the Rift


Zephyr :: Roc :: Common
Mid-Frostfall III :: 6 Months
Primitive skills :: screech, scratch, swoop
Mind Speach :: Childish
Elemental Ability :: Limited :: Able to change the time of day and slow or speed time with its wing beats

A mythical creature, shaped much like a hawk, and distant cousin to the much larger and mysterious Zephyrs which travel the globe far higher than the naked eye can see. At 1.8ft high and sporting a 6ft wingspan, he is of average strength.

Though shrouded primarily in feathers of glossy midnight hue, dark and subtle purple is visible as slight masking around his sharp, violet eyes and through each of the primary flight feathers lining his wings. The same hue shimmers as a faint sheen across the top of his body and wings, when he shifts beneath moonlight. His neck is lined with long, wiry crest feathers, and similar ones compliment his very long, delicate tail. He is speckled all over with delicate, sparkling star-spray, and a fine mist shimmers in his wake.

He is fiercely loyal, solemn and devoted to the wellbeing and security of his fragile bonded. Though intrinsically aloof towards strangers, those who warm the heart and soul of Africa, are bestowed his blessing and treated with cordiality.

[Magic: Earth | Able to shape shift into the form of an African Grey Parrot. During transformation, user is immobilized for 10 seconds and experiences pain from the inevitable warping of their skeletal structure; can only be used once in battle.]
[Restrictions | Transformation is painful, can only transform once in battle.]

[Magic: Time x Light | Can look through another’s eyes into their mind and experience their memories.]
[Restrictions | Visions grow a little blurry when she looks beyond 2 years, requires permission except in battle, limited to only two uses in battle; can predict the outcome of opponent's moves.]

[Magic: LightxTime (U) | Can look through another’s eyes into their mind and travel back in time to experience their memories as well as alter them by planting new memories.]
[Restrictions | Visions grow a little blurry when she looks beyond 6 years. Rewriting memories requires permission out of battle, and implanted memories last 20 seconds in battle.]

]Magic: Fire (P) | Mane and tail burn with harmless flames. Of no use in battle, cannot be used to harm.]

- Carries an Earth God amulet around her neck (75 posts)~ Given to Marco here
- Carries a Sun God amulet around her neck (Sun God)~ Given to Satanic Silk here

the Starry-Eyed


Africa's mane and tail burn harmlessly

Species: Pegasus Gender: Mare Age: 6 (Tallsun) Height: 16
Her soft, gentle and feminine complexion is bathed in the palest shade of grey, tapering into a supple, velvety charcoal muzzle with a small brush of pastel pink between nostrils. Her large almond-shaped eyes reflect the sweet, simplicity of her passive nature, and are a light wash of buttery-gold.
The two wilting ears which roost atop the pinnacle of her long skull are rimmed with prominent black. Across her features, a long languid curtain of silver- grey forelock falls with mousey-brown tips, though naturally it splits through the middle to drape by either side of her face.

Long and broad, her neck runs to well-defined withers and a deep chest, and her thick mane, also dyed silver-grey with taupe ends, is just long enough to dress her well defined shoulders. Just above the right shoulder, a large, well proportioned wing is usually clutched against the slender curve of her barrel; when unplucked and allowed to flourish, covert feathers whose irregular grey tones reflect the dapples of her coat, interweave before a final rim of glossy-black, reaching halfway up the length of primary flight feathers. Below, over the right shoulder itself, a delicate spatter of gravel-rash scarring lies- one of many lasting souvenirs from a foolish trespass that resulted in the loss of both a life, and her flight. Across and above her left shoulder, all that remains of the stolen wing is vivid pink tissue scarring across skin which plunges across an empty socket. Few forlorn feathers still sprout from the area, appearing to be unbefitting and unattractive.

She sports a short back and broad, strong hindquarters- upon which a small hairless scar marks the point through which Deimos’ horn was speared. Her body is cloaked in sleek, lightly mottled, dapple grey, while long lean legs are swathed in coaly-black, just like her nose, although up each foreleg is pulled to the knee, an ivory-white stocking. To her rear, a long heavy tail grows dark ebony-black. Mixed throughout it are insignificant crimson highlights.

*Africa’s personality is designed to mimic that of the African Grey Parrot.

Sensitive | Curious | Emotional | Childish | Imaginative | Trusting

Emotional and highly sensitive, she could easily become phobic of other horses or environmental factors, and when highly stressed might mutilate or pluck her feathers (these take months to regrow and where many are removed in the same area, raw skin could be exposed). Generally though, her nature is peaceful and placid, with a creative streak that spins dreams through her imagination to invent various distorted realities for her to explore.

Frostfall 3

Suspicious | Guilty | Resentful | Angry | Traumatized | Volatile

After being manipulated to trespass in enemy territory by Sinuhe who was new to the Throat, Africa was beaten by Deimos, whose cataclysmic death magic rendered her utterly helpless and vulnerable. She watched death seize the last breath from her herd-sister’s lungs, even while Sinhue was locked mid-combat with Alan. She was gifted to Alan as a hostage, who then broke both of her wings to keep her grounded throughout her incarceration, during which Crash Course ripped the left one off altogether. Africa then sank into a dark depression.

Tallsun 3

Peaceful | Sensible | Affectionate| Spiritual | Empathetic | Humble

When the moon failed to rise, and what seemed to be a curse swept across the wilting Helovia, Africa fled with Silas to a remote cave that she had discovered many seasons before. There, aided by post traumatic amnesia, she began the inner journey to rebuild herself and overcome the torture which had ruined her gentle soul.

Frostfall 4

Introverted | Brooding | Quiet | Reserved | Conflicted | Meek | Thoughtful

As guilt chews away the walls of confidence and composure, Africa finds herself descending again into the pits of sorrow and despair; the violent memories of her past are quite unwilling to be buried despite great efforts to rise above them. Unexpected relationships too threaten the placidness of her heart and a furious tide of confusing emotion is stirred to life. The weight of an Oracle’s responsibility seems an ever increasing burden as she strives in vain to prove her worth among her kin.

Birdsong 5

Clever | Fickle | Dubious | Brooding | Paranoid | Guarded | Polite

She was once trusting and kind-hearted up front; Africa is now a little wary, frigid at first – she has a tendency to be quietly sceptical of those she doesn't know. She is still desperate to find the best in those she encounters, but with all of the darkness recently (the death and sickness which seem to plague Helovia), this is hope is frail. The cycle of her crooked mental health continues. After abandoning her post as the Sultana of Dragon’s Throat most ungracefully (convinced that Gaucho had returned to force her from the role she stumbled clumsily in), she has become all the more paranoid, sure that she can trust no one except the one shoulder who has been there since the beginning. She hides this well however and has developed a clever shell into which she can shrink to avoid reality; a face for those around her that would suggest a courteous, mature soul only. Africa is no longer the frivolous, outspoken teen many know her to be; there is a new a clever, cunning tendency which has been formed alone by her spiralling mind for the purpose of self preservation. Maturity has morphed her most unexpectedly, and brilliant, life altering magic flanks this change.

