the Rift

but the way we hold our hearts

:: [Magic: Wind (P)| able to change the force and direction of the wind.]
:: [Restrictions | Cannot be used offensively in battle.]

:: [Magic: Wind | can alter the pressure of the air in a small area.]
:: [Restrictions | This can "squeeze" an opponent for a total of 20 seconds, and may cause slight asphyxiation or internal injury. ]

:: [Spark Amulet]

Victory Points and Battle Buffs
Total :: 18 VP :: 7 Buffs
Endure :: improved stamina - you tire less easily
Swift :: increased speed - you run faster and react quicker
Bulk :: increased strength - your physical attack damage increases
Dance :: increased agility - you evade easier
Aim :: increased accuracy - your attacks are more likely to hit
Hunter :: additional companion - you can use your companion an extra time
Numb :: pain tolerance - you don't succumb as easily to sustained injuries

the Resolute

Hidden Account


Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 10 Height: 14.3hh

remember not our faulty pieces

Short and stocky, a small tank made for battle.
Chocolate brown and blonde hair, a traditional silver bay.
Dark blue eyes, a mirror to a dark ocean.
Simple yet powerful.


remember not our rusted parts



it's not the petty imperfections that define us

Early Life

Kri does not mention much about her early life, but due to her militant nature, it is safe to assume that she was raised in a war-stricken land under the care of soldiers.


Upon entering Isilme, Kri met the mare named Angel Feather, a white pegasus who told her the plight of her kin, chased from the Cliffs by the Valley herd ruled by Adalwulf. Kri swore to aid in her cause, and was promised by Angel Feather the position of Head Warrior should their invasion plans succeed. Under the idiotic rule of Morgue the Womanizer, however, the pegasus band struggling to retake their home had little hope. Their first attempt to reclaim the Cliffs brought Kri toe-to-toe with Adalwulf himself. Overwhelmed by his magic abilities and dragon, Kri found herself quite unmatched. The rest of the pegasus band did not have much hope, and the invasion attempt failed. Disheartened, the pegasus band returned to the neutral lands to regroup.
Later on in her journeys, Kri met with a stallion named Hiero. Together with this lazy ass of a stallion, they were attacked by griffons. Upon defeated them, they were both granted temporary magic to control the direction and ferocity of the wind. Kri sought to make this ability permanent, and looked to meet the Tome Guardian.
Her first encounter with the aged phantom went well, though he was displeased with her want of magic. He told her to aid the pegasus defeat the Phoenix of Time, and then he would grant her the ability she wished.
Before Kri could complete her quest, Sepagus summoned her to the Veiled Cape. Using his magic to subdue her, Kri folded and was forced to carry the child Cielo, son of the idiot God, to term. She continued to fight the phoenix and complete her quest, not caring for the health of the child in her womb. Upon his birth, she abandoned him with Chinook in Perpetua.
After completing her quest, Kri grew tired of the inactivity of the pegasus band. Morgue and Angel Feather had become scarce, and the rest of the pegasus were not enthusiastic about regrouping to take over the Cliffs. The Tides, under the rule of Nepdon, had already fallen to Adalwulf and his equines. With three of the four herdlands monopolized by the equines, Kri grew more irritated by the minute. Taking action into her own hands, she traveled to the Cliffs. Demanding her entrance into the equine herd, Kri challenged Amani Leila to a duel. Saddened by the recent death of her mate, Gideon, Amani Leila agreed to hand over the Cliffs to Kri, who showed sufficient spirit and determination. Amani Leila returned to live in the Tides, and the pegasus once again had a home.
All was peaceful, until Cielo returned home. The paranoia of invasion, as well as Kri's dread of her son, combined to make the mare seek a newer, more powerful magic with which to face the demi-god pegasus in battle. Kri made her way to the Tome Guardian, requesting the ability to control atmospheric pressure, who told her to have a foal to kill with the power she sought. Kri agreed to his deal, after some argument, but requested that her pregnancy be shortened, as she could not afford to be indisposed for long.
Returning the the Cliffs, Kri shared with Zodiac her plight. He agreed to sire the child in question, and thus Kri's second child came into being. Upon the birth of Onni, Kri's body had lost enough blood to call upon the healer Aurelia to heal her. Raising her new daughter with a distance uncommon to mothers, the mare slowly grew attached to this filly she had brought into the world. When the time came to return to the Tome Guardian, Kri's feet dragged heavily during her trip. Once arriving in the manor, the Guardian arrived. Sending her daughter toward the phantom, sending her to her death, Kri's heart lurched. While she had been seeking the ability to kill, the Tome Guardian had slyly given her the ability to love.
Kri and Onni returned to the Cliffs, the leader heavy-hearted about the magic she had not been given. Cielo requested that he be made Head Warrior when he had turned of age, and begrudgingly Kri coincided that it was a good idea.
Peace fell upon the Cliffs, but it was short lived.
Cielo challenged for her lead, and overwhelmed by his strength, Kri had lost the grips on her rule. Shortly after, the three herds, ruled by three demi-gods, took to war, one that would end in cataclysm.
The Cliffs were torn asunder, and Kri scrambled to move herself and her beloved daughter out of the falling land. A boulder began to topple downward, falling upon the exact spot where Onni had been standing. Kri fled, not returning to Isilme due to her shame and failure, leading a nomadic life for years.


