the Rift

the Constrictor


Has fireflies that glow in her hair and trail behind her when she moves.


Species: Hybrid Gender: Mare Age: 7 Height: 16.1
     A P P E A R A N C E     

Breed: -- Mutt (Friesian x Andalusian x PRE)
Gender: -- Mare
Age: -- 7
Species: -- Uniquine
Horn: -- Spiraled white horn with red tip
Eyes: -- Crimson
Mane: -- White
Body:-- Black - lithe and muscular
Hooves: -- Solid
Markings: -- Bronze tribal bear on right shoulder, bronze tribal dorsal stripe, four white stockings with leg barring
Tail: -- White

At six years of age Ktulu stands at a comfortable 16.1 hands at the withers. Her body is lithe and muscular thanks in part to her heritage and time spent exercising. There is nothing about her appearance that would lead one to believe that she is inexperienced with the world that surrounds her. Where some younger, innocent mares would be thinner, Ktulu has filled out due in part to carrying two foals to full term. There is a small spattering of scars across her dark body, but none of which draw any special attention or are noteworthy. A bronze tribal bear adorns her right shoulder, a gift she received from the Earth God when she carried and birthed his son. She also has a bronze tribal dorsal stripe that spans the length and width of her back. Where she received it from is unknown to her.
my flesh is temporary, my god extraordinary

     P E R S O N A L I T Y     
• Protective • Distant • Determined • Strong • Judging • Opinionated • Fighter •
• Instinctive • Guarded • Withdrawn •

As Ktulu has grown and come into herself, she has left behind the foal she had been. She has grown and matured and now sees the world for what it truly is instead of from the hopeful eyes of a child. She knows lies, betrayal, hunger, thirst, pain, and suffering. The only constant good in her life has been her sister, whom Ktulu is very protective of. There is no hesitation in her when it comes to protecting Ophelia. She will fight and she will kill to protect her sister. There have been two instances where she has nearly killed. Rather than rattle Ktulu and make her uncertain it gave her a steely resolve that allows her to distance herself from emotion when it comes to fighting and killing so she feels no remorse.

Usually Ktulu judges others as she meets them, which makes her appear more unfriendly and distant than she truly is. She tends to trust her instincts and hardly ever follows her heart when it comes to matters of trust. There are those that she comes to view as friends and those are the few that see her as more than a cold, distant mare with a penchant for protective violence.

Since the death of her son Ktulu has become withdrawn and usually keeps a distance between herself and everyone she comes into contact with. She tries her hardest to appear strong and steady when there is a constant volatile mix of grief and anger bubbling just under the surface.
i'm not a problem until you make me one out of spite

     L I N E A G E     
Sire: Paladin the Valiant
Dam: Soleil the Virtuous

Ophelia the Amaranthine (Paladin x Soleil)
Vadim (Paladin x Soleil)
Varath (Paladin x Soleil)
Soren (Paladin x Soleil)
Tyradon (Terrador x Soleil)
*Cael (Terrador x Soleil)

*Hototo (x Earth God)
Ranjiri (x Midas the Gallant)
Murtagh (x Lakota the Poisoner)

Psyche the DarkEmpress


Roskuld the Sparklight



Lakota the Poisoner
be the lightning in me that strikes relentless

     O T H E R     
Dark/Wind: - ability to stop lungs of another from oxygen exchange, causing asphyxiation with prolonged use.

Dark: - ability to shapeshift into the form of a bear by calling upon the Great Bear's spirit. She must focus on her own heartbeat until she hears the sound of the Great Bear's heart beating with hers for the shapeshift to take place.

Other: - trail of fireflies that follow her around. They have no special affect on her or anyone else.

Companion: Grizzly Bear - Eytan
rattle cage after cage until my blood boils

:: [ Magic: DarkxWind (U) | Able to stop the lungs from their oxygen exchange, causing choking and eventual unconsciousness with prolonged or repetitive use ]
:: [ Restrictions | Causes asphyxiation that can lead to unconsciousness and effects last for 20 seconds in battle ]
:: [ Magic: DarkxEarth | Able to transform into a bear ]
:: [ Restrictions | bear form is approximately her same size and one attack as a bear counts as one use ]
:: [ Item: Gold chains | Strands of golden chain in her mane made by Midas. ]
:: [ Item: Fireflies | Fireflies follow around in her wake, glowing at night. ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle. ]
:: [ Item: Armor | Defensive. Black steel armor fused to skin ]
:: [ Restrictions | Magically connected and molded to body; extreme pain upon removal (stolen from Artorias) ]
:: [ Companion: Grizzly Bear | Terrorize | 7 yrs 3 mos ]
:: [ Spark Amulet ]  :: [ Earth Amulet ]  :: [ Sun Amulet ] 
Battle Statistics
STR:   7 SPD:   5 AGL:   6 END:   5
OI:   0 DI:   1 MG:   1.5 CP:   2
5.0 9.5 6.5 70.5
Notable Accomplishments