*Africa’s personality is designed to mimic that of the African Grey Parrot.


Father- Veroldkel
Breed: Andalusian
Race: Pegasus
Appearance: Dapple Grey with mid-length white socks up each hind leg; Light grey mane and tail, with mouse brown tips; White grey face; Dark grey wings with Black flight feathers; Red feathering in tail.

Mother- Emelda
Breed: Andalusian
Race: Pegasus
Appearance: Bay with no white markings; Ink black mane and tail with glossy black feathers intertwined throughout both; Dark brown eyes; Black feathered wings.


Zahra (x Midas)

PREQUEL - Born to Veroldkel and Emelda in the remote fringe of Nyorm neighbouring Helovia. The eldest and only child, Africa was dearly loved and thus her father closely sheltered her from anything outside the world of his close knit herd. When she was very young, her mother secretively romanced Africa with stories and legends about a land filled with kingdoms and magic; she called it Helovia.
- The night prior to beginning her third year, Africa slipped from the controlling grip of her father, and Nyorm never to return. Driven by the fantasies crafted by her mother’s clever tongue, she travelled alone for weeks, searching for the strange world which she could not erase from her memory.


(Tallsun II – 3 Years old)

Space Bound
Threshold :: Midas :: Arrives in the Threshold and meets Midas, who invites her to live in Dragon’s Throat. Africa accepts.
Feathers of the Brightest Colors
Dragon’s Throat :: Midas :: Follows Midas home to her new home.
Lasting Impressions
Dragon’s Throat :: Osiris (Doppelganger wolf)
Satan Laughing Spreads His Wings
Heavenly Fields :: Crash Course, Midas :: Pursued for a feather for Crash Course’s personal quest. Midas challenges for feathers and safety.
Is Satan Still Laughing
Battleground :: Crash Course, Midas :: Watches first battle between Crash Course and Midas- the black and white General is victorious, saving Africa.
Traveller Among Thistle
Thistle Meadow :: Vy, Ayaka :: Meets the young Unicorn Vy. They are joined by talking wolf Ayaka, who Africa learns also lives in Dragon’s Throat.

(Orangemoon II)

On My Own
Dragon’s Throat :: Lana, Aryel, Levi, Kri, Note :: Lana has recently escaped from Aurora Basin. Africa learns of the tensions between the Unicorns of the northern realm and her family in Dragon’s Throat.
Threshold :: Matterhorn, Orinthia
Well Hello, Darling
Threshold :: Pantomime, Jack, Africa, Naeatii :: Learns about Pirates
Threshold :: Liseanne, Pheonix :: Recruits Pheonix successfully.
I am a Leaf on the Wind
Threshold :: Serenity, Storm, Thor :: Learns that there are four herds & the Wilds; Learns that Edge and Foothills are friendly with Throat.
Into the Fray
Threshold :: Lanark, Levi
I’m A Fallen Warrior
Threshold :: Ahi :: Recruits Ahi successfully.
She Caught a Falling Star
Dragon’s Throat :: Ahi, Cirrus :: Learns Cirrus is a shaman when she heals Ahi. Africa pledges to care for Ahi in her den until he is well enough to pursue a career in Dragon’s Throat’s army.
Welcome to the World
Dragon’s Throat :: Ayaka, Aryel, Elektra
Rain Caught
Threshold :: Illore
The Struggles of Comfort
Dragon’s Throat :: Herd Meeting :: Learns about domination plot by Basin/Plague. Vows to follow Kri’s directive to travel in pairs and stay clear of the Basin.
The Shadow Of Evening Closed In
Dragon’s Throat :: Unanswered
It Better Get Better Then This
Threshold :: Manami, Accalia :: Recruits Manami successfully.
Yeah, This Dream Keeps Us Together
Dragon’s Throat :: Manami :: Brings Manami home to Dragon’s Throat and shows her around.
Actions Write The Melodies to the Songs That We Sing
Dragon’s Throat :: Sohalia :: Learns about the Throat’s ranks and responsibilities; learns about companions.
Stripy Tights and Fairy Wings
Dragon’s Throat :: Cirrus
I’m Not Afraid to Sleep Now
Dragon’s Throat :: Midas :: Thanks Midas for his recent help in Heavenly Fields. Also asks him about his bond with Fina.
A learned fool is more a fool than an ignorant fool
Helovia’s Heart :: Voodoo :: Meets Voodoo for the first time.
I Could Be Your Hero Baby
Eastern Lands :: Voodoo :: Plays with Voodoo in a deep set of caverns beneath the Deep Forest, where she finds an Earth God Amulet (75 posts).
A Bleeding Heart
Threshold :: Scarlett, Wiegers
And Hell Followed Closely Behind
Threshold :: Skells
Can you handle this
Threshold:: Tesande :: Recruits Tesande successfully
Shared secrets and daisy chains
Dragon’s Throat:: Tesande :: Africa brings Tesande Home.
A Day In The Neighbourhood
Threshold :: Antistata
Mad As A Hatter In Her Own Right
Dragon’s Throat :: Ahi, Andromeda :: Ahi is feeling well enough for his first flight. They are met by Andromeda- serving warrior at the time.
It’s Raining, It’s Pouring
Thistle Meadow :: Shajake :: Meets the strange Shajake and tries to goad him into playing.
I’d Rather Waltz Than Just Walk
Heavenly Fields :: Myrddin (Doppelganger)
Squabbling Squabs [Companion Drop]
Deep Forest :: Sakura, Semira, Irrydae, Arah, Nayati :: Receives Roc Zephyr egg after frightening off a Basilisk.
Thistle Meadow:: Random Event
In The Dark A Lady Awaits
Dragon’s Throat :: Sinuhe :: Meets Sinuhe who manipulates her into a journey north to Aurora Basin to play a trick on the Unicorns there.
The Trickster’s Way
Aurora Basin :: Sinuhe, Deimos, Alan, Arah, Giselle :: Intercepted in enemy territory and challenged to a 2x2 battle
Come Not Within The Measure Of My Wrath
Battleground :: Deimos, Alan, Sinuhe :: Loses first battle; taken prisoner and Sinuhe dies.
~Off The Grid And Seeing Double
Heavenly Fields :: Myrah, Doppelganger Myrah :: Doppelganger Africa drops in
~Mirror, Mirror
Deep Forest :: Unanswered
Thrown to the Wolves
Aurora Basin :: Alan, Deimos :: Africa is officially Alan’s prisoner; Sinuhe has been killed; Alan breaks Africa’s wings so she cannot escape.
Lamb in the Lion’s Den
Aurora Basin :: Crash Course, Frost Fyre :: Africa is released into the Basin as a prisoner, wounded and broken; never to be the same again; Crash Course resumes his personal quest for a Pegasus’s feathers, finding the opportunity too convenient to refuse and rips Africa’s whole wing away as his long overdue gift to Psyche; Africa is left with only her right wing