With Helovia came new hope. Meeting with several Pegasi, Kri began to forge what she called the Tuuli. It was a band of mostly pegasus soldiers, but there were other mercenaries from other species that fought alongside her as well. Soon after her arrival in Helovia, familiar faces began to spill into the land from Isilme, which had apparently been overrun with shadow creatures of the dead. The first Kri met with was Voltaic, remembering him well from his stint in the Cliffs before the great cataclysm. Kri soon made him her general, meeting also with Azzuen his brother and adding him to the ranks. It was not long before Kri met her beloved daughter once more, alive and well.
There was no time to rejoice in the reunion, for Kri had her eyes set upon invading the Dragon's Throat, which at the time was held by Ra the Sun Idiot. Knowing that she would need more force than her ragtag band of fighters, the mare made allies with Smoke the WildRose, Chieftess of the Foothills, as well as Mirage, who had begun to build her own outcast band known as the Qian.
Allies were not enough, for the mare still stalked the Threshold for fresh faces to join her cause. It is there that she met Gossamer the Benevolent, and, thinking the white mare to be taking pity on her, Kri was quick to speak ill of her. Archibald and Evers were also present, and decided against joining the Tuuli.
Soon, the time came for the invasion of the Dragon's Throat. Pulling together her forces and that of the Qian, Kri invaded the crimson land. Nearly none met with their advance, allowing their home to be overtaken. However, the General Voltaic was slain in his battle with Ra, the only loss for the Tuuli during the capture. Kri promoted Azzuen to the position of General, promised to keep ties with the Qian and aid them in their invasion, and set about building her own vision of a strong herd.
Mauja the Frostheart, then lead of the World's Edge, arrived in the Throat offering peace treaties, which Kri more than impolitely declined. When he came again seeking aid for the dreadful summer with Gossamer and Indy, Kri met them with less than pleasant words and sent Onni in her place to aid them in their trip to the Veins.
Times grew quiet, and the Tuuli grew in the Dragon's Throat with each passing month. Excitement would find time only when Paladin the Valiant overthrew Gossamer, rescinding the ties that had bound the mare when he quickly demoted all other Chiefs and replaced them with his Gray lady. Tensions grew hot during a spat between Paladin and Kri, essentially leaving her with a bad taste in her mouth for the Foothills ever since, and Paladin would never be spoken highly of by the mare at all.
Soon, the time for the Qian's invasion of the World's Edge had come, and Kri gathered up her soldiers and set forth for the Edge, strengthening the alliance between herself and the band who had helped her gain her own home. When the battle had come to an end, the Qian and their allies had arisen victorious, Mauja and his unicorns kicked from the Edge with a swift boot. Kri and her pegasus returned home with high spirits.


Character of the Year 2013 Awards
Mrs. Helovia
Best Fighter
Best Leader

Kri won Character of the Month for March 2013!

Played by
Boom plays: Onni, Osiris, Hototo, Sage, and Addison

There's currently no magic, items nor companions associated with this character.
Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   6 AGL:   7 END:   7
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   1 CP:   1
Notable Accomplishments

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