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There's currently no magic, items nor companions associated with this character.
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632 threads
Subject Location Participants Last Post[ Order By ]
You Make Me Feel So U N R E A L[BIRTH] Thistle Meadow
06-24-2017 by Official
It stole our precious [ Bellisma Challenge] Battleground
05-14-2017 by Official
and there's blood in my teeth [reich x pip] Battleground
Reichenbach, Pippigrin
05-14-2017 by Official
there's a place in the dark where the animals go [oizys vs weaver] Battleground
Oizys, Weaver
05-14-2017 by Official
Their gnashing teeth and criminal tongues [Erebos vs. Weaver] Battleground
Erebos, Weaver
05-14-2017 by Official
LIGHTS OUT - Sacre v. Toulouse Battleground
Toulouse, Sacre
04-19-2017 by Official
Don't mind me I'm just a son of a gun [Erebos vs Wessex] Battleground
Erebos, Wessex
04-29-2017 by Official
Kill Your Darlings [Ru vs. Toulouse] Battleground
Ru, Toulouse
02-10-2017 by Official
KILL V. MAIM [Rank Challenge v. Raeden] Battleground
Toulouse, Raeden
01-02-2017 by Official
Hereby Condemned [SIKEAX CHALLENGE] Battleground
Aithniel, Sikeax
11-15-2016 by Official
Property rights | ALYSANNE CHALLENGE Battleground
Isopia, Tembovu
12-18-2016 by Official
I'll spear you where the sun don't shine [Megaera challenge] Battleground
Ampere, Megaera
11-10-2016 by Official
light to dark [ Isopia vs. Rikyn Spar ] Battleground
Rikyn, Isopia
10-23-2016 by Official
Now we've got bad blood | CHALLENGE VOLTERRA Battleground
Isopia, Volterra
09-27-2016 by Official
gods and kings (vol vs kiuaji) Battleground
Volterra, Kiuaji
10-16-2016 by Official
She's Not a Good Loser [Temb challenge] Battleground
Tembovu, Ovidius
06-27-2016 by Official
Oh I'll get some | Rikyn Challenge Battleground
Gaucho, Rikyn
05-12-2016 by Official
ignore remorse [Erebos vs. Rikyn] Battleground
Erebos, Rikyn
07-23-2016 by Official
killing in the name of [ Nymeria vs. Rikyn spar ] Battleground
Rikyn, Nymeria
06-23-2016 by Official
Another kind of heat [Aquila v Abraham] Battleground
Aquila, Abraham
04-12-2016 by Official
come from the bottom and knock it out [ezital x archi] Battleground
04-12-2016 by Official
Radioactive [Mortuus Nox vs Einarr] Battleground
Mortuus Nox
04-12-2016 by Official
the thieving hour [ Elsa vs. Rikyn Spar ] Battleground
Rikyn, Elsa
04-12-2016 by Official
Unfinished Business Battleground
Thranduil, Ophelia
07-23-2016 by Official
Heading for something that she won't forget | Ashamin challenge Battleground
Isopia, Ashamin
03-30-2016 by Official
Halo's slipping down to choke you now [open] Battleground
Öde, Mauja
04-12-2016 by Official
Promises Battleground
Misael, Grimalkin
04-12-2016 by Official
sinners never sleep [vol vs rikyn] Battleground
Volterra, Rikyn
05-27-2016 by Official
I never call it even [Thranduil Challenge] Battleground
Ophelia, Thranduil
03-19-2016 by Official
long time no see Battleground
Cirrus, Cera
04-12-2016 by Official
ad victoriam [vol vs aquila] Battleground
Volterra, Aquila
07-04-2016 by Official
Red on black on white Battleground
02-29-2016 by Official
Another Ghost to Haunt You Battleground
Ki'irha, Mortuus Nox
05-26-2016 by Official
veni, vedi, vici (vol v argen) [EXT] Battleground
04-12-2016 by Official
they left roses on corpses to cover the smell [Open Spar] Battleground
Knox, Amaris
04-12-2016 by Official
Upgrading the Doctor's Bag (Tembovu v Alysanne) Battleground
Tembovu, Alysanne
04-11-2016 by Official
I'll Show You Fine [Ashamin v. Mortuus Nox] Battleground
Ashamin, Mortuus Nox
02-16-2016 by Official
eyes like broken christmas lights Battleground
Volterra, Grimalkin
02-04-2016 by Official
Pick Up Your Feet [Ashamin v. Auriel] Battleground
Ashamin, Auriel
08-04-2016 by Official
Test a Rose's Thorns [Tembovu v. Orithia] Battleground
Tembovu, Orithia
05-19-2016 by Official
Shoot First [Ashamin v. Ciceron] Battleground
Ashamin, Ciceron
04-11-2016 by Official
Bite Me [Nephele Challenge] Battleground
12-18-2015 by Blu
Second Introductions [Tembovu v Elsa] Battleground
Tembovu, Elsa
01-09-2016 by Official
bewitched in gloss Hidden Falls
Macaria, NPC, Ciceron
01-16-2016 by Macaria
Land Ho! [Open Spar] Battleground
Ciceron, Volterra
12-20-2015 by Official
biting off more than we could ever swallow [Erebos vs Rexanna] Battleground
Erebos, Rexanna
01-30-2016 by Official
heartbeats [rexanna vs ashamin] Battleground
Rexanna, Ashamin
12-28-2015 by Official
Above your pay-grade | COLT CHALLENGE Battleground
Gaucho, Colt
11-27-2015 by Official
The Shaman & The Soldier Battleground
Ki'irha, Ashamin
01-12-2016 by Official
Like fool like daughter [Nymeria Challenge] Battleground
Ophelia, Nymeria
11-08-2015 by Official
Senses Lost [Ashamin v. Erebos] Battleground
Ashamin, Erebos
11-27-2015 by Official
someone like you World's Edge
Elsa, Jahzara
01-14-2016 by Jahzara
Just A Taste Blood Falls
Panzram, Zandora
12-31-2015 by Zandora
the gloves are off [Rohan v. Mauja] Battleground
Rohan, Mauja
02-29-2016 by Official
Now Or Never Dragon's Throat
Thantos, Ranjiri, Nephele, Amani
12-25-2015 by Thantos
little bird [ rikyn vs. imonada spar ] Battleground
Rikyn, Imonada
11-27-2015 by Official
I See You [Ashamin v. Isopia] Battleground
Ashamin, Isopia
12-01-2015 by Official
Digging The Trenches [Cic x Ezital] Battleground
Ciceron, Ezital
11-27-2015 by Official
Kick all the asses - OPEN SPAR Battleground
Shida, Ciceron
12-08-2015 by Official
On 3. 1...2...| Iso v. Kaj Battleground
Isopia, Kaj
02-15-2016 by Official
welcome to the dark side Battleground
Nyx, Tembovu
11-06-2015 by Official
origins of a revolution [Erebos & Cathun] Battleground