(Frostfall III)

Darling Dearest
Aurora Basin :: Arielle
A New Beginning
Aurora Basin :: Zima
Born of myth and shadow
Dragon’s Throat :: Silas :: Silas the Zephyr hatches and flies north, compelled by a yearning in his heart.
Reason to breath
Aurora Basin :: Silas and Africa find each other; bonding starts.
Stealth III
Stealth:: Hellena :: Hellena steals Africa from the Basin with the intention of healing her at World’s Edge and returning her home to Dragon’s Throat
Weary Steps
World’s Edge :: Hellena, Smoke, Cirrus :: Africa’s wounds and broken bones are healed in the mists of World’s Edge by the Witch Doctor, Smoke. Cirrus joins them briefly.

(Dead Magic)

*Whispers in the dark
Spectral Marsh :: Slaiter
Dazed, lost
Secret Grove :: Nym, Sakura, Destrier
Troubled Souls
Helovia's Heart :: Lace
Slug on the doorstep
Dragons Throat :: Onni :: Africa goes home to the Throat but is filled with regret and guilt and soon flees to the safety of the cave under Deep Forest, that she found with Voodoo.

(Endless Night- Broken Magic)

(Restoration- We Welcome the Dawn)

(Tallsun III – 4 Years old)

Deep Forest/Eastern Outlands :: Unanswered :: Emerges from cave for the first time in months.
All this time I was finding myself
Thistle Meadow :: Shajake :: Meets up with a worse for wear Shajake.
Dragon's Throat :: Midas :: Africa returns home and Midas finds her. She shows him the gem and he explains that it is an Earth amulet with specific mystical abilities. He crafts a chain out of the sand so that she can wear it around her neck.


Halloween maze challenge :: Round one
Octoberfest :: Gained ‘join with a colourful character’
Trick or treat: Character #3, Silas
Octoberfest :: Gained one medium item
Enter the heros
Threshold :: Aurelia :: Finds Aurelia in the Threshold and feels deep compassion towards her; recruits successfully and takes her under her wing as a pupil.
Flames of perdition
Helovia's Heart :: Dragomir
Someone to hate
Threshold :: Dalibor, Oxy, Ampere :: Is attacked by Ampere’s magic for enslaving the heart of her bonded.
Did I make your dreams come true?
Dragon’s Throat :: Delinne :: Finds Delinne crossing the border to Dragon’s Throat and confronts her politely.
Alone again
Dragon’s Throat :: Amor
Something wicked brews
Threshold :: Citronella
My mother told me I had a chameleon soul
Threshold :: Ilacta, Levi :: Successfully recruits Ilacta with Levi’s help.
This is where I found you
Deep Forest :: Vulture :: Vulture’s attitude leaves a sour impression on Africa’s memory
A different day
Deep Forest :: Cypress :: Promises to care for her should she ever want the security and comfort of a real home.
A day to relax
Dragon’s Throat :: Unanswered
A Letter
Dragon’s Throat :: Kri, Gaucho :: Silas watches Kri departs Dragon’s Throat with two alien, giant Pegasi.
Do you see what I see? (Report Re: The Sanctuary)
Dragon’s Throat :: Gaucho, Ilacta, Midas :: Gaucho reports of a new chasm north of their home’s wall and south of the flaming Heart of Helovia. Africa heads north to see it for herself.
A new discovery
The Sanctuary :: Comes across the chasm which has opened up south of Helovia’s Heart and enters.
A nonsensical journey
Threshold :: Luz, Dust :: Successfully recruited Dust
Shards beneath our feet
Threshold :: Adira
With these broken wings I’m falling
Threshold :: Adrimina
True Hope
Dragon’s Throat :: Herd Meeting :: Finds out Kri installed Midas as Sultan before she left the Throat. Africa is appointed position of Oracle and gifted a Sun Amulet by the Sun God. Gaucho is made second Sultan. Asylum and World’s Edge are allied to the Throat.
Top of the social ladder, fell hard
Dragon’s Throat :: Aurelia
Wither shall I wander
Thistle Meadow :: Gabriel
A burning passion
Threshold :: Nevaeh
Storms gathering (spar)
Dragon’s Throat :: Midas
Hell on Hooves
Threshold :: Krieger, Blitzen
Let’s Get Our Hooves Dirty
Part I
Part II
The Sanctuary & the Wall of History :: Midas, Gaucho
Quest drop #10 Earth | Water
Endless Blue :: God of the Earth, various others :: Denied quest
Home away from home (delivery)
Dragon’s Throat :: Kahlua, Resplendence, Midas, Gaucho
Wilted Roses
Threshold :: Voodoo :: finds an old friend
Contaminated Soil
Dragon’s Throat :: Voodoo, Midas :: Midas accepts Voodoo into Dragon’s Throat. Will Africa’s feelings for the horned-madman reignite?
Fee fi fo fum
Dragon’s Throat :: Hadair, Gaucho, Midas
Take my passport out again
Dragon’s Throat :: Shadow
Firelight, firebright
Dragon’s Throat :: Sun God :: Is warned about Helovia’s Darkest Hour and is given a satchel and feathers to wear in her mane and tail.
Welcome, the new generation
Dragon’s Throat :: Dust, Alina
This beauty beholds
Threshold :: Vanity, Solace :: Successfully recruits Vanity
Two stars shine brighter
Dragon’s Throat :: Vanity
My heart pounds
Helovia’s Heart :: Cypress, Lace
Marshmallows, music and a fire
Dragon’s Throat :: Satanic Silk, Meraki
Blackbird claw – raven wing
Threshold :: Megaera, Gaucho :: With the aid of Gaucho, successfully recruits Megaera
I’m not the child you once knew
Endless Blue :: Aurelia :: The friendship between the two struggles and crumbles.

(Orangemoon III)

These days
Dragon’s Throat :: Sikeax
Show me the new
Heavenly Fields :: Micha :: Returning from her meditation, Africa meets the young filly.
This macabre dance
Spectral Marsh :: Epona :: During their encounter, this event (Shadowlands- site wide plot) happens.
Fruitless contemplation
Dragon’s Throat :: Satanic Silk :: Beneath an orange-moon, Africa finds herself intrigued by the black stallion.
Walking in the wind
Threshold :: Windwalker, Storm :: Meets Storm again, though still she in not enamoured by the strange mare. Successfully recruits the broken stallion, Windwalker.
Six degrees of separation
Dragon’s Throat :: Windwalker :: Brings home both the new recruit and a succulent-plant to try to cultivate in the rich loam of the Oasis.
How shall I aspire to heaven
Dragon’s Throat :: Godiva :: An early morning trip to the oasis finds a herd mare that Africa is yet to meet.
!! Medicine
World’s Edge:: Resplendence, Dragomir, Alysanne :: A restless heart sees the young Oracle stray far to the northwest where she finds herself mingling with the folk of the Edge and a curious medicinal herb garden. Perhaps she should return with the news so that a bartering system might be established between the allied herds.
Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work we go
Dragon’s Throat :: Sohalia, Sikeax, Alina, Rasta, Midas :: A group strolling through the desert is a sight to behold; Africa finds herself bound to join them as they continue to build the wall.

(Helovia’s Darkest Hour)

Take me to freedom
Thistle Meadow :: Comanche
A new day (herd meeting)
Dragon’s Throat :: Gaucho and Midas would like the herd to worship and respect the Sun God as patron of their home. During the meeting Africa informs the Sultans of the Sun God’s message regarding the darkness and the sickness flooding the country. It is agreed that respects should be paid to the Sun God.
Behind the glass | Time/Spark Drop
The Sanctuary :: Africa discovers a blue orb sparkling with electricity in the a deep cave.
Mud heart
Dragon’s Throat :: Windwalker :: During a mid-Orangemoon downpour, a frazzled Africa is found by Windwalker. While they are talking Crake, who has been infected by the sickness sweeping through Helovia tries to attack and infect Africa. She flees to warn the herd...
Meditation, recuperation
Heavenly Fields:: Circeron, Abishia :: Meets the stallion and his spirit bear as she is skirting the Foothills on the way to meditate and they are soon joined by Abishia. While they are talking, Aurelia, who has been infected by the sickness sweeping through Helovia tries to attack and infect Africa. Ciceron sends his spirit bear to guard their escape.
Behind the Glass :: Time/Spark Magic Drop
The Sanctuary :: Denied Time magic
The Sanctuary :: The herd flees Dragon’s Throat to shelter in The Sanctuary.
This means W.A.R
The Glowing Room :: The resistance to fight Helovia’s Darkest Hour is born
The days I recall being wonderful
The Wall of History :: Windwalker, Apollo, Pheonix :: Windwalker severs his own wings.
The Glowing Room :: Africa and Silas retreat to the ‘forest chamber’ where the Zephyr at last straps Africa’s new bag to her leg, and dresses her mane and tail with the feathers given by the Sun God. Africa agrees to help the resistance W.A.R. Midas finds her and they talk- at length, about the woes of life. She reveals at last (after he discloses the sorrows of family life), the occasion which resulted in Sinhue’s death and the loss of her wing. Midas in turn gifts to her two golden feathers- those she had plucked impulsively before him
Unlock the door and lay the cornerstone
Threshold:: Finds Marco in the Threshold and flees to the safety of The Sanctuary with him in toe.
Home away from home
The Glowing Room :: Marco and Africa arrive in the caves and she welcomes him into the herd. Midas greets them, and she gifts the colt with her Earth Amulet so that he might stay safe as he begins life- perhaps as a Dragon’s Throat Soldier.
The drums beat out a marching tune
The Sanctuary :: Megaera, Hamaliel, Midas
Love is easy
The Wall of History :: Windwalker :: Lies and betrayal. Africa wants never to feel the caress of loves tender hand.
Let’s not be sultry
The Glowing Room :: Abisha, Slaiter, Windwalker :: Africa’s attention is drawn to the conversation of a couple while she lurks in the shadows. Windwalker enters the conversation with dire effect.
Feed me, Seymour
The Glowing Room:: Africa meets Moniz.

(Frostfall IV)
Comforts of night
The Pit :: Africa finds the deepest darkest room she can and collapses, unable to resist sleep any longer- no matter the manner of nightmare’s lurking in her mind.
The grand arrival
Threshold :: Africa meets Behemoth; Abisha and Quinn are also present.
White beginnings
Threshold :: Meets Dawn Dancer in the Threshold; Abisha is also there.
Paying respects
The Wall of History :: Kari is disturbed when Africa returns to the Wall to pray. The colt asks her to help him find his mother, Shadow, and tentatively the mare agrees.
Threshold :: Meets Naveen in the Threshold and despite the sourness licking through her mind; the mistrust and aloofness, she finds herself drawn to the other mare. Cealestis joins them before Africa gifts Naveen her Sun Amulet charged with her own ability to Shape-shift- she hopes that if they need to escape quickly during the journey to The Sanctuary, her new friend will be able to transform and take flight.
The scars of your memory fade
The Sanctuary :: Africa and Windwalker cross paths once more.
And your thoughts, they rewind
Threshold :: Windwalker and Africa travel together to the Threshold where they catch a glimpse of Tiberius
The moment of truth in my lies
Thistle Meadow :: They move back south into the meadow where they note a change in the air; a pureness returning. Africa is still torn and confused by the discomfort of her emotions
We’ve not yet lost our graces
The Wall of History :: Meets Elsa by the wall and they muse over the drawings
Take me through the pyramids
The Glowing Room :: She and Silas descend further into the caves and find Note and his companion Sabel, feeding
Trash and treasure
The Sanctuary :: Silas is flying Africa’s cherished possessions in from the Throat- but he returns a final time without the shell he had hatched from, instead bringing a pouch filled with fluid. Rostislav, an unusual character, joins them and Africa gives the pouch away to him
What if the storm ends [WAR]
The Glowing Room :: Ampere calls the resistance together again

(The Darkness Fades)

An end to the darkness
The Glowing Room :: The God of the Sun has returned calling for Ampere and Gaucho, though Africa and Tandavi also follow. The God crowns Ampere and Africa (in lieu of Gaucho’s absence) Sultana’s of Dragon’s Throat, placing upon each brow a crown with dancing dragons upon it. He tells them that they will help him restore the light
Return of the light
Dragon’s Throat :: Africa and Ampere follow the Sun God to the desert- which has been changed dramatically during the Darkness.
Winds of change
Ancient Rotunda :: Africa and Silas begin to explore once free of the caves, and find a new area. They find Parelia beneath the colourful glass room of the structure and witness the hatching of Penna, her bonded. Alysanne joins them also.
Angel with the clipped wings
Ancient Rotunda :: When celebrations end and the other mares depart, a unicorn stumbles upon them- Frost Fyre. The last time Africa met her was during her incarceration in the Basin.
No recall, no familiar face
Threshold :: Travels to the Threshold with Silas and meets the young upstart Aeross.
Threshold :: Finds Andreas
Bask in the light; the glory
Dragon’s Throat :: Andreas follows Africa home from the Threshold.

(Birdsong IV)

Like the dawn, I rise again
Dragon’s Throat :: Sohalia, Andromeda and Africa chat. Andromeda has returned after a long absence and is welcomed back into the ranks.
What the hell do I do
Dragon’s Throat :: Africa meets Aurelia at the border.
Back in again
Dragon’s Throat:: Sikeax returns to Dragon’s Throat.
Like the dawn, I rise again
Dragon’s Throat :: Andromeda returns to the Throat where Sohalia meets her. Africa soon joins them after which Sohalia graciously departs and Africa offers the position of Sun Physician to the once warrior of their home.
First star I see tonight
Dragon’s Throat :: While Africa travels to the Fire of the Diviner, Dalibor finds her and they talk. Soon Cera joins them and Africa asks the Diviner to summon their God of the Sun.
Give me strength
Heavenly Fields :: During a routine patrol through the north, Africa happens upon Faeanne an orphan, and Murdock.
Bringing daylight to the night
Dragon’s Throat :: Africa meets Voodoo again, by the lake
Enter the villain
Dragon’s Throat :: Sacre finds Sorrow by the border and Africa soon happens upon their meeting.
Cracked and cracking
Threshold :: Africa meets Inara and Sialia. Africa offers Inara the comforts of her home
Dragon’s Throat :: Inara
The proposition
Dragon’s Throat :: Africa speaks with Sikeax.

(Tallsun IV – 5 Years old)

Ruined Fantasies
Heart Caves :: Satanic Silk :: Passion reignites
There’s always a reason
Dragon’s Throat :: Sohalia :: Africa asks Sohalia to lead the Throat by her side; she is crowned.
I officially hate angels
Dragon’s Throat :: Aurelia, Rasta :: Aurelia receives a frosty reception when she returns to the Throat with her dead companion
Cry ya pardon
Dragon’s Throat :: Midas, Sohalia :: Midas returns to the Throat with official business to discuss
What keeps us warm
Dragon’s Throat :: Africa joins Cera and a small group of foals by the lake for a yarn
An outcast’s light heart
Threshold :: Rei
That’s no hallucination
Dragon’s Throat :: Rei
Forward march
Deep Forest :: Sacre, Confutatis
Bury your words
Dragon’s Throat :: Rasta, Hector, Sohalia, Andromeda
Threshold :: Laedere, Midas
What would you do?
Hidden Falls :: Africa accompanies Laedere and Midas to the Falls. She meets Drom and Reizend, who appears to be quite close to Midas...
Lovely new beginnings
Dragon’s Throat :: Satanic Silk, Alija :: Silk returns home at last with a gift
Quiet rage and the setting sun
Dragon’s Throat :: Tandavi, Andromeda
We all fall up
Caela Insula :: Rei, Nasreen :: Africa discovers the floating island

Dragon’s Throat :: Aurelia brings Destry to the Throat, and Africa welcomes her
World’s Edge :: Days, maybe a week after Aurelia returned to the Throat with a dead Shilva, Rasta and Africa accompany her gullibly to World’s Edge for a funeral
At your service
More than just fairytales
Dragon’s Throat :: Africa leads a group to Sky Island
Glory to the Sun
Sky Island :: The herd meeting is held
Pegasus Flying Race
Sky Island :: Africa comes second despite her disability
Dragon’s Throat :: Lace is welcomed into Dragon’s Throat by Cera and Africa
I like the smell of rain
Dragon’s Throat :: A casual chat with Sikeax reveals one of Aurelia’s many felonies
Thinking of you
Thistle Meadow :: Midas
Even Angel’s Fall
Dragon’s Throat:: Cera crafts hobbles at Africa’s request. She asks him also to craft a motar and Pestle so that Rei might be able to write for the Academy
Learning Curves (Spar)
Sky Island :: Africa decides she would like to spar, but after beginning with Elsa, she soon finds out she is less than capable

(Orangemoon IV)

Path to Glor -ruin
Ancient Rotunda :: Africa begins her seasonal patrol, and talks at length with Silk
Catch a falling Star (Drop)
Frostbreath Steppe :: Among others, Africa finds herself drawn to a falling star
Lost in a simple game
Sky Island :: Finds Windwalker

(Frostfall V)

Night minds
Deep Forest :: Midas comes to her rescue as a blizzard sets in
Cabin in the woods
Hidden Falls :: Africa returns with Midas to the Falls and they take shelter in one of the prison cells

(Birdsong V)

Sky Island :: Africa is drawn back to the island to watch the ascension of her dearest friend
Hidden Falls :: Adelis comes across Africa and is terrified by the fire burning through her mane and tail
Trash n treasure
Hidden Falls :: She meets December of the Falls
Look in their innocent eyes
Hidden Falls :: Midas returns to the Falls’ cells to find Africa and offer her the role of Earth Medic for the herd – she accepts
No Forgivance
Hidden Falls :: Africa is summoned to her first duty as the herd’s healer and finds herself tending to a broken Confutatis
From the depths of sorrow
Hidden Falls :: Pulled from the sanctuary of her new home, Africa travels with Silas back to the Deep Forest where she comes across a curious scene – parrots, an albino peacock, and a number of enigmatic questions requiring her answer
The hanging tree
Hidden Falls :: She comes across Rasta in the main meadow of Hidden Falls and tends to the blind mare’s wounds; Alleo joins them.
Hidden Falls :: Africa attends a herd meeting called by Midas and Ghost
Rebirth... take two
Hidden Falls :: She chats with Cashmere
His valiant return
Sky Island :: The Earth Turtle gives Africa a Hybrid Foal stats
This house burns me to the bones
Hidden Falls :: Africa meets with Essetia by the entrance to the Falls and calls upon the Earth to heal Malachi’s body.
Answer me this
Hidden Falls :: Satanic Silk arrives looking for answers, and Midas leads him to Africa. His heart is broken.
Let the games begin
World’s Edge :: Africa joins the scavenger hunt hosted by Queen Kahlua, the Sunshower.
When shadows recede
Threshold :: Returns to Hidden Falls with Arrane and Kipling.
Threshold :: Rasta and Africa come up against evil; Thor rises in their aide.
New and ancient languages
Threshold :: Africa meets Resplendence again, and a traveller, Cheska who is searching for a home.
Copper and steel
Hidden Falls :: Cheska arrives at the Falls
Reynier vs. Africa
Deep Forest:: By the northern border, Africa is shocked to find Reynier. He attackes...
Blind man
Hidden Falls :: Grieving turns to a night of passion
From the ashes
Secret Grove :: Foal stats
Burning Bridges
Threshold :: Africa finds an aggressive Oxy in the Threshold with a stranger, Menagerie. After sending the stallion on his way, she returns also, with Minnie.
Hidden Falls :: Menagerie is welcomed home.
In the arms of an angel
Heavenly Fields :: Rasta’s companion hatches.
Hidden Falls :: Laedere returns to the Falls
The stars that blind us
Hidden Falls :: Sohalia’s companion comes to the Falls searching for Africa. She follows and finds her friend with Rasta, badly injured.
The winds that heal
Hidden Falls :: Rasta carries Africa home, and Sohalia joins the journey.
What have I gotten into
Threshold :: Africa meets timid Angelique
? :: ?

(Tallsun V – 6 Years old)

Hopeless wanderer
Threshold :: Africa meets Tilney
Heaven and Earth
Hidden Falls :: Africa takes Tilney home to the Falls.
Hidden Falls :: Midas returns to the Falls very ill.
Search and rescue
Hidden Falls :: Africa and Rasta find Megaera from Dragon’s Throat on Falls soil.
Where the story begins
Hidden Falls :: Africa and Kipling welcome Arrane to the Hidden Falls Herd.

Shipping (SWP)

Shipping Intro
Thistle Meadow :: Africa and Midas discover the God of the Earth crafting a ‘ship’.
Noah and his ark
Threshold :: The pair set off to spread the Earth God’s message. They come across Laedere and Fig.
The rains are coming
Hidden Falls :: They take word home.
The long bow
Heavenly Fields :: After spreading the message through the Threshold and the Falls, Africa and Midas travel to the grassy pasture in the mountains. They come across Roland and Lena.
Liquid gold
Hidden Falls :: They are tasked next to fills buckets of water.
Flowa Powa
Thistle Meadow :: Africa is growing weary, heavily pregnant and she and Midas collect plants among the thistles.
Wild Things
Deep Forest :: The couple venture south to trap a stag and his doe for the ship.
Sticks and stones
Thistle Meadow :: The God of the Earth requires them to gather materials should his ship need repairs.
Hidden Falls :: Midas makes Africa a love nest.
Shipping Outro
Thistle Meadow :: Africa board the ship and are saved from the flood sent to cleanse the land of Helovia.

Everything has returned to normal – although there remains tension around the Goddess of the Moon after she used Gaucho to kill a number of Helovians.

Truth is only found at the source
Dragon’s Throat :: Midas and Africa travel to Dragon’s Throat to speak with Gaucho about Sohalia and Megaera.
Perfect Storm
Hidden Falls :: Africa prepares to accompany Midas to World’s Edge.
Promised return
World’s Edge :: before Resplendence guides them into the territory, Archibald and Ktulu give Midas and Africa a very cold welcome.
Little ray of sunshine
Hidden Falls :: Africa finally gives birth to a filly.
A new tale begins
Veins of the Gods :: Midas leads Africa and Zahra to visit the God of the Earth at his shrine.
No more pms
Hidden Falls :: Africa and Zahra greet Rostislav and newcomer Rohan at the border, but can the winged stallion really be taken for face value?

(Orangemoon V – 6 Years old)

GTFO (invasion watching thread)
Hidden Falls :: As evil descends upon their home in wake of Midas’ and Essetia’s capture by the Basin, Africa sends her child off into the wilds to shelter out of harm’s way.
Rebutal (invasion defence)
Hidden Falls :: Africa moves to help defend her home as both healer and warrior, and meets the cruel face of her past in Arah.
Invasion (Arah vs. Africa)
Hidden Falls :: Although Africa defeats her cunning opponent, she in wounded grievously and lingers only to watch the home of her beloved mate fall beneath the hands of two tyrant nations.
The war is won
Hidden Falls :: Damaged and unwilling to accept aid from those friends who betrayed her, Africa stumbled into the regions skirt; hopeless, aimless...
I don’t know how right should feel
Heavenly Fields :: At the foot of the mountain, Africa discovers a grim scene. Midas has been killed. Ulrik and Essetia soon depart, leaving the stricken mare and Rostislav to return him to Earth’s bed.
The Last Goodbye
Hidden Falls :: With Zahra still hidden south of the taken region, Africa prepares the body of her beloved for burial. Among the few who care to pay respect to the fallen Gallant, are Ranjiri and Gaucho.
Part one | of death and demons
Deep Forest :: As Africa’s unhealed wounds fester, she falls into the darkest pit of despair. She seeks out her daughter, burying the possessions of Zahra’s father, and begins a final trek north; desperate to find the creature who had impersonated him on the battle front.
Part two | of death and demons
Frozen Arch :: Upon the unforgiving slurry of the tundra, Africa loses her battle. Already lost as her oxygen starved organs fail, Crash Course discovers the small group gathered and neither Thranduil or Zahra can deter his callous desire. In one last attempt to prove the love held for her only child, Africa creates in the filly’s mind a blanket of false memories so that she might not suffer through life – as she, herself did.

~ Doppelganger Africa

[2x Feathers | One red African Grey tail feather and one Roc wing feather woven into her mane just behind her left ear]~ Sun God/Silas
[2x Feathers | Turned to gold by Midas and woven into her mane]

[Item: Crown | A circlet-style golden crown depicting two dancing dragons exchanging billowing flames that wrap around the front.] ~ Lost when she stepped down as Sultana of Dragon’s Throat

[Item: Cloak (not wearing through Frostfall IV) | Lightweight and loose, grey-green silk cloak with earth-brown, velvet edging. It holds a very subtle sheen and marbling pattern. It has a hood though this is usually gathered and slumped across her withers and shoulders.
It spreads out/is shaped like a diamond to cover her rump and half the length of her tail (forming at the end a 'V'. And each side drapes down to a pointed corner (covering her right wing- though the longest of her flight feathers stick out beside her tail), and those corners hang just below the inside curve of her hocks. It is strapped at the front with two thin crisscrossing leather buckle straps. The cloak offers no protection and is purely for aesthetic purposes]~ Octoberfest Maze Challenge
~ Given to Drõm here

[Item: Bag| A small leather satchel, large enough store flowers and plant matter, orbs or amulets. Tied securely around top of left foreleg just below elbow (for easy access), with thick leather belt- all natural, weathered brown in colour]~ Sun God

Bag currently holding:
[4x Small Item: Feathers| Blue, Green, Red & Yellow Macaw tail feathers all stashed in her satchel currently]
[1x Wing Feather belonging to Windwalker (white on the top black underside)]
[Dried, crumbling starfish]
[Striped spiky shell]
[3x Cherry Blossoms from Sky Island]
~ Discarded items in the river here
[2x Spark Amulets]
[1x Moon Amulet]
[1x Earth Amulet]



Squabbling Squabs [Companion Drop]- Granted companion
Quest drop #10 Earth | Water- Denied satchel
Behind the Glass :: Time/Spark Magic Drop- Denied time magic


Character of the month ~ January 2014
Thread of the month ~ February 2014
Love is easy
Quote of the month ~ April 2015
"Midas, time and time again, had been her knight in shining armour - the rock,
as the world around her began to crumble. He had been the constant in
her never ending confusion, the strength to balance her weakness.

