelings well-concealed around strangers. She is very fond of learning, and generally goes to great lengths to gain a greater understanding on the universe and those who live in it. She longs to spread knowledge as a means of peace throughout the land. As she had grown older, she has come to recognize that complete peace will never be a reality, which has shifted her viewpoint on a number of things.

She longs to be a good mother and mate, but feels quite often that she cannot live up to the standards that she has set for herself. She has found herself inadequate time and time again, and now hopes that she can find a place to create a lasting legacy. She is immensely proud of her children, though she feels they deserved a better mother. She relies on others, particularly on her mate, for approval, which pushes her through intense ups and downs as she alternately gains and loses his support. Though she strives to break free of this dependence, she habitually falls right back into it over and over again. Despite her good intentions, she tends to be an "all or nothing" kind of mare, depending on if life appears to be going her way or not.

Ronak | male | pegasus | deceased
Lavani | female | pegasus | deceased

Ketan | m. Ronak x Lavani | pegasus | presumed dead
Hasita | f. Ronak x Dayita | pegasus | presumed dead

Gaucho the WildFire | male | pegasus | living

Diniel | f. Note x Sohalia | pegasus | twin of Skysong | deceased
Skysong | f. Note x Sohalia | pegasus | twin of Diniel | deceased
Zenobia | f. Gaucho x Sohalia | pegasus | living
Ivezho | m. Gaucho x Sohalia | pegasus | twin of Rhoa | living
Rhoa | m. Gaucho x Sohalia | pegasus | twin of Ivezho | living
Aelin | f. Gaucho x Sohalia | pegasus | twin of Hawke | living
Hawke | m. Gaucho x Sohalia | pegasus | twin of Aelin | living
Aleta | f. Kaj x Sohalia | pegasus | living
Vinati | f. Gaucho x Sohalia | pegasus | living


Before Helovia

Sohalia was born in a herd only of Pegasi; this was not a rule of race, but rather a separation of species that was the norm in her former home. Her father was the herd's leader, a strong, capable stallion by the name of Ronak, a name meaning 'radiance.' And he was indeed radiant. He had several mates, of which Sohalia's mother, Lavani, was one. They were a very peaceful herd, and strongly anti-violent. Their offspring were precious to them, mainly because there were so few who survived. You see, the herd was heavily persecuted by the nearby Unicorn herd, who would often kill the young Pegasi in an attempt to drive the herd to extinction. Though the adults could simply fly away, the younglings were not as adept with their appendages, and therefore were an easier target.

Shortly before Sohalia reached the weanling age, the Unicorns hosted a purge of massive proportions: a new member of their herd had magic, an unheard of danger to the Pegasi harem. This prevented them from flying, and many, including Sohalia's parents, were killed. The young filly was cornered by an older unicorn mare, who took pity on the foal and fled with the young Pegasus. She had only just lost her own foal to an unfortunate accident of which she refused to speak; as such, she was able to act as Sohalia's nursemaid until the filly was weaned. Akako's kindness showed Sohalia that even in the darkest places, light may still shine.

When Sohalia reached the yearling age, Akako died suddenly of an unknown illness. The snowy Pegasus mourned, lamenting the loss of all who cared for her in the world; but she continued on, striving to carry her parents' and Akako's legacies with her, for they had only showed her kindness. To this day, Sohalia strives to mimic them. After the Unicorn's death, Sohalia wandered far and wide, falling in love with home after home but being run out each time, for various reasons. And so she arrives in Helovia, alone, morphed from the friendly, outgoing filly she once was into a withdrawn, quiet mare with a heart of gold but no way to show it.

Helovia :: Year One


Sohalia entered Helovia and met Lace and Tor in the Deep Forest. The trio was attacked by wolves, giving her a very interesting first impression.

Helovia :: Year Two


After fleeing the attack and wandering for several weeks, Sohalia met a new friend, Rowan, and agreed to return with her to the Dragon's Throat.