Erebos, Random Event, Cathun
11-19-2015 by Official
When giants collide | Iso v Abraham Battleground
Isopia, Random Event, Abraham
11-06-2015 by Official
aggravated hallucination [ Rikyn vs. Ki'irha ] Battleground
Rikyn, Ki'irha
10-17-2015 by Official
Have you no idea you're in deep? [Meg] Battleground
Archibald, Megaera
11-19-2015 by Official
Forgetting the Greenleafs [Ashamin vs. Zunden] Battleground
Ashamin, Zünden
11-19-2015 by Official
Mud Wrestling [Tembovu v. Mauja] Battleground
Tembovu, Mauja
11-24-2015 by Official
I Found Him in the Shadows, I Tried to Pull Him Out [Ashamin vs. Rikyn] Battleground
Ashamin, Rikyn
09-21-2015 by Official
Man Up, Lose the Sidekick [ASHAMIN VERSUS CALEB SPAR] Battleground
Ashamin, Caleb
09-21-2015 by Official
:: A Thousand Years is the Blink of an Eye :: Veins of the Gods
06-23-2015 by Official
Here for You [Ashamin v. Zandora] Battleground
Ashamin, Zandora
09-12-2015 by Official
Care to Dance? [Enna vs Ki'irha Spar] Battleground
Enna, Ki'irha
08-22-2015 by Official
six : return to the beginning Archives
Cirrus, NPC
12-20-2015 by Cirrus
five : forget them all Archives
Cirrus, NPC
01-02-2016 by Cirrus
four : snows and sorrows Archives
Cirrus, NPC
12-23-2015 by Cirrus
two : drown the doubts Archives
Cirrus, NPC
12-30-2015 by Cirrus
one : purification or decimation? Archives
Cirrus, NPC
12-28-2015 by Cirrus
roll like thunder, burn like stars [mauja spar] Battleground
Mauja, Nyx
09-24-2015 by Official
You've found what you're looking for [Torleik vs Ashamin] Battleground
Ashamin, Torleik
09-01-2015 by Official
'88 Cutlass Battleground
Roskuld, Thranduil
09-12-2015 by Official
Twisted & Deranged Archives
Aithniel, Ampere, Bucephalus, Cathun, Confutatis, Einarr, Gaucho, Megaera
06-06-2015 by Gaucho
Converge [Edge Leads] World's Edge
Ampere, Cathun, Elsa, Kahlua, Lena, Mauja, Nyx, Ophelia, Thor, Torleik
05-19-2015 by Torleik
It's So Cold In the D Battleground
Astrasza, Roskuld
05-26-2015 by Official
Honorable Service [Tilney x Ophelia] Battleground
Ophelia, Tilney
06-02-2015 by Official
Let It Wash Away My Sanity [Rhoa Spar] Battleground
Elsa, Rhoa
05-26-2015 by Official
Autobot destroy... [ Ink Challenge] Battleground
04-12-2015 by Official
[INVS] Mauja vs. OPEN Battleground
04-16-2015 by Sevin
[INVS] Hotaru vs. OPEN Battleground
04-16-2015 by Sevin
[INVS] Lakota vs. OPEN Battleground
04-16-2015 by Sevin
[INVS] Thranduil vs. OPEN Battleground
04-16-2015 by Sevin
[INVS] Romani vs. OPEN Battleground
04-16-2015 by Sevin
[INVS] Sialia vs. OPEN Battleground
04-16-2015 by Sevin
[INVS] Destrier vs. OPEN Battleground
04-16-2015 by Sevin
[INVS] Murdock vs. OPEN Battleground
04-16-2015 by Sevin
[INVS] Ode vs. Drom Battleground
04-12-2015 by Official
[INVS] Kaj vs. OPEN Battleground
04-16-2015 by Sevin
[INVS] Torleik vs. OPEN Battleground
04-16-2015 by Sevin
[INVS] Ktulu vs. Talion Battleground
Ktulu, Talion
05-16-2015 by Official
[INVS] Ciceron vs. OPEN Battleground
04-16-2015 by Sevin
[INVS] Arah vs. Africa Battleground
Africa, Arah
05-16-2015 by Official
[INVS] Ophelia vs. OPEN Battleground
04-16-2015 by Sevin
[INVS] Deimos vs. OPEN Battleground
04-16-2015 by Sevin
[INVS] Alleo vs. Kiara Battleground
Alleo, Kiara
04-20-2015 by Sevin
[INVS] Oxy vs. OPEN Battleground
04-16-2015 by Sevin
[INVS] Aviya vs. Rostislav Battleground
Aviya, Rostislav
04-17-2015 by Sevin
[INVS] Kahlua vs. OPEN Battleground
04-16-2015 by Sevin
[INVS] Thor vs. Bellona Battleground
04-12-2015 by Tamme
[INVS] Aaron vs. Elsa Battleground
Aaron, Elsa
04-17-2015 by Sevin
[INVS] Archibald vs. Ghost Battleground
Archibald, Ghost
04-18-2015 by Official
Rebuttal [Invasion Defense] Archives
Africa, Bellona, Dröm, Elsa, Ghost, Kiara, Rostislav, Talion
04-07-2015 by Talion
Oh yeah?!!? [Open!] Battleground
Rhoa, Roskuld
04-29-2015 by Official
Chasing starlight to find it's died away [Nyx] Battleground
Ampere, Nyx
06-07-2015 by Official
Salt Smarts [xLena] Battleground
Lena, Sialia
04-16-2015 by Official
Wolf meets Tiger [Saffron] Battleground
Öde, Saffron
05-16-2015 by Official
Buried by the sands of the hourglass Battleground
Maren, Ophelia
04-07-2015 by Official
Can we go back before the storm came raging? [Gaucho] Battleground
Ampere, Gaucho
03-11-2015 by Official
Beat it out of you [Cera] Battleground
Ampere, Cera
04-28-2015 by Official
Lover Not a Fighter Battleground
Artorius, Shadow
04-07-2015 by Official
[challenge] the silence has shattered [bucephalus] Battleground
Bucephalus, Cirrus
02-24-2015 by Official
We're Comfortable Killers [Confutatis Challenge] Battleground
Confutatis, Deimos
02-22-2015 by Official
Dancing in the Backyard [Elsa] Battleground
Elsa, Rostislav
03-24-2015 by Official
Aithniel, Amani, Ampere, Arah, Archibald, Cera, Fig, Gaucho, Kahlua, Ktulu, Mauja, Megaera, Mesec, Midas, Ophelia, Ranjiri, Roskuld, Ryuu, Thranduil
02-09-2015 by Mauja
SO FRIGHTENING dragons and lightning Battleground
Amaris, Ampere
04-07-2015 by Official
FIGHT ME BRO Battleground
Argen, Roskuld
02-21-2015 by Official
:: MURDER IN HELOVIA :: Clue IX Archives
Abraham, Alysanne, Ampere, Archibald, d'Artagnan, Elsa, Fig, Hotaru, Jorogumo, Kiara, Ktulu, Lena, Macaria, Midas, Ophelia, Panzram, Reginald, Resplendence, Roskuld, Zèklè
01-24-2015 by Roskuld
Sacred blood (Cirrus) Battleground
Cirrus, Hector
02-10-2015 by Official
Visit us (Elsa) Battleground
Elsa, Midas
02-24-2015 by Official
Heroes and Cons [xRoland] Battleground
Roland, Sialia
02-07-2015 by Official
untested Battleground
Gaucho, Tandavi
02-21-2015 by Official
Avoiding sand [Amani!] Battleground
Amani, Ophelia
02-24-2015 by Official
:: MURDER IN HELOVIA :: Clue VIII Caela Insula