He was the calm water, and she the wild fire…

She was the wrong, and he was her right."
The Last Goodbye...

Thread of the month ~ May 2015
Part Two | of death and demons

6th Favorite Romantic Pairing Contest
Midas the Gallant & Africa the Starry-Eyed <3

Played by

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4


x Africa the Starry-Eyed (Deceased)
x Hector (Dragon's Throat)
x Fig (World's Edge)
x Kirottu (Outcast)
x Kari (Dragon's Throat)
x Xira (Dragon's Throat)
x Zahra (Outcast)

:: [ Magic: DarkxEarth | Able to transform into an African Grey Parrot ]
:: [ Restrictions | Transformation is painful, can only transform once in battle ]
:: [ Magic: LightxTime (U) | Can look through another's eyes into their mind and travel back in time to experience their memories as well as alter them by planting new memories ]
:: [ Restrictions | Visions grow a little blurry when she looks beyond 6 years. Rewriting memories requires permission out of battle, and implanted memories last 20 seconds in battle ]
:: [ Magic: Fire (P) | Mane and tail, give off harmless flames ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle, cannot be used to harm ]
:: [ Item: Small Leather Satchel | Large enough store flowers, orbs or amulets. Tied securely around top of left foreleg just below elbow, with thick leather belt- all natural, weathered brown in colour. ]
:: [ Item: Feather | One red African Grey tail feather woven into her mane. ]
:: [ Item: Feathers | Two golden feathers from Midas, woven into her mane. ]
:: [ Item: Roc Feather | One Roc Zephyr feather tied into her mane. ]
:: [ Item: Bronze branch charm | A small bronze branch that grows a flower every morning. ]
:: [ Companion: Zephyr | Mythical, common | Roc | 6 yrs 0 mos ]
:: [ Spark Amulet ]  :: [ Earth Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   5 SPD:   3 AGL:   10 END:   4
OI:   0 DI:   0 MG:   1.5 CP:   1.5
Notable Accomplishments

*** this class will eventually become admin controlled, so don't spend too much time styling it. We will put your character's achievements here. Ie, getting a new buff, earning a herd rank, leading a herd, SWP participation, etc.