Shortly after, she traveled to the Veins of the Gods to ask the gods for a gift of magic. She was met by the Sun God, who sent her to find the name of a murder victim from the mouth of a murderer. Stopping by the Endless Blue, she met Phaedra and agreed to help the mare with her quest for a companion. Phaedra, in turn, introduced her to Note, a handsome stallion whom she rapidly came to like - or perhaps even love. As that was the goal of Phaedra's quest, they parted ways as friends. Sohalia traveled to the Windtossed Foothills, where Archibald the Dauntless gave her a name before chasing her off his herd's lands. Sohalia then traveled to the Veins of the Gods again to present the Sun God with the name. Finally, the mare found Rowan once more and finally accepted her place in the Dragon's Throat herd.

Upon admission to the Throat, Sohalia offered Levi love advice before realizing that the object of his affections, Phaedra, was pregnant with another stallion's child. To escape this drama, Sohalia traveled to the Threshold, where she met Bahiya Al Hatal and Azeen. Having met the latter before, she was overjoyed to be reunited. Note was present to greet Azeen, and after having seen one another in the presence of a foal, they took some time alone to discuss their own future. Rowan soon found Sohalia for comfort, and they wound up discussing Sohalia's love and new pregnancy. Phaedra, too, discussed pregnancy with Sohalia.


Sohalia was present for Phaedra's birthing; she congratulated her on two beautiful twins. Back home, she and Note met up to discuss the past. Sohalia opened up to him about her history, having never talked about it with anyone before. Shortly after, she gave birth to twins, but her firstborn was a stillborn. The heartbreak left her devastated for several months, despite Note's attempt at family time.

Note disappeared a few weeks after their children were born, and Sohalia struggled to raise her living daughter, Skysong, alone after Note disappeared. She met Africa, who had a calming presence on the stressed mother. So, too, did the God of the Earth, who Sohalia happened upon one afternoon.

During this time, the mare became the Dragon's Throat Forger. After working on the unfinished wall for several weeks, she received a gift of crystallization magic from the gods. Still, she was filled with pain, worry, and anguish, and a chance meeting with the warrior Gaucho led to a secret tryst. For the second time in so many years, Sohalia found herself pregnant.


After a great deal of inner turmoil and debate, she told Phaedra and, finally, Gaucho about the unborn child.

Helovia :: Year Three


Sohalia met the other Forger of the Dragon's Throat early in Frostfall, before the beginning of the Endless Night. She stupidly extended her reach beyond herd borders in the darkness, traveling to the Threshold to greet Rasta and Apodis. She gave birth to her third daughter in the midst of the Endless Night on the borders of the Dragon's Throat while escorting Rasta and Apodis home. Sohalia and Rasta began to form a deep friendship, which helped the mare to cope when she lost her dearest friend, Rowan, to a seemingly random act of violence.


After the Dragon's Throat was attacked by the unicorns from the north, Sohalia renewed her efforts to complete the wall. However, her efforts were in vain, for shortly after a heated meeting with Ampere, a brief conversation with Tandavi, a meeting with Phaedra in the Wilds, and an expedition to the Heavenly Fields, the entire population of Helovia was forced underground to avoid the darkness enveloping their world.


Upon arriving in the Sanctuary, Sohalia was reprimanded by Gaucho for losing Zenobia. Sohalia was reunited with Note, with whom she no longer felt a connection. Gaucho challenged him for her affections, causing Sohalia to flee into the depths of the caves, where she was comforted by Rowan's ghost and Rasta before finding an egg that held a wakiya zephyr. She met Cashmere and talked to Megaera while wandering the caves.

Helovia :: Year Four


Darkness pervaded the land, keeping Helovia underground. Sohalia met Cheveyo and rescued Tandavi. Eventually, her zephyr hatched from his egg. She named him Astraeus.


After the darkness passed and the herd returned to the Dragon's Throat, Sohalia attended a herd meeting led by Ampere and Africa. She resumed her position as Forger, reuniting with Cashmere to discuss crafting. As an upper-tier member, she was able to welcome Andromeda to the Dragon's Throat. Sohalia was not able to work on the wall for very long, however, for after one of the newly-named Sultanas, Ampere, disappeared, the other approached her and invited her into the position. Africa and Sohalia spent an afternoon making plans and discussing the future of the Dragon's Throat. Zenobia returned, prompting an emotional meeting. As Sultana, Sohalia welcomed Sacre and Sikeax into the herd. Gaucho reappeared after a prolonged separation, but had lost his memories; the ensuing fight reminded Sohalia that their passion still burned brightly, though it left her saddened and alone.


Midas reappeared shortly thereafter to offer an alliance with his new herd, which the leading pair quickly accepted. Sohalia found Rasta in dire need of help, which she tried desperately to provide. A while later, she welcomed Serenity and Dalibor to the Dragon's Throat. Africa and Sohalia held a herd meeting to discuss the future. The gods seemed to take pity on the mortals then, for an island appeared in the sky over the Veins of the Gods - an island of peace and tranquility that offered all four herds a chance to mingle, trade, and discuss the future of Helovia. While there, Sohalia participated in a pegasus race, though she performed poorly.


Sohalia juggled her newfound responsibilities as Sultana, striving to uphold the peace of the time. Gaucho returned to the Dragon's Throat, and later the two were privately reunited. Kaj and Fiore visit the Dragon's Throat, and Sohalia is met Windwalker and found privacy and contentment. She began plans to create an Academy in the Throat, which she invited Ophelia to join; her plans were cut short by the birth of Rhoa and Ivezho. As Sultana, Sohalia welcomed Faeanne and greeted Ampere. The year ended with unsettling news of an unnatural death on the sky island that the gods had created.

Helovia :: Year Five


Plans for the Academy continued to grow, with Sohalia approaching Tandavi about helping her. Wanting to find out more about Helovia, the Sultana explored the Frostbreath Steppe. With Gaucho home in the Dragon's Throat, the pair were able to lead as a ruling pair. Though his long absences disturbed her, he led well and kept their land and family safe. She was able to extract a promise of love from him. She wondered if he would be able to keep it, but she was not able to find out. A bounty hunter from another land captured her, attempting to bring her to her homeland and force her to mate with the leading Unicorn in an effort to unify the warring nations and ensure loyalty from the citizens.


After her escape, Sohalia returned to Helovia and was accompanied by Rasta and Africa to the Hidden Falls to rest. She returned to the Dragon's Throat as quickly as possible, only to find that she had been easily replaced, though perhaps not in Gaucho's heart. She is reunited with him once more as they took part in the Earth God's effort to build a boat. They flew to the Dragon's Throat to warn the herd, then continued to spread word. They gathered water and helped to save the Dragon's Throat tree. They searched for animals to save and finally finished preparing. The land was flooded and wiped clean, and the dove took it as a fresh start, for her and for her relationship.


Sohalia spent the next season in the Throat, staying close to home during her pregnancy.


Sohalia gave birth to Aelin and Hawke shortly after attending a herd meeting. She helped Hawke find his companion, but soon grew restless. After meeting Mesec and finally growing weary of failing to help her herd, she sought out her mate and Sultan, hoping he would point her in a new direction where she could serve the herd.

Helovia :: Year Six


Sohalia spent time with Hawke in the early days of Frostfall. Soon after, she sparred with Gaucho in an attempt to learn how to be a warrior. However, she failed abysmally and disappeared.

Birdsong and Tallsun

Presumably, Sohalia fell through a Rift that had opened on a patrol. However, she doesn't know for sure what happened. One minute, she was on patrol, and the next, she had reappeared many months later.


Upon reappearing in Helovia, Sohalia ran into Ivezho, who greeted her emotionally. Hoping to avoid causing her family any more grief, the mare decided not to return to the Dragon's Throat, especially after learning that Gaucho had been siring other children without her around. In her wandering, Sohalia met Tembovu and Kiuaji before stumbling across Kaj in the Secret Grove. It was a particularly bad night; they were both in a great deal of pain. Their union was not one of love, but it resulted in pregnancy all the same.

Helovia :: Year Seven


Not yet knowing that she was carrying Kaj's child, Sohalia stumbled across Ragnarok and Tiamat before finding Hawke, who was overjoyed to see his mother. Not long after, Sohalia ran into Ampere, with whom she shared an awkward reunion. While wandering the Heart Caves, Sohalia gifts Ki'irha with a crystallized flower. After finally realizing that she was pregnant, she went looking for Kaj, who was ecstatic to be a father. Unfortunately, giving birth to Aleta was difficult and painful, leaving both mother and child very close to death.

Sohalia remained in the Hidden Falls with Aleta and Kaj for some time, but eventually she grew homesick for the warm sands of the Dragon's Throat. One day, when flying too close and reminiscing, she accidentally greeted her emotionally. In the Dragon's Throat, Sohalia was greeted by Megaera, who questioned her desire to return home. Gaucho appeared, reprimanding Megaera for her rudeness; in the end, Sohalia was invited to stay.


Sohalia gave birth to Vinati with Gaucho nearby in the oasis. For a moment, she imagined that they might all be a happy family again, able to forgive and forget the past. A few days after being born, Vinati sought Sohalia out to discuss her ability to see ghosts. Amazed and thrilled that her daughter had taken after her so strongly, Sohalia began teaching her all she knew of the spirit world and those who inhabited it.

Though afraid to wander, the mare visited the Heart Caves and stumbled across Alysanne, who was trying to salvage her children's ruffled feathers. She crystallized them, preserving them, before returning to the Dragon's Throat. When Parelia came to the Throat to speak of the foal games, Sohalia greeted her - all the while battling mixed feelings about Gaucho, who had also come to welcome the mare.


October, 2016 :: Mini-SWP :: [Item: Red Clay | Red clay in a jar]

November, 2016 :: TotM :: choice of: amulet, small marking, small item

:: [ Magic: LightxTime | able to pass into the spirit world to seek out the dead and converse with them ]
:: [ Restrictions | cannot be physically harmed in the spirit world and can only enter while in battle for 8 seconds, allowing evasive maneuvers ]
:: [ Magic: EarthxTime | Able to coat objects and living beings in a layer of crystal, preserving the object within as it was when it became encased ]
:: [ Restrictions | Requires permission from other player to be used permanently; in battle, opponent is only frozen for 30 seconds, however, the crystal encasing also can act as a shield, keeping her from damaging her opponent ]
:: [ Item: Necklace | Crystallized rose on a silver chain ]
:: [ Item: Red clay | Red clay in a jar. ]
:: [ Item: Dragon's Throat Key | A small, metal charm allowing access to the bridge to the Dragon's Throat. ]
:: [ Companion: Zephyr | Mythical, common | Wakiya | 6 yrs 4 mos ]
Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   4 AGL:   9 END:   4
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   1 CP:   2
4 9.5 6.5 67
Notable Accomplishments

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Aaron, Abraham, Adelric, Aeolus, Africa, Aisling, Aithniel, Alija, Alleo, Alysanne, Amara, Ampere, Apollo, Arah, Archibald, Argen, Artorius, Arvakl, Arya, Astraea, Atlas, Auriel, Aviya, Ayelet, Bellona, Bolverik, Brigand, Brisa, Bucephalus, Cashmere, Cera, Cerin, Cheska, Ciceron, Crowley, December, Deimos, Déodat, Destrier, Destry, Dovahkiin, Einarr, Elsa, Erebos, Essetia, Evangeline, Fig, Finn, Gaucho, Hector, Hertz, Histe, Hotaru, Ink, Isara, Isopia, Jahzara, Kahlua, Kiara, Kvothe, Laedere, Lena, Macaria, Maitimo, Maren, Mauja, Megaera, Mesec, Midas, Mirage, Miykael, Morrigan, Myrrine, Naerys, Nayati, Nym, Nymeria, Nyx, Öde, Ophelia, Oxy, Panzram, Parelia, Phantom, Quilyan, Ráeru, Random Event, Rasta, Reginald, Rei, Resplendence, Rhea, Rhiannon, Rhoa, Roland, Romani, Roskuld, Rostislav, Saffron, Shadow, Shida, Sikeax, Sohalia, Spice, Syrena, Talion, Tandavi, Telesaan, Tempe, Thor, Thranduil, Torleik, Ulrik, Varath, Vincent, Vitani, Volterra, Zèklè, Zenobia
02-13-2015 by Varath
!! And the Winds that Heal Archives
Africa, Rasta, Sohalia
02-25-2015 by Sohalia
The Stars That Blind Us Archives
Africa, Rasta, Sohalia
01-27-2015 by Africa
Burn Together Archives
Gaucho, Sohalia
12-04-2014 by Sohalia
The Sun's Winter [HERD MEETING] Archives
Alija, Amani, Ampere, Bucephalus, Cera, Gaucho, God of the Sun, Onni, Rhoa, Satanic Silk, Serenity, Sikeax, Sohalia, Tandavi, Thranduil, Voodoo
11-13-2014 by Thranduil
Holding Our Own Archives
Aithniel, Satanic Silk, Sohalia, Torleik
11-14-2014 by Torleik
Why Are You My Clarity? [Tandavi] Archives
Sohalia, Tandavi
11-04-2014 by Tandavi
It's been awhile Archives
Ophelia, Sohalia
10-12-2014 by Ophelia
1 2 3, one two three three [joining] Archives
Faeanne, Gaucho, Random Event, Sohalia
11-26-2014 by Gaucho
Raise Your Weapons {Herd Warning} Archives
Ampere, Cera, Gaucho, Sohalia
10-16-2014 by Gaucho
My Sweet Summer Is Gone Archives
Ampere, Sohalia
10-11-2014 by Ampere
Reasons Like Seasons, They Constantly Change Archives
Adelric, Blythe, Sohalia
10-22-2014 by Adelric
I Lose Myself When I Look At You [birthing] Archives
Andromeda, Gaucho, Ivezho, Rhoa, Sohalia
09-13-2014 by Rhoa
I Cry When Angels Deserve To Die. Archives
Sohalia, Windwalker
09-09-2014 by Sohalia
Fire & Crystal Archives
Gaucho, Sohalia
08-24-2014 by Gaucho
Like a wildfire Archives
Gaucho, Hector, Lace, Sohalia
09-07-2014 by Sohalia
road's long, we carry on [basin celebration invitations] Archives
Lace, Lena, Sacre, Sohalia
08-25-2014 by Sohalia
Seek Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly [Leads/Ranked] Archives
Fiore, Kaj, Sohalia
09-10-2014 by Kaj
Glory to the Sun (HERD MEETING) Archives
Africa, Alija, Andromeda, Hector, Kari, Rei, Sacre, Satanic Silk, Sikeax, Sohalia, Tandavi
08-17-2014 by Hector
Is Anybody Out There? [Gaucho] Archives
Gaucho, Sohalia
08-05-2014 by Gaucho
It's not the same! Archives
Sohalia, Zenobia
07-06-2014 by Sohalia
!! Bury Your Words [Africa] Archives
Africa, Andromeda, Hector, Rasta, Sohalia
08-22-2014 by Sohalia
Cry ya pardon (Leaders, ranked) Archives
Africa, Midas, Sohalia
07-29-2014 by Midas
Doubt Thou the Stars Are Fire [Welcoming] Archives
Dalibor, Serenity, Sohalia
06-16-2014 by Sohalia
There's Always a Reason Archives
Africa, Random Event, Sohalia
07-31-2014 by Africa
Choking On Dust [joining] Archives
Sacre, Sikeax, Sohalia
05-26-2014 by Sohalia
The Forgers (Crafter) Archives
Cashmere, Sohalia
06-02-2014 by Cashmere
Like the dawn, I rise again (CLOSED) Archives
Africa, Andromeda, Sohalia
06-02-2014 by Africa
Celebration of the Sun - Herd Meeting Archives
Africa, Ampere, Azulee, Cera, Dalibor, Hector, Hellä, Morana, Sohalia, Voodoo
04-09-2014 by Ampere
home sweet home [hatching, open!] Archives
02-18-2014 by Sohalia
white stain on the black Archives
Lena, Sohalia, Tandavi
04-10-2014 by Sohalia
Higher Archives
Cheveyo, Sohalia
03-06-2014 by Cheveyo
the fire that burns against the cold [Sohalia] Archives
Megaera, Sohalia
02-02-2014 by Sohalia
Favorite Things? Glowing Mushrooms Archives
Cashmere, Sohalia
03-05-2014 by Sohalia
Until You Break Archives
Ampere, Gaucho, NPC, Rasta, Sohalia
02-02-2014 by Sohalia
I'll see you next Tuesday. [Sohalia, Gaucho] Archives
Gaucho, Note, Sohalia
01-20-2014 by Sohalia
Safety Archives
Africa, Alleo, Cypress, Gaucho, Hector, Megaera, Midas, Pheonix, Rasta, Satanic Silk, Sohalia, Vadim, Windwalker
01-19-2014 by Gaucho
the worst times bring out the best in people [Tandavi] Archives
Sohalia, Tandavi
01-16-2014 by Sohalia
Inspired [Aurelia] Archives
12-26-2013 by Sohalia
The dawn after a shining star Thistle Meadow
Aaron, Alysanne, Ampere, Arah, Ayelet, Azale Moniet, Beowulf, Brisa, Ciceron, Circuta, Colt, Confutatis, Cypress, d'Artagnan, Deimos, Destrier, Dragomir, Eris, Faelene, Frost Fyre, Godiva, Illynx, Irrydae, Kaj, Lakota, Lena, Locket, Mauja, Megaera, Midas, Nyx, Psyche, Quilyan, Random Event, Rasta, Reginald, Resplendence, Ricochet, Roskuld, Sacre, Sakura, Satanic Silk, Seele, Shajake, Sohalia, Takara, Torleik, Ulrik, Windwalker, Zuriel
12-26-2013 by Tamme
Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work we go [WALL BUILDING] Archives
Africa, Alina, Midas, Rasta, Sikeax, Sohalia
01-16-2014 by Sohalia
Be a dear and dig me a grave [Gaucho, Sohalia, Zenobia] Archives
Ampere, Sohalia, Zenobia
02-02-2014 by Ampere
One Day, The Skies Will Fall [open] Archives
Onni, Sohalia
11-12-2013 by Sohalia
day has not yet dawned [Phaedra] Archives
Phaedra, Sohalia
11-12-2013 by Sohalia
Last breath of a survivor Archives
Adalaide, Ampere, Antheia, Apache Renoen, Arah, Artemis, Faelene, Kirottu, Myrddin, Raeden, Random Event, Rasta, Sakura, Sohalia, Tingal, Yuri
10-04-2013 by Kirottu
Before the storm. Archives
Gaucho, Midas, Sohalia
09-13-2013 by Midas
Pandora's Fateful End :: Death Thread Archives
Amara, Resplendence, Rowan, Skysong, Sohalia, Ulrik
08-23-2013 by Rowan
!! High Hopes in Velvet Ropes [Sohalia] Archives
Rasta, Sohalia, Zenobia
10-09-2013 by Zenobia
days come and go [birthing; rasta, apodis, lead] Archives
Apodis, Gaucho, Onni, Rasta, Sohalia, Zenobia
07-21-2013 by Sohalia
!! Miss Missing You Archives
Apodis, Rasta, Sohalia
07-03-2013 by Sohalia
taking responsibility [Valentine, open] [Wall] Archives
Sohalia, Valentine
08-15-2013 by Sohalia
The Written Word [Sohalia] Archives
Random Event, Sohalia
05-21-2013 by Random Event
2 bottles of whiskey for the way [Soh] Archives
Gaucho, Phaedra, Sohalia
06-29-2013 by Sohalia
Quest Drop #5 Earth | Water Archives
Casimir, God of the Earth, Hototo, Kipp, Locket, Sinuhe, Sohalia, Tingal, Ulrik, Zdravilo
05-21-2013 by God of the Earth
Starting From Scratch [apprentice pupils, open] Archives
Cera, Sohalia, Valentine
07-09-2013 by Cera
The Struggles of Comfort [Herd Meeting] Archives
Africa, Aiko Darleane, Andromeda, Aryel, Avalon, Cierra, Cirrus, Eios, Gaucho, Hector, Kaj, Kri, Levi, Midas, Onni, Rishima, Sohalia, Vesta
04-30-2013 by Aiko Darleane
actions write the melodies to the songs that we sing Archives
Africa, Sohalia
05-31-2013 by Africa
weakness [Gaucho, open] Archives
Gaucho, Sohalia
04-15-2013 by Sohalia
p.t.s.d [open] Archives
Note, Skysong, Sohalia
04-08-2013 by Sohalia
a bittersweet heartache [birthing, open] Archives
Note, Skysong, Sohalia, Xylia
02-18-2013 by Note
for the rest of your life [Note,open] Archives
Note, Sohalia
02-19-2013 by Note
I Love you oh so well | Birthing, Open Archives
Faelene, Hotaru, Lakota, Leyra, Phaedra, Raeden, Sohalia
02-12-2013 by Faelene
Changes [open] Archives
Phaedra, Sohalia
02-08-2013 by Phaedra
one true believer [Azeen, open] Archives
Azeen "Zelda" Gale, Sohalia
01-28-2013 by Sohalia
something borrowed, something blue [Rowan, open] Archives
Rowan, Sohalia
03-03-2013 by Rowan
Ten years too deep •OPEN• Archives
Bahiya Al Hatal, Sohalia
01-18-2013 by Bahiya Al Hatal
a kiss is a lovely trick, sohalia Archives
Note, Sohalia
01-19-2013 by Sohalia
The words I once spoke[Sohalia,Open] Archives
Azeen "Zelda" Gale, Note, Sohalia
01-20-2013 by Sohalia
Peace? [Cassiopeia, open] Archives
Cassiopeia, Sohalia
02-03-2013 by Sohalia
it has to be so .l o n e l y. [Return #1 - Sun God] Veins of the Gods
God of the Sun, Sohalia
01-22-2013 by Sohalia
Through the shine of the sun, Sohalia | Open Archives
Phaedra, Sohalia
01-22-2013 by Phaedra
Time is the best healer...[Sohalia] Archives
Levi, Phaedra, Sohalia
01-17-2013 by Sohalia
Love and some verses [Questing/Open] Archives
Note, Phaedra, Sohalia
01-13-2013 by Note
Begin Again [Sohalia/Questing] Archives
Phaedra, Sohalia
12-17-2012 by Sohalia
Take Your Coat at the Door [Sohalia] Archives
Rowan, Sohalia
12-29-2012 by Sohalia
to be a .k i l l e r. [Archibald] Archives
Archibald, Donovan, Sohalia
01-14-2013 by Donovan
something .m a g i c a l. [Sun God or Time God] Veins of the Gods
God of the Sun, Sohalia
12-02-2012 by Sohalia
morning .f l i g h t. [Phaedra, open] Archives
Levi, Phaedra, Sohalia
12-06-2012 by Levi
What is lost in the frost... [zephyr drop] Archives
Avira, Azulee, Irrydae, Kamien, Midas, Random Event, Sierra, Sohalia, Svetlana
11-26-2012 by Official
Unnecessary Words [Sohalia] Archives
Cera, Psyche, Rowan, Sohalia
11-16-2012 by Cera
Oh, Parentless Youth [AW] Archives
Azeen "Zelda" Gale, Leander, Sohalia
11-02-2012 by Leander
In the dark of the night [open] Archives
Lace, NPC, Sohalia, Tor
10-14-2012 by Sohalia

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