Adelric, Aithniel, Archibald, Arvakl, Deimos, Fig, Gaucho, Hotaru, Kahlua, Lena, Mauja, Megaera, Ophelia, Random Event, Roskuld, Rostislav, Serenity, Sialia, Snö, Tandavi, Thranduil
01-15-2015 by Serenity
Reap elsewhere [Deimos Birdsong Battle] Battleground
Deimos, Ophelia
03-08-2015 by Official
a necklace of rope [Daemyn Spar] Battleground
Daemyn, Ktulu
03-08-2015 by Official
Doubt comes in on sticks | Bucephalus Battleground
Bucephalus, Gaucho
01-10-2015 by Official
Dragon Fire [Cetan Challenge] Battleground
Thor, Thranduil
01-30-2015 by Official
:: MURDER IN HELOVIA :: Clue VII Archives
Alysanne, Ampere, Arvakl, Erebos, Ghost, Hotaru, Kirah, Lena, Midas, Ophelia, Oxy, Random Event, Resplendence, Thranduil
01-07-2015 by Kirah
Thrills and Spills | Dröm Battleground
Dröm, Hector
01-10-2015 by Official
Golden boys and their hair... [ Thranduil] Battleground
Thranduil, Ulrik
01-26-2015 by Official
This is not a game [Confutatis Challenge] Battleground
Confutatis, Ophelia
12-30-2014 by Official
mares that like mares&& [lakota] Battleground
Aurelia, Lakota
01-26-2015 by Official
The same heart beats | Meg Battleground
Gaucho, Megaera
01-28-2015 by Official
It's Like Chasing Lightning Battleground
Kaj, Resplendence
02-07-2015 by Official
You Could Be My Muse Battleground
Destry, Zenobia
01-26-2015 by Official
sugarvodka&& [Rostislav] Battleground
Dröm, Rostislav
01-26-2015 by Official
Talking Heads Battleground
Arah, Saffron
02-07-2015 by Official
Kaleidoscope of loud :: Panzram spar Battleground
Gaucho, Panzram
02-07-2015 by Official
Blood on the Breeze | CHALLENGE :: Hotaru Battleground
Gaucho, Hotaru
12-12-2014 by Official
Dark Horse Battleground
Ampere, Gaucho
01-02-2015 by Official
Nightlight (Essetia) Battleground
Essetia, Midas
01-10-2015 by Official
Birdsong battles [open training spar] Battleground
Mauja, Ophelia
12-31-2014 by Official
Cut your tongue from your head [Sialia Challenge] Battleground
Aviya, Sialia
12-07-2014 by Official
The Hulk vs The Flash Battleground
Bucephalus, Gaucho
12-31-2014 by Official
Darkness rises (Drom) Battleground
Dröm, Midas
01-26-2015 by Official
Hidden Desires [Oxy Challenge] Battleground
Oxy, Thranduil
11-20-2014 by Official
Tattered Delusions [Cheveyo] Battleground
Cheveyo, Ciceron
01-10-2015 by Official
Tests can be fun (ArchibaldxDaemyn spar) Battleground
Archibald, Daemyn
12-18-2014 by Official
Face to the Floor [Cheveyo] Battleground
Cheveyo, Romani
11-23-2014 by Official
the north remembers[Aurelia challenge] Battleground
Aurelia, Déodat
10-10-2014 by Official
Fire burn and caldron bubble. Battleground
Argen, Ghost
02-24-2015 by Official
I want to learn [Torleik] Battleground
Serenity, Torleik
12-31-2014 by Official
:: Gladiator Competition :: [Sign-Up] Archives
10-01-2014 by Official
Pure blood [Kaj] Battleground
Kaj, Ulrik
11-20-2014 by Official
Wan island sun [open] Battleground
Elsa, Ophelia
12-02-2014 by Official
Go ahead, make my day. Battleground
Gull, Hotaru
11-13-2014 by Official
Heart Attack [training spar w. archi] Battleground
Archibald, Cheveyo
12-31-2014 by Official
Electric Surge [Arvakl x Thranduil] Battleground
Arvakl, Thranduil
12-31-2014 by Official
Bright Things with Sharp Edges [Open Spar] Battleground
Ampere, Rei
10-12-2014 by Official
Mercy | Sheba Challenge Battleground
Gaucho, Sheba
09-09-2014 by Official
I Swear to Drunk Officer, I'm Not God! {Rostislav} Battleground
Bellona, Rostislav
10-28-2014 by Official
No One Talks About Fight-Club Battleground
Gaucho, Roskuld
12-31-2014 by Official
Depth of Field [Elsa] Battleground
Elsa, Oxy
12-12-2014 by Official
Back-Hand Slap [Open] Battleground
Morir, Roskuld
09-08-2014 by Official
learning curves [Africa] Battleground
Africa, Elsa
10-12-2014 by Official
Black eyes, Black Heart Battleground
Morir, Thranduil
09-01-2014 by Official
good time to shine || Ciceron Battleground
Ciceron, Dröm
10-29-2014 by Official
Blood In The Writing[Thranduil x Déodat spar] Battleground
Déodat, Thranduil
10-02-2014 by Thranduil
an ember in the ice; [ open spar ] Battleground
Frost Fyre, Illynx
08-31-2014 by Official
The Decider (Hector x Arvakl) Battleground
Arvakl, Hector
09-08-2014 by Official
Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya... Battleground
Gull, Rostislav
10-07-2014 by Official
I Am a Loaded Gun Battleground
Fiore, Lace
09-08-2014 by Official
chorea plectimus [Hawkeye] Battleground
Cirrus, Hawkeye
10-02-2014 by Official
Time Is All I Really Need [Chev x Briu spar] Battleground
Biru, Cheveyo
10-07-2014 by Official
I'm just a poor boy (Rostislav x Midas) Battleground
Midas, Rostislav
08-14-2014 by Official
Hey Brother | Oxy Spar Battleground
Gaucho, Oxy
10-13-2014 by Official
What's Black, Blue and Red All Over? [Bellona Spar] Battleground
Bellona, Ciceron
07-24-2014 by Official
Holy Water Cannot Help You Now [Destry Spar] Battleground
Destry, Rhiannon
07-29-2014 by Official
Harlots and drunkards [Cirrus, Rosti teaching spar] Battleground
Cirrus, Rostislav
07-12-2014 by Official
Come on (Elsa x Midas) Battleground
Elsa, Midas
09-08-2014 by Official
Spiritus Khayyam (Open Spar) Battleground
Destrier, Kahlua
09-14-2014 by Official
!! Figure Eight [Agrona] Battleground
Agrona, Seele
07-28-2014 by Official
Shake it outta' me | Spar | Aaron Battleground
Aaron, Gaucho
07-28-2014 by Official
Changing Winds [Fraub] Battleground
Fraub, Oxy
07-06-2014 by Official
{|| Sound the War Drums ||} OOC Spar w/ Gaucho Battleground
Bellona, Gaucho
08-19-2014 by Official
There's No Blood, No Alibi[Torleik Challenge] Battleground
Déodat, Torleik
06-19-2014 by Official
Bad Wings [Azulee] Battleground
Azulee, Dalibor
09-14-2014 by Official