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Africa, Midas
03-21-2014 by Midas
Unlock the Door and Lay the Cornerstone [Open] Archives
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01-21-2014 by Marco
This means W.A.R Archives
Africa, Ampere, Archibald, Arrane, Circe, Gaucho, Hector, Megaera, Midas, Nyx, Oxy, Pheonix
01-25-2014 by Africa
The Days I Recall Being Wonderful [Open] Archives
Africa, Apollo, Pheonix, Windwalker
01-22-2014 by Pheonix
Lets get our hooves dirty (guacho, africa) Archives
Africa, Midas
01-09-2014 by Africa
Safety Archives
Africa, Alleo, Cypress, Gaucho, Hector, Megaera, Midas, Pheonix, Rasta, Satanic Silk, Sohalia, Vadim, Windwalker
01-19-2014 by Gaucho
Behind the Glass :: TIME\SPARK MAGIC DROP Archives
Africa, Brisa, Destry, Kahlua, Nyx, Parelia, Random Event, Tharos
01-13-2014 by Brisa
A new day [Herd Vote] Archives
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01-08-2014 by Midas
Africa, Comanche, Tatum
01-10-2014 by Africa
Mud heart Archives
Africa, Crake, Random Event, Windwalker
01-08-2014 by Random Event
Six Degrees Of Separation Archives
Africa, Windwalker
01-03-2014 by Windwalker
!! Medicine [Herb Garden] Archives
Africa, Alysanne, Brisa, Dragomir, Kahlua, Resplendence
01-09-2014 by Africa
how shall i aspire to heaven? Archives
Africa, Godiva
01-02-2014 by Africa
Walking In The Wind [Open] Archives
Africa, Storm, Windwalker
12-26-2013 by Africa
Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work we go [WALL BUILDING] Archives
Africa, Alina, Midas, Rasta, Sikeax, Sohalia
01-16-2014 by Sohalia
Fruitless contemplation Archives
Africa, Satanic Silk
01-01-2014 by Satanic Silk
these days Archives
Africa, Sikeax
12-19-2013 by Africa
This Macabre Dance Archives
Africa, Epona
12-16-2013 by Africa
show me the new. Archives
Africa, Micha
01-01-2014 by Africa
Meditation, recuperation Archives
Abishia, Africa, Aurelia, Ciceron, Random Event
01-12-2014 by Abishia
I'm not the child you once knew Archives
Africa, Aurelia
12-12-2013 by Africa
Marshmallows, music and a fire (any) Archives
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12-22-2013 by Meraki
Two stars shine brighter (Vanity, Any) Archives
Africa, Vanity
11-30-2013 by Africa
My Heart pounds [Lace, Any] Archives
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01-11-2014 by Cypress
Contaminated Soil [Africa] Archives
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12-27-2013 by Africa
Welcome, a fresh generation... (Dust, Any) Archives
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01-08-2014 by Dust
This Beauty Beholds (Open) Archives
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11-28-2013 by Solace
Firelight, Firebright (Sun God) Archives
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01-07-2014 by Africa
Take my passport out again [any] Archives
Africa, Shadow
11-25-2013 by Africa
blackbird claw - raven wing [open] Archives
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12-08-2013 by Africa
Lets get our hooves dirty (guacho, africa, open) Archives
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01-08-2014 by Gaucho
Fee Fi Fo Fum [Acceptance Thread] Archives
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11-29-2013 by Midas
Quest Drop #10 Earth | Water Archives
Africa, Aurelia, Cera, Eris, God of the Earth, Hototo, Kahlua, Kelec, Sacre, Solace, Tingal, Torleik
12-03-2013 by Cera
Home Away From Home [Delivery] Archives
Africa, Gaucho, Kahlua, Midas, Resplendence
11-30-2013 by Africa
Wilted Roses Archives
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11-27-2013 by Voodoo
A Burning Passion Archives
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11-23-2013 by Africa
top of the social ladder, fell hard [Open - Africa] Archives
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11-18-2013 by Africa
Storms gathering (Africa//Spar) Battleground
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12-19-2013 by Official
whither shall I wander; Africa Archives
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11-21-2013 by Africa
True hope (Herd meeting, CLOSED) Archives
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11-23-2013 by Midas
With These Broken Wings I'm Falling Archives
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11-05-2013 by Africa
shards beneath our feet Archives
Adira, Africa
11-10-2013 by Africa
A different day Archives
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11-07-2013 by Cypress
A nonsensical Journey open Archives
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11-23-2013 by Dust
Hell on hooves (Open) Archives
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12-19-2013 by Africa
Do you see what I see? [Report Re: Sanctuary] Archives
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11-12-2013 by Africa
A new discovery Archives
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11-12-2013 by Random Event
a letter. Archives
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11-04-2013 by Levi
[any] A day to relax Archives
11-01-2013 by Africa
my mother told me i had a chameleon soul* Archives
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11-01-2013 by Ilacta
(closed) This is where I found you... Archives
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12-08-2013 by Africa
something wicked brews [OPEN!] Archives
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11-13-2013 by Africa
Someone to Hate [OPEN] Archives
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11-27-2013 by Oxy
Did I make your dreams come true? [AZZARON, open] Archives
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11-12-2013 by Africa
Halloween Maze Challenge :: Round Three Archives
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11-04-2013 by Random Event
Reincarnation [finished] Archives
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11-05-2013 by Africa
enter the heroes Archives
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11-06-2013 by Africa
All this time I was finding myself Archives
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10-23-2013 by Africa
Flames of Perdition Archives
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02-04-2014 by Dragomir
Light! [ended] Archives
09-30-2013 by Africa
Alone again Archives
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10-27-2013 by Africa
Slug on the doorstep Archives
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07-26-2013 by Onni
Troubled Souls Archives
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07-27-2013 by Lace
Dazed, Lost. [open] Archives
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07-29-2013 by Nym
Whispers In The Dark Archives
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07-08-2013 by Africa
Take me, wash my sorrow away Archives
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07-17-2013 by Shajake
Weary Steps Archives
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07-13-2013 by Cirrus
Shared secrets and daisy chains [Tesande, Open] Archives
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07-04-2013 by Africa
Reason to breath [Bonding; Open] Archives
06-13-2013 by Africa
Born of myth and shadow [Hatching] Archives
06-13-2013 by Africa
A new beginning [Africa] Archives
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06-12-2013 by Africa
[finished] Lamb in the lions den Archives
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06-22-2013 by Crash Course
thrown to the wolves Archives
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06-10-2013 by Arah
Darling Dearest. Archives
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06-08-2013 by Africa
Mirror, Mirror Archives
06-03-2013 by Africa
Off The Grid and Seeing Double Archives
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06-05-2013 by Africa
Helpless Archives
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05-19-2013 by Sacre
Squabbling Squabs [Species Specific Companion Drop] Archives
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05-30-2013 by Africa
And hell followed closely behind... Archives
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06-19-2013 by Africa
[Finished] I Could Be Your Hero, Baby [Voodoo, Open] Archives
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06-05-2013 by Voodoo
Can you HANDLE this?[Open] Archives
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06-22-2013 by Africa
Come not within the measure of my wrath. [Sinuhe & Africa Challenge] Battleground
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06-04-2013 by Official
It's Raining, It's Pouring [Shajake] Archives
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06-07-2013 by Africa
Mad As A Hatter In Her Own Right [Ahi, Sergeant/s, Open] Archives
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05-18-2013 by Andromeda
The tricksters way | Africa,Open Archives
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05-10-2013 by Africa
A Day in the Neighborhood Archives
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05-06-2013 by Africa
A Bleeding Heart; Open Archives
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05-07-2013 by Wiegers
[Finished] A learned fool is more a fool than an ignorant fool. Archives
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05-10-2013 by Voodoo
In the dark a lady awaits day Archives
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05-05-2013 by Africa
The Shadow Of Evening Closed In [Edge, Open] Archives
04-28-2013 by Africa
Yeah, This Dream Keeps Us Together [Manami, Open] Archives
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05-13-2013 by Africa
Stripy Tights and Fairy Wings [Cirrus, Onni] Archives
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05-01-2013 by Africa
I'm Not Affraid to Sleep Now [Midas] Archives
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07-09-2013 by Africa
I'd rather waltz than just walk Archives
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05-21-2013 by Africa
[FINISHED] She Caught a Falling Star [Ahi/Healer/Open] Archives
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05-01-2013 by Africa
The Struggles of Comfort [Herd Meeting] Archives
Africa, Aiko Darleane, Andromeda, Aryel, Avalon, Cierra, Cirrus, Eios, Gaucho, Hector, Kaj, Kri, Levi, Midas, Onni, Rishima, Sohalia, Vesta
04-30-2013 by Aiko Darleane
Rain Caught [OPEN] Archives
Africa, Circe, Ilore
05-31-2013 by Circe
actions write the melodies to the songs that we sing Archives
Africa, Sohalia
05-31-2013 by Africa
I'm A Fallen Warrior [OPEN] Archives
Africa, Ahi
04-19-2013 by Africa
Welcome to the World [[Lupus, Elektra, Open]] Archives
Africa, Aryel, Ayaka, Elektra
04-30-2013 by Elektra
It better get better then this [Open] Archives
Accalia, Africa, Manami
04-25-2013 by Africa
I am a leaf on the wind. Archives
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06-02-2013 by Africa
.H O M E. Archives
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04-16-2013 by Africa
Well Hello, Darling. [any] Archives
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04-10-2013 by Naeatii
Into the fray [open] Archives
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04-27-2013 by Levi
Wanderer [Open] Archives
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04-10-2013 by Orinthia
On my own Archives
Africa, Aryel, Kri, Lana, Levi, Note
04-13-2013 by Levi
Is satan still laughing? (Challenging//Crash) Battleground
Africa, Crash Course, Midas
04-18-2013 by Official
Lasting Impressions [Open, Join] Archives
Africa, Osiris
04-11-2013 by Africa
Traveler Among Thistle [open] Archives
Africa, Ayaka, Vy
04-27-2013 by Africa
Feathers of the brightest colors (Closed) Archives
Africa, Midas
04-10-2013 by Midas
[FINISHED] Satan laughing spreads his WINGS [ANY PEGASUS] Archives
Africa, Crash Course, Midas
03-30-2013 by Midas
Spacebound (finished) Archives
Africa, Midas
03-26-2013 by Africa

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