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Apollo, Atka, Casimir, Circe, Donai, Evers, Hana, Hototo, Irrydae, Janus, Ktulu, Lakota, Locket, Mesec, Murdock, Ophelia, Osiris, Peixos, Phaedra, Rafe, Roskuld
06-16-2013 by Donai
Long Lost Friend [Ktulu] Archives
Circe, Ktulu, Random Event
07-28-2013 by Circe
Renegotiation [Ktu/Archi/Psych+others] Archives
Deimos, Ktulu, Ophelia, Psyche
06-22-2013 by Psyche
You are the thunder and I am the lightening Archives
Accalia, Alex, Ktulu, Lev Fence, Zuri
05-29-2013 by Zuri
Is that you? [Adrixaura] Archives
Adrixaura, Alex, Faelon, Knox, Ktulu, Kumal, Locket, Ophelia
05-26-2013 by Kumal
Gold Dust [Grey, Midas] Archives
Ktulu, Lakota, Midas, Ophelia, Ranjiri, Roskuld
06-09-2013 by Roskuld
Silent as my ghostly soul. [Ktulu & Open] Archives
Ktulu, Shakespeare
05-15-2013 by Ktulu
An Old Relic [brothers/join request] Archives
Evers, Irrydae, Ktulu
05-23-2013 by Irrydae
Welcome. [ktu, joining] Archives
Ktulu, Midas, Nym
07-23-2013 by Ktulu
we were tall as trees. Archives
Hototo, Ktulu
05-08-2013 by Ktulu
A Falling Star Archives
Hototo, Ktulu, Mesec, Ophelia, Roskuld
05-18-2013 by Mesec
Blood From A Bitten Tongue. [Lakota, Ktulu and Open] Archives
Hana, Ktulu, Lakota
05-18-2013 by Hana
Living is What You're Supposed to do Archives
Ktulu, Lev Fence
05-02-2013 by Lev Fence
Hopeful Uniting [Roland, Ktulu & Ophelia] Archives
Arah, Ktulu, Ophelia, Roland
04-23-2013 by Ktulu
Golden Whispers in the Wind{Ktu/Phi, OPEN} Archives
Eios, Ktulu, Lakota
04-30-2013 by Ktulu
Confused and Alone Archives
Apollo, Balé, Ktulu, Nayati
04-13-2013 by Apollo
Black Coffee and Cream [Demetrie, Ktu/Phi, Grey Members] Archives
Demetrie, Ktulu, Lakota
04-30-2013 by Lakota
Assassins Fall, One by One [Tonka|Foothills herd meeting] Archives
Ailith, Apollo, Archibald, Circe, Irrydae, Ktulu, Lakota, Locket, Murdock, Ophelia, Osiris, Peixos, Phaedra, Tonka
04-09-2013 by Ophelia
what if [midas] Archives
Ktulu, Midas
04-29-2013 by Midas
Reluctance [Phi/Ktu] Archives
Archibald, Kimber, Ktulu
04-16-2013 by Archibald
Invasion Round Two :: Cluster Two Battleground
Angora, Birch, Ktulu, Locket, Murdock, Ophelia
03-05-2013 by Ktulu
Invasion Round One :: Cluster Three Battleground
Ariadnê, Birch, Ktulu, Locket, Murdock
03-01-2013 by Locket
let me hear you [invasion round one] Archives
Ailith, Apollo, Archibald, Argetlam, Ariadnê, Aryel, Birch, Gaucho, Kri, Ktulu, Lakota, Locket, Midas, Murdock, Ophelia, Peixos, Quilyan, Tharos, Verenia Rinta
02-27-2013 by Locket
Ophelia, Ophelia [phi, open] Archives
Apollo, Archibald, Ktulu, Ophelia, Tor
03-04-2013 by Ophelia
a fragile line [ktulu, grey] Archives
Ktulu, Lakota, Naberius, Ophelia, Phaedra, Psyche
02-27-2013 by Psyche
We are The Grey | Ophelia, Willow, Open Archives
Aaron, Apollo, Archibald, Argetlam, Ktulu, Ophelia, Peixos, Phaedra, Willow
03-10-2013 by Phaedra
A Dangerous Alliance [Ktu+Phaedra?] Archives
Catillatio, Ktulu, Lakota
02-22-2013 by Catillatio
Gone Astray | Ktu, Open Archives
Ktulu, Phaedra
02-20-2013 by Phaedra
Chasing Dreams [The Grey, Lakota] Archives
Ktulu, Lakota, Murdock, Phaedra
02-10-2013 by Lakota
Sword Upon Shoulders | Ktulu Archives
Hana, Ktulu, Lakota
03-01-2013 by Lakota
a day at the beach. [open] Archives
Cera, Frost Fyre, Hototo, Kimber, Ktulu, Midas, Random Event
04-29-2013 by Midas
Insult [Ktulu] Archives
Ktulu, Ophelia
01-13-2013 by Ktulu
change your ways while you're young[ktu--phi--joining] Archives
Archibald, Knox, Ktulu, Ophelia
04-09-2013 by Ophelia
[GREY ONLY] Flowers turn to Dandelions Archives
Archibald, Kri, Ktulu, Lakota, Osiris, Phaedra
02-03-2013 by Phaedra
So far away (Ktulu) Archives
Ktulu, Midas
02-07-2013 by Midas
Bridges Burned [The Grey, Open] Archives
Aitheria, Ktulu, Lakota, Leander, Ophelia, Phaedra, Rafe, Svetlana
01-08-2013 by Ophelia
Get lost and then get found [Alcina, Apollo, Ktu, Grey, Open] Archives
Alcina, Apollo, Ktulu, Phaedra
01-06-2013 by Phaedra
Birds eye view (Ktulu, Cera, Hototo) Archives
ali, Cera, Hototo, Ktulu, Midas
01-18-2013 by Cera
Rejuvenation [Ktulu | Open] Archives
Coris, Ktulu
12-23-2012 by Coris
When Mountains Sing [Ktulu & Ophelia] Archives
God of the Earth, Ktulu, Ophelia
12-07-2012 by God of the Earth
Oh Honey, I'm Home! (Ktulu, open) Archives
Djinn, Hototo, Ktulu, Myrddin
12-04-2012 by Myrddin
my shadow is the only friend that I have, ktulu Archives
kijani, Ktulu
11-26-2012 by Ktulu
predictability is key [paladin, open] Archives
Ktulu, Paladin
11-30-2012 by Ktulu
Buying Time [The GREY] Archives
Ktulu, Phaedra
11-19-2012 by Phaedra
I See Myself in You [Ktulu] Archives
Ktulu, Lakota
11-27-2012 by Lakota
Ktulu | one for all, all for one Archives
Ktulu, Tor
11-16-2012 by Tor
Wild Edge to the Quiet Side (Open!) Archives
ali, Beauty, Hototo, Ktulu, Ray, Shatter, Tainted, Trojan
11-21-2012 by Hototo
I Walked Your Path || Ktulu Archives
Abyss, Hototo, Ktulu
11-11-2012 by Hototo
STRANGER in a STRANGE land Archives
Ktulu, Torasin, Vermillion
11-19-2012 by Ktulu
Welcome to the Grey [Rev/Tor/Grey] Archives
Avira, Crow, Ktulu, Lakota, Ophelia, Osiris, Rafe, Revenant, Tor, Zeki
11-24-2012 by Osiris
Take Me As I Am [Open, Ktu/Phi] Archives
Ktulu, Lakota, Rafe
10-31-2012 by Lakota
stand unafraid[ktu] Archives
Archibald, Ktulu
11-09-2012 by Ktulu
restraint [birch, hototo] Archives
Birch, Ktulu
01-03-2013 by Ktulu
Three wishes (Ktulu) Archives
Ktulu, Midas
11-27-2012 by Midas
Figure in Gray [open] Archives
Ghost, Iathraia, Ktulu, Ophelia
10-26-2012 by Ktulu
Sisters in Blood and Bond [Ktulu] Archives
Ktulu, Ophelia
10-20-2012 by Ophelia
ancient guardian [onni, RE] Archives
Ktulu, Onni, Random Event
10-13-2012 by Random Event
Coat of arms (Quest Return, Earth god, Alex, Ali, ) Veins of the Gods
God of the Earth, Ktulu, Midas, Prometheus
10-10-2012 by Prometheus
Silver Energy - [Ktu/open] Archives
Ktulu, Ophelia
10-05-2012 by Ktulu
lion, tiger, BEAR [onni] Archives
Ktulu, Onni
10-07-2012 by Onni
For the love of Steel (Questing, RE, Ali, Alex) Archives
Ktulu, Midas, Prometheus
10-05-2012 by Midas
Jackal Among Allies [Kri,open] Archives
Ázzuen, Kri, Ktulu, Olema Surema, Paladin
09-28-2012 by Kri
the silver lining [ophelia, hototo] Archives
Hototo, Ktulu, Ophelia
09-10-2012 by Ktulu
Follow the yellow brick road (Questing for gold) (Ali, Open) Archives
Ktulu, Midas, Random Event
09-13-2012 by Midas
Family [Ktu] Archives
ali, Ktulu, Paladin
09-15-2012 by Paladin
son of the earth [hototo, ophelia, earth god, open] Veins of the Gods
God of the Earth, Hototo, Ktulu, Midas, Ophelia
10-06-2012 by Ktulu
The faith of friendship (Questing; Ali) Archives
Ktulu, Midas
08-24-2012 by Midas
From the sea. [dragon drop] Archives
ali, Breeze, Daenerys, Enheduanna, Hototo, Kiara, Ktulu, Ophelia, Random Event, Solstice, Tisco
09-09-2012 by ali
Someone To Talk To(Midas and Tisco) Archives
Ajax, ali, Ktulu, Leyra, Midas, Ophelia, Sunchaser, Tisco
08-21-2012 by Leyra
little red [questing] Archives
Belial, Belial II, Ktulu, Random Event
09-11-2012 by Random Event
razor sharp [earth god] Veins of the Gods
God of the Earth, Ktulu
08-10-2012 by Ktulu
Son of the Earth. [Ktulu] Veins of the Gods
God of the Earth, Ktulu
08-07-2012 by Official
Heartbeat Like a Drum [Ktulu] Veins of the Gods
God of the Earth, Ktulu
08-07-2012 by God of the Earth
keep it caged [ophelia] Archives
Ktulu, Ophelia
08-18-2012 by Ktulu
Knowing is Seeing [Open] World's Edge
Deimos, Ktulu, Mauja, Ophelia
08-05-2012 by Mauja
Keep your eyes on the horizon | open Archives
Cassiopeia, Ktulu, Paladin, Valhalla
07-31-2012 by Cassiopeia
A Song From the Deep [earth or water magic] Veins of the Gods
Eios, God of the Earth, Kiara, Kimber, Korra, Ktulu
08-04-2012 by Korra
Diplomatic Visitation{Kri, Smoke, Indy, open} Archives
Ázzuen, Gossamer, Kri, Ktulu, Ophelia, Smoke
08-05-2012 by Ázzuen
innocent chaos [belial] Archives
Ktulu, NPC
07-04-2012 by NPC
My Brightest Star [Ktulu] Archives
Ktulu, Paladin
06-20-2012 by Ktulu
Into the Shadowed Sun [Ktu/any] Archives
Ázzuen, Boom Boom, Ktulu, Ophelia
06-30-2012 by Boom Boom
Pure Intentions [Kutlu] Archives
Aaron, Ktulu
06-25-2012 by Aaron
crows | ktulu Archives
Jackal, Ktulu
06-23-2012 by Ktulu
Prelude to a dream | azzuen Archives
Ázzuen, Cassiopeia, Ktulu
06-27-2012 by Ktulu
Lesser Demons Archives
Belial, Belial II, Ktulu, Varath
07-13-2012 by Varath
Only confidant [Ktulu] Archives
Ktulu, Ophelia
06-05-2012 by Ktulu

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