Head up, stance low, eyes sharp [Training Spar - Liit] Battleground
Liit, Torleik
09-14-2014 by Official
Jaws and Claws [Kaj Challenge] Battleground
Confutatis, Kaj
07-06-2014 by Official
Lie in Our Graves | Spar: Aurelia Battleground
Aurelia, Gaucho
08-18-2014 by Official
Back of the pack [Chev X Midas] Battleground
Cheveyo, Midas
10-28-2014 by Official
it's a new day [kahlua challenge] Battleground
Aurelia, Kahlua
06-14-2014 by Official
Sacred Red Archives
Roux, Sacre
09-14-2014 by Roux
your eyes are dead [abishia] Battleground
Abishia, Histe
05-26-2014 by Official
Hostile [Note Teaching Spar] Battleground
Note, Oxy
07-03-2014 by Official
i— don't want your crown [Challenge - Seele] Battleground
Circuta, Seele
05-20-2014 by Official
Break a Leg [Edge Captain Comp] Battleground
Archibald, Fiore, Ktulu, Note
05-27-2014 by Official
horses with no riders Battleground
Elsa, Rostislav
07-02-2014 by Official
spring brings splendor; [Deodat Spar] Battleground
Déodat, Illynx
05-26-2014 by Official
Will you run... Again?[Parelia x Oxy] Battleground
Oxy, Parelia
05-26-2014 by Official
You think you can hold me? [Challenge - Morir] Battleground
Morir, Torleik
05-01-2014 by Official
The Brothers Grimm [Challenge- Eris] Battleground
Eris, Oxy
05-04-2014 by Official
Nothing ever lasts forever [Tyradon challenge] Battleground
Arah, Tyradon
04-07-2014 by Official
My Muscles Are Bigger Than Yours Battleground
Déodat, Krieger
05-26-2014 by Official
No, of course I am not cranky. Battleground
Archibald, Ulrik
09-14-2014 by Official
The Hatter and the Hare [Eris] Battleground
Agrona, Eris
05-26-2014 by Official
Run rabbit, Run. [Confutatis challenge] Battleground
Arah, Confutatis
03-28-2014 by Official
He came from the North Battleground
Ghost, Morir
05-01-2014 by Official
The blood has run stale. Battleground
Elsa, Eris
05-04-2014 by Official
Blind Date Battleground
Confutatis, Morir
05-04-2014 by Official
French Kisses [Spar- Ciceron] Battleground
Ciceron, Oxy
05-20-2014 by Official
make me bow Battleground
Confutatis, Déodat
05-20-2014 by Official
:: UPDATE :: Archives
02-23-2014 by Official
to steal a clown [seele challenge] Battleground
Confutatis, Seele
03-20-2014 by Official
cavalier youth Battleground
Déodat, Tyradon
03-15-2014 by Official
Who's the crooks in this crime? [Hellä] Battleground
Hellä, Moniz
03-02-2014 by Official
pioneering the future [chev] Battleground
Cheveyo, Elsa
02-18-2014 by Official
Burn it down Battleground
Lace, Psyche
05-04-2014 by Official
It's where my demons hide Battleground
Destrier, Lace
05-04-2014 by Official
Hey Loco! [Oxy Spar] Battleground
Elsa, Oxy
02-03-2014 by Official
Peace in war [spar- Hector vs. Megaera] Battleground
Hector, Megaera
02-23-2014 by Official
Step off, bro. :: NOTE - CHALLENGE Battleground
Gaucho, Note
01-27-2014 by Official
Bad Day [Spar- Cashmere] Battleground
Cashmere, Oxy
02-18-2014 by Official
stormborn [spar] Battleground
Archibald, Nyx
03-09-2014 by Official
I Hold On :: Training Spar with Lakota Battleground
Gaucho, Lakota
03-09-2014 by Official
the path to Hell is paved with Battleground
02-23-2014 by Official
Beware Of The Ghost Light Aurora Basin
Crake, Déodat, Mauja, Random Event, Roland, Sacre, Sikeax
01-17-2014 by Random Event
Lets get dirty [Elsa] Battleground
Elsa, Storm
01-28-2014 by Official
How dare you! {Aviya} Battleground
Archibald, Arrane
01-22-2014 by Official
under a very black sky Archives
Jorogumo, Random Event, Rhanna
01-12-2014 by Rhanna
Eat dust (Midas x Silk) Battleground
Midas, Satanic Silk
02-18-2014 by Official
Zombie Hunts [Spar, Oxy] Battleground
Oxy, Shajake
01-20-2014 by Official
angels weep in fear [basin tourney] Battleground
Belial, Torleik
04-13-2014 by Official
Mud heart Archives
Africa, Crake, Random Event, Windwalker
01-08-2014 by Random Event
Blood in the Night [Basin Tournament] Battleground
Descaro, Tolio
03-26-2014 by Official
as the seasons change [Gaucho Training Spar] Battleground
Aurelia, Gaucho
05-04-2014 by Official
After-Dinner Mint Archives
Amara, Illynx, Random Event, Zikar-Sin
01-21-2014 by Random Event
You Will See. [Eris Challenge] Battleground
Confutatis, Eris
12-26-2013 by Official
musings of the dead innocent Archives
Abishia, Amara, Micha, Random Event
01-08-2014 by Random Event
Ave Maria [ Locket Teaching Spar] Battleground
Gaucho, Locket
05-04-2014 by Official
Instinct [open spar!] Battleground
Ghost, Seele
05-04-2014 by Official
feathers line my pillowcase; [Illynx v. Parelia] Battleground
Illynx, Parelia
01-16-2014 by Official
thunder | Tamlin vs Nyx spar Battleground
Nyx, Tamlin
01-16-2014 by Official
Curiousity [Fire/Light Magic Drop] Archives
Agrona, Aurelia, Brisa, Kari, Random Event, Sakura, Takara, Vulture
12-12-2013 by Official
We'll Burn Together [Histe] Battleground
Histe, Ricochet
01-28-2014 by Official
Hey Blue! That's Mine! [Challenge- Ampere] Battleground
Ampere, Oxy
12-17-2013 by Official
Iron Indignation [Training Spar] Battleground
Deimos, Illynx
01-16-2014 by Official
Cure that itch Battleground
12-20-2013 by Official
Fights, Fishes and Fetishes. [Circuta] Battleground
Circuta, Eris
01-16-2014 by Official
Put Up Your Fists[Locket, Spar] Battleground
Locket, Solace
01-18-2014 by Official
Get Off My Block [Oxy x Colt] Battleground
Colt, Oxy
01-19-2014 by Official
The blast of war blows in our ears [Graveyard Champ] Battleground
Deimos, Gaucho
12-12-2013 by Official
Storms gathering (Africa//Spar) Battleground
Africa, Midas
12-19-2013 by Official
But why is the rum gone..? [Graveyard Champ] Battleground
11-17-2013 by Official
Santa Clause is comin' to town [Graveyard -- Delinne v Gaucho] Battleground
11-08-2013 by Official
My soul's in arms, and eager for the fray [Graveyard Champ] Battleground
11-08-2013 by Official
Denouncement [Apollo - Leadership Challenge] Battleground
Apollo, Confutatis
12-13-2013 by Official
Ahoy! Let's trouble the water! [Graveyard] Battleground
10-28-2013 by Official
Are You Cleopatra? {Graveyard Champ.} Battleground
Confutatis, Levi
11-02-2013 by Official
Gotta Catch 'em All [Graveyard- Arlo] Battleground
Arlo, Oxy
11-02-2013 by Official
Bullet to the Head Battleground
Arah, Ricochet
01-16-2014 by Official
Either victory, or else a grave [Graveyard Champ] Battleground
Crowley, Deimos
11-02-2013 by Official
It's Dark In Here [Graveyard, Archibald] Battleground
Archibald, d'Artagnan
10-28-2013 by Official
Mrs. Peacock in the Library with the knife! [Graveyard -- Huyana] Battleground
10-28-2013 by Official
Lost to Horror Movies and Salted Popcorn [shajake - graveyard champ] Battleground
10-07-2013 by Official
[devils && angels -- GRAVEYARD -- Belial] Battleground
10-07-2013 by Official
You Can Be a Big Pig Too! Oy! [Gr. Champ.- Gaucho] Battleground
Gaucho, Oxy
10-18-2013 by Official
Let Us Taste Defeat [[Grave Battle: Cirrus]] Battleground
10-06-2013 by Official
Hocus Pocus {Graveyard Champ} Battleground
Felix, Levi
10-12-2013 by Official
rain rain go away [ vertigon — graveyard ] Battleground
10-06-2013 by Official
Treats for the Tricky [Graveyard Ch. Lace vs Mirage]] Battleground
10-06-2013 by Official
With contamination comes a fever. [[Graveyard, Azzaron]] Battleground
Arlo, Azzaron
10-07-2013 by Official
A Machine for Pigs [Ulrik] Battleground
Torleik, Ulrik
10-31-2013 by Official
Cater to the Hollow [Graveyard Champ] Battleground
Artemis, Deimos
10-18-2013 by Official
like a one winged dove [ graveyard champ ] Battleground
Crowley, Illynx
10-18-2013 by Official
Ride with the moon in the dead of night [AVIYA || Graveyard Ch.] Battleground
10-06-2013 by Official
No Sweets For You [Graveyard Ch.] Battleground
10-06-2013 by Official
Tally it up..Settle the score. [Training Spar with Sonya] Battleground
12-20-2013 by Official
i keep it caged :: [HISTE : SPAR - OLD SYSTEM] Battleground
Circuta, Histe
12-19-2013 by Official
Black Sheep [Open Spar- Asylum] Battleground
Florabella, Oxy
12-20-2013 by Official
different kind of buzz [apollo] Battleground
12-20-2013 by Official
Looking For Trouble - Felix, Challenge Battleground
Felix, Oliver
11-03-2013 by Official
Breaking Laws and Challenging Unbreakables [Challenge - Illynx] Battleground
Confutatis, Illynx
09-26-2013 by Confutatis
blood to drink, bones to crunch Battleground
Adalaide, Confutatis
12-20-2013 by Official
The breaking of glass // Spar ; Harmony Battleground
10-06-2013 by Official
Let Me Hear Your Battle Cry Tonight[Spar, Oxy] Battleground
Oxy, Solace
10-21-2013 by Official
Catfight [Phaedra *Hybridized Testing*] Battleground
Circe, Phaedra
10-02-2013 by Official
[Get ready to rumble - GAUCHO:: CHALLENGE:: NEW SYSTEM!] Battleground
Gaucho, Levi
10-07-2013 by Official
There are no promises I keep [ Tamme - Spar :: New system!] Battleground
Gaucho, Ophelia
01-18-2014 by Official
Home Awaits Me [Freedom Challenge - Varath] Battleground
Avalon, Varath
09-06-2013 by Official
You no come here. [INVASION DEFENCE] Archives
08-25-2013 by Official
Eru Judge [Defence] Archives
08-24-2013 by Official
How Big is your Brave? (DEFENSE) Archives
08-23-2013 by Official
!! Guided by a Beating Heart [Invasion Defense] Archives
08-23-2013 by Official
Ghost in the night (Ghost spar) Battleground
Avalon, Midas
10-06-2013 by Official
We will stand. [Defence] Archives
Madyrn Maskan
08-23-2013 by Official
The Lamb and the Lioness Battleground
Hotaru, Kaj, Tingal
12-19-2013 by Official
Dying is your latest fashion. [DEFENCE] Archives
Arlo, Ulrik
09-01-2013 by Official
Innocents is Gone || Invasion Defense Archives
08-21-2013 by Official
Shall we dance? [Invasion Defense] Archives
08-21-2013 by Official
Dare to Achieve? [Invasion Defense] Archives
08-21-2013 by Official
we must endure burning. [Defense] Archives
Belial, Onni
10-10-2013 by Official
Death Before Surrender [Invasion Defense] Archives
08-21-2013 by Official
Something Unconventional [Invasion Defense] Archives
08-21-2013 by Official
Past Ready [Invasion Defense] Archives
08-21-2013 by Official
Over My Dead Body [Invasion Defence] Archives
Azale Moniet, Janus
09-01-2013 by Official
Get Off Of My Back, And Into My Game [Invasion Defence] Archives
08-20-2013 by Official
We will not bow. [Invasion Defence] Archives
Donovan, Mirage
09-01-2013 by Official
Monster of the Multitude [Invasion] Archives
Andromeda, Deimos
09-07-2013 by Official
I will not fall, I will stand tall. [Invasion] Archives
Arah, Midas
09-01-2013 by Official
Throes of Perdition [Invasion] Archives
Crowley, Levi
09-07-2013 by Official
If you want it, come and claim it [INVASION DEFENCE] Archives
Ace, Descaro
08-18-2013 by Official
Murderous Intent [Invasion] Archives
Cirrus, d'Artagnan
08-18-2013 by Official
bow before your betters [invasion] Archives
Psyche, Shadow
08-22-2013 by Official
Tournament of Champions [Invasion Defense] Archives
Farenjer, Kahlua
08-24-2013 by Official
Treason to Blood [invasion] Archives
Paladin, Varath
09-22-2013 by Tamme
Downfall of Decimation [Invasion Defense] Archives
Destrier, Rafe
08-25-2013 by Official
I'll Burn the Heart Out of You [Invasion] Archives
Madyrn Maskan, Tolio
09-07-2013 by Official
What comes around, goes around. [Invasion] Archives
Dúchanar, Hana
08-21-2013 by Official
!! No Place Like Home [Invasion Defense] Archives
Phaedra, Resplendence
08-22-2013 by Official
Time to go. [Challenge, Faelene] Battleground
Faelene, Kri
09-05-2013 by Official
No dawn, no day [Judge] [INVASION] Archives
Artemis, Laila
09-07-2013 by Official
When in Doubt, Stand and Fight [Invasion Defense] Archives
Archibald, Lace
08-26-2013 by Official
cold breath on your neck; [invasion] Archives
Illynx, Smoke
09-01-2013 by Official
See I Have To Burn Your Kingdom Down [Invasion] Archives
Lena, Sage
09-09-2013 by Official
The Cloud Is Forming [Echo, Training Spar] Battleground
09-01-2013 by Official
Fire & Ash [Challenge -- Zar'roc] Battleground
Hector, Zar'roc
08-18-2013 by Official
Challenge//Mauja. Battleground
Gaucho, Mauja, Midas
08-19-2013 by Mauja
Kittens Have Claws Too [Training Spar - Andreas] Battleground
Antheia, Andreas
09-06-2013 by Official
Whiskey [Teaching Spar :: Irrydae] Battleground
12-20-2013 by Official
complexities and contemplations of activists Battleground
Ampere, Hespera
01-16-2014 by Official
Shall We Dance? [Training Spar, Archibald] Battleground
Apollo, Archibald
12-20-2013 by Official
Radio loud, or Radio lower? [Spar, Confutatis] Battleground
Confutatis, Gaucho
08-20-2013 by Official
Black Snowflakes [Challenge, Thor] Battleground
Adrixaura, Thor
09-01-2013 by Official
Under the Influence Battleground
Hector, Shadow
09-01-2013 by Official
The Adventures of Alpaca and Mighty Mouse Battleground
09-01-2013 by Official
Back to business [Open Spar] Battleground
Hespera, Lace
09-22-2013 by Official
Hit Me Brah. Battleground
Castiel, Ulano
08-05-2013 by Official
You Make Me Want to Be Brave [OOC Spar - Rasta] Battleground
Florabella, Rasta
09-01-2013 by Official
a mission for a beast, NPC Archives
Frost Fyre
07-28-2013 by Official
[Endless Night] The tides are turning vile Archives
Apodis, Confutatis, Eris, Kri, Paladin, Phaedra, Random Event, Reizend, Seele, Smoke
08-04-2013 by Random Event
Follow me, orr not. ( Ayaka ) Battleground
Ayaka, Midas
08-13-2013 by Official
Sweet Revenge || Psyche Archives
Psyche, Tonka
07-21-2013 by Official
The Past Haunts me Archives
Luneia, Sikeax, Tonka
07-13-2013 by Official
A quitter never wins [Spar, Scarter] Battleground
Gaucho, Scarter
09-01-2013 by Official
Stupid Never Wins [Ricochet] Battleground
Kahlua, Ricochet
10-23-2013 by Official
You wanna dance? Let's Dance. [voodoo - nev] Battleground
Hestia, Voodoo
08-20-2013 by Official
loose ends [storm - challenge] Battleground
07-14-2013 by Official
Dragon's Ire [Chemical - Challenge] Battleground
Chemical, Vikram
07-02-2013 by Vikram
The Cat Has Claws :: Tonka- Challenge Battleground
Kaj, Tonka
07-11-2013 by Official
stand on a chair and scream as the tables turn [Hestia/Tonka] Battleground
Mauja, Tonka
08-01-2013 by Official
Better watch your words || Hestia Battleground
Hestia, Tonka
07-16-2013 by Official
In my heart she left a hole [Zamoro spar] Battleground
07-14-2013 by Official
Miles of Sky [Levi - Challenge] Battleground
06-26-2013 by Official
Round 1 [Spar | Locket ] Battleground
Hana, Locket
07-18-2013 by Official
gilded blade; Battleground
Illynx, Zima
07-06-2013 by Official
[OPEN] Head Rush Battleground
Mauja, Voodoo
06-30-2013 by Official
Quest Drop #8 Fire | Light Helovia's Heart
Aiko Darleane, Amara, Amaris, Avalon, God of the Sun, Mauja, Ophelia, Sakura, Talianna, Voodoo
06-27-2013 by God of the Sun
Tomfoolery [Accalia, Challenge] Battleground
06-08-2013 by Official
Death of Ignita Archives
Aaron, Accalia, Madyrn Maskan, Romani
06-27-2013 by Madyrn Maskan
Beauty and the Beast [Spar | Andromeda] Battleground
Andromeda, Gaucho
07-02-2013 by Official
Come Out and Play Archives
Catalina, Hellena, Kanti
06-08-2013 by Catalina
May your feet serve you well and the rest sent to hell [Nyte] Archives
Caenan, Kumal
06-05-2013 by Caenan
Let the day close [Midas] Archives
Kumal, Midas
06-04-2013 by Midas
Forget Your High Society {Spar | Kumal} Battleground
Chemical, Kumal
06-04-2013 by Official
Cede what is mine {Knox, Challenge} Battleground
Faelon, Knox
06-08-2013 by Official
Into the Fire [Andromeda] Battleground
Andromeda, Murdock
08-08-2013 by Official
Your teeth are nails [Challenge - Eios] Battleground
Archibald, Eios, Vesta
07-01-2013 by Official
The Caveman vs. The Orange Giant [Friendly Challenge] Battleground
Gaucho, Hector
06-08-2013 by Official
Come not within the measure of my wrath. [Sinuhe & Africa Challenge] Battleground
Africa, Alan, Deimos, Sinuhe
06-04-2013 by Official
The new day is upon us [Darwin,open] Archives
Casimir, Darwin, Locket, Rafe, Sinuhe
06-04-2013 by Official
The Heart of This [Phaedra] Battleground
Birch, Phaedra
08-08-2013 by Official
witch hunt Battleground
Delinne, Mauja
06-08-2013 by Official
Lay Down The Laws [TRAINING SPAR, DESCARO] Battleground
Descaro, Voodoo
06-08-2013 by Official
She sells sanctuary [Spar | Sinuhe] Battleground
Gaucho, Sinuhe
06-04-2013 by Official
Try to break me down || Lusana Battleground
05-17-2013 by Official
Respect is a Virtue [kipp] Battleground
Hestia, Kipp, Zdravilo
06-26-2013 by Official
Teach me your best moves. [Training Spar, Deimos] Battleground
Arah, Deimos
08-05-2013 by Official
Gold Bleeding{Cirrus, Training Spar, Whit} Battleground
Cirrus, Eios
05-17-2013 by Official
The Art of Intoxication [Archibald] Battleground
Archibald, Circe
06-01-2013 by Official
Can't hit a girl [Kri, Spar] Battleground
Gaucho, Kri
07-06-2013 by Official
Rescue, Party of One [Psyche, Challenge] Battleground
Kri, Psyche
05-04-2013 by Official
Feel It In My Bones [Paladin] Battleground
Destrier, Paladin
05-01-2013 by Official
Is satan still laughing? (Challenging//Crash) Battleground
Africa, Crash Course, Midas
04-18-2013 by Official
Solitude Archives
03-24-2013 by Official
broken hearts [Valentine Challenge] Battleground
Snö, Valentine
04-08-2013 by Official
Rock me mama like a wagon wheel | Tonka Battleground
Gaucho, Tonka
04-18-2013 by Official
INFINITE ARMS [Dúchanar] Battleground
04-18-2013 by Official
A Fool's End || Ignita, Challenge Battleground
Ignita, Madyrn Maskan
03-29-2013 by Official
Sometimes the Best Medicine... [Paladin | Teaching Spar] Battleground
Paladin, Romani
04-18-2013 by Official
[complete] Rage [Aryel - Challenge] Battleground
Aryel, d'Artagnan
04-07-2013 by Aryel
Smile like you mean it (Krypt) Battleground
Krypt, Midas
06-08-2013 by Official
Sticks & Stones [Ignita] Battleground
Descaro, Ignita
04-22-2013 by Official
Nothing to Lose. A Point to Prove. [Kri] Battleground
Hector, Kri
06-13-2013 by Official
Hymn for the Shameless [Angora] Battleground
Angora, Mauja
03-17-2013 by Mauja
Quest Drop #2 Archives
Aryel, Casimir, God of the Moon, Nadira, Snö, Sulwyn
03-22-2013 by God of the Moon
A howl calling you to battle [Sno] Battleground
Lupus, Snö
04-18-2013 by Official
Meet, Greet, FIGHT! [Storm] Battleground
04-05-2013 by Official
Invasion Round Four :: Closing Defense Archives
Apollo, Archibald, Ariadnê, Aryel, Gaucho, Kri, Lakota, Locket, Midas, Murdock, Ophelia, Tharos
03-11-2013 by Official
[COMPLETED] Strike the War Drums [Gaucho] Battleground
Aryel, Gaucho
04-08-2013 by Official
You Can't Fight My Love (Angora) Battleground
Angora, Loki
04-05-2013 by Official
Invasion Round Three :: Cluster Three Battleground
Apollo, Archibald, Kri, Midas, Tharos
03-08-2013 by Apollo
Invasion Round Three :: Cluster Two Battleground
Locket, Murdock, Ophelia
03-08-2013 by Locket
Invasion Round Three :: Cluster One Battleground
Angora, Aryel, Gaucho, Lakota, Peixos
03-08-2013 by Gaucho
Girl [open] Archives
Aryel, Azzaron, Delinne, NPC
04-19-2013 by Official
[complete] Always Room for Improvement [Note] Battleground
Aryel, Note
04-15-2013 by Aryel
The Corporeal [Elizabeth] Battleground
Elizabeth, Snö
06-16-2013 by Official
Invasion Round Two :: Cluster Three Battleground
Ailith, Apollo, Archibald, Kri, Midas, Tharos
03-05-2013 by Ailith
Invasion Round Two :: Cluster Two Battleground
Angora, Birch, Ktulu, Locket, Murdock, Ophelia
03-05-2013 by Ktulu
Invasion Round Two :: Cluster One Battleground
Aryel, Gaucho, Lakota, Peixos
03-05-2013 by Lakota
Invasion Round One :: Cluster Four Battleground
Ailith, Apollo, Archibald, Midas, Tharos
03-02-2013 by Apollo
Invasion Round One :: Cluster Three Battleground
Ariadnê, Birch, Ktulu, Locket, Murdock
03-01-2013 by Locket
Invasion Round One :: Cluster Two Battleground
Argetlam, Aryel, Kri, Ophelia, Peixos
03-02-2013 by Ophelia
Invasion Round One :: Cluster One Battleground
Gaucho, Lakota, Quilyan, Verenia Rinta
03-01-2013 by Lakota
Father, I've had enough. || Treand, challenge Battleground
Delinne, Treand
03-23-2013 by Official
[completed] let the blood rain down[Open] Battleground
Azúcar, Gaucho
03-11-2013 by Official
[complete] Cheap Thrills [Sumati] Battleground
Murdock, Sumati
04-19-2013 by Official
[complete] Skills to Hone [Gaucho] Battleground
Argetlam, Gaucho, Snö
03-14-2013 by Argetlam
!! LadyKiller [OOC || Mauja] Battleground
Mauja, Seele
06-15-2013 by Official
[complete] I have had enough. [Open] Battleground
Lana, Lunare, Lupus
02-25-2013 by Lunare
[complete] Bloodlust [Azzaron] Battleground
Azzaron, Treand
03-01-2013 by Official
Dancing with death [Deimos..Spar] Battleground
Deimos, Faelene
05-13-2013 by Official
I see you {Midas} (Friendly spar) Battleground
Arrane, Midas
03-23-2013 by Official
[COMPLETE] fight the flames if you dare [Kri challenge] Battleground
Azzaron, Boom Boom, Kri
02-20-2013 by Boom Boom
[complete] Sink into Reflex, Maskan Battleground
Kaj, Madyrn Maskan
04-10-2013 by Official
The Warrior's Heart (Friendly Challenge) {Archibald} Battleground
Archibald, Arrane
03-23-2013 by Official
[complete] Glad you came | Practise Spar, Arrane Battleground
Arrane, Gaucho
02-26-2013 by Odd
[complete] A Step Toward Responsibility [Kri] Battleground
Kri, Vikram
05-17-2013 by Official
[COMPLETE] dressed to fight, gaucho Battleground
Gaucho, Note
02-20-2013 by Official
A Coward practicing Courage [Archibald] Battleground
Archibald, Roland
05-13-2013 by Official
[complete] Smash the Floor [open spar] Battleground
Ampere, Ophelia
04-19-2013 by Official
[COMPLETE] Our worth in Gold [Mirage/Spar] Battleground
Mirage, Thor
02-17-2013 by Official
[COMPLETE] We Will Stand Tall [Smoke] Battleground
Destrier, Smoke
03-13-2013 by Official
[complete] Hearts & Minds | Practice Spar, Valentine Battleground
Gaucho, Valentine
03-13-2013 by Valentine
The Saddest Landscape. [Note] Battleground
Boom Boom, Kri, Note
09-06-2013 by Official
I'll bleed you dry now[Des] Battleground
03-04-2013 by Official
See it rise [Training spar, Boom] Battleground
Boom Boom, Kri, Midas
08-18-2013 by Official
Prey to Predator [Lupus] Battleground
d'Artagnan, Lupus
04-18-2013 by Official
Meet me in the middle | Practise Spar, Ayaka Battleground
Ayaka, Gaucho
02-12-2013 by Official
[COMPLETE]All that counts is here and now | Practise Spar, Lupus Battleground
Gaucho, Lupus
02-17-2013 by Official
I dare you[Tio] Battleground
Catillatio, Levi
02-26-2013 by Official
My Brother In Arms [Levi] Battleground
Aryel, Levi
03-04-2013 by Official
Think Fast (Destrier) Battleground
02-25-2013 by Official
Rain, rain go away. | Practise Spar, Aryel Battleground
Aryel, Gaucho
02-10-2013 by Aryel
[COMPLETE] They all fall down | Practise Spar, Archibald Battleground
Archibald, Gaucho, Myrddin
02-18-2013 by Official
Will we not survive ourselves? Practise Spar | Levi Battleground
Gaucho, Levi
02-11-2013 by Official
[Judge] The last chapter [Ayaka] Battleground
Ayaka, Lupus
01-30-2013 by Official
Through the Depths of War[Sierra] Battleground
Levi, Sierra
02-25-2013 by Official
sickly lovebird come and play [Valentine] Battleground
Sierra, Valentine
02-26-2013 by Official
Meet Me in the Skies [Kri] Battleground
03-04-2013 by Official
One cannot stop the Wind from blowing. [Levi] Battleground
Boom Boom, Kri, Levi
06-28-2013 by Official
Stark Raving Mad [Orinthia] Battleground
Murdock, Orinthia
02-07-2013 by Official
healer's dilemma [d'art challenge] Battleground
01-20-2013 by Official
Soar through the skies, together. Archives
01-19-2013 by Official
[Judge] Let me earn my victory first [Psyche] Battleground
Lupus, Psyche
01-30-2013 by Official
[Judge] let's play a bloody game [Midas] Battleground
Midas, Note
02-12-2013 by Official
a pirate and a lass [aerwela] Battleground
Cassiopeia, Cormac
01-20-2013 by Official
This is just the start [Osiris] Battleground
Lupus, Osiris
04-05-2013 by Official
Shake the Marrow in Your Bones [Angora] Battleground
02-25-2013 by Official
An Order [Svetlana] Battleground
Archibald, Svetlana
01-05-2013 by Official
The tangled webs we weave. [Romani, Spar] Battleground
02-25-2013 by Official
Fear Feast :: Boggart Boss [Companion Drop] :: d'Artagnan is the winner! Archives
Crowley, d'Artagnan, Djinn, Levi, Mandrake, Nadira, Osiris, Random Event, Tingal, Valentine, Vermillion
01-17-2013 by Blu
[JUDGE] instruments to plague us [challenge for freedom - lace] Battleground
Deimos, Lace, Nao
01-08-2013 by Deimos
david and goliath, archibald challenge Battleground
Jackal, Archibald
01-08-2013 by Official
There'll be peace when you are done [Practise Spar, Aisha] - JUDGE PLEASE Battleground
Aisha, Phaedra
01-06-2013 by Official
Equality for the win [Paladin] Battleground
Lace, Paladin
01-29-2013 by Official
Just a Little Bit Of Practice [Lace Spar] Battleground
Aaron, Lace
01-30-2013 by Official
[Judge] Sometimes When It Rains Battleground
Destrier, Svetlana, Tor
01-06-2013 by Tor
SUBMISSION. [CHALLENGE -- Elizabeth] Battleground
Elizabeth, Kri
01-08-2013 by Official
Candleburn [RE/Hunting] Archives
Random Event, Romani
12-29-2012 by Romani
Heartbeats like a Drum. [Aryel] Battleground
Aryel, Kri
01-30-2013 by Aryel
[Judge] Time to test skills [Kri] Battleground
Aisha, Kri
01-22-2013 by Kri
It Must Change [EVER CHALLENGE - position of chief] Battleground
Evers, Miltiades
01-08-2013 by Official
[Judge] Question, Part II [Rome] Battleground
Romani, Svetlana, Tor
01-06-2013 by Tor
ITS ON! [d'Art Challenge] Battleground
Aaron, d'Artagnan
01-15-2013 by Official
Spar II [Kri] Battleground
Ázzuen, Kri
01-20-2013 by Official
Nothing to Lose [Kri Challenge] Battleground
Ázzuen, Kri, Svetlana
12-22-2012 by Ázzuen
[complete] Master; Show Me [Archibald] Battleground
Archibald, d'Artagnan, Locket, Vesta
02-25-2013 by d'Artagnan
Calling You - Part. II [Return/Moon Goddess] Veins of the Gods
God of the Moon, Romani
12-26-2012 by God of the Moon
Entertain Me [Note] Archives
Cera, Note, Random Event
01-03-2013 by Random Event
Resolution. [Svetlana challenge] Battleground
Jackal, Svetlana
12-19-2012 by Official
Sliver of Luminosity [ Moon ] Archives
Random Event, Rishima
12-14-2012 by Official
(JUDGE) price to pay [xan, challenge] Battleground
Tor, Xanthos
12-20-2012 by Official
[Judge]Strikes of Steel [Midas] Battleground
Levi, Midas
01-15-2013 by Levi
I Hate to Ask [God of the Sun] Veins of the Gods
God of the Sun, Prometheus
12-12-2012 by Official
playing with ice [d'Art] Battleground
d'Artagnan, Rapha
02-25-2013 by Official
Let's fight my brother [Gryffindor] Battleground
Gryffindor, Tribute
01-06-2013 by Official
[ Judge ] Bodies to the test Battleground
Ázzuen, Lace
01-06-2013 by Official
[JUDGE] night and day [aisha] Battleground
Aisha, Rapha
12-17-2012 by Official
Plauged with Stripes [Plague/Open] Archives
Farai, Stellaluna, Zikar-Sin
12-05-2012 by Farai
Star Crossed Hearts (Spar, Stellaluna) Battleground
Stellaluna, Valentine
01-06-2013 by Official
UNCOVER. [Januarius] Battleground
12-21-2012 by Official
You be on your knees! Battleground
Stellaluna, Tainted
12-16-2012 by Official
[Judge]Raise Your Weapons[Lesson spar with Midas] Battleground
Midas, Sierra
12-17-2012 by Official
Sharpen the Blades [JUDGE] Battleground
Leander, Levi
12-17-2012 by Official
Running. Always running. (Newcomer) [Closed] Archives
Crackers, Orinthia
12-27-2012 by Orinthia
The Test [Archibald][JUDGE!] Battleground
Archibald, Romani
12-17-2012 by Official
What is lost in the frost... [zephyr drop] Archives
Avira, Azulee, Irrydae, Kamien, Midas, Random Event, Sierra, Sohalia, Svetlana
11-26-2012 by Official
[Judge] Come Forth into the Storm and Rout [Faelene] Battleground
Faelene, Tolio
12-17-2012 by Official
(Judge Please) Preparing for Battle (Psyche) Battleground
Psyche, Valentine
12-03-2012 by Official
Coldest Blood [teaching spar/open] Battleground
Mandrake, Rafe
11-22-2012 by Official
Are You Prepared? (Judged!) Battleground
Birch, Tainted
11-22-2012 by Official
BITE me | Murder (done) Battleground
Murder, Svetlana
11-28-2012 by Official
Vanquish [Eligor] Battleground
Ambrosius, Eligor
11-22-2012 by Official
ROUND TWO: Whit Archives
10-13-2012 by Mirage
ROUND TWO: Blu Archives
10-13-2012 by Ink
ROUND TWO: Charks Archives
10-15-2012 by Belial
Born of Fire [Halloween Hellhound Drop - Resume] Archives
Random Event
10-25-2012 by Official
QIAN Vs EDGE INVASION :: Results Battleground
10-22-2012 by Official
QIAN Vs EDGE INVASION :: EDGE Rubrics Battleground
10-05-2012 by Official
QIAN Vs EDGE INVASION :: QIAN Rubrics Battleground
10-05-2012 by Official
QIAN Vs EDGE INVASION :: Results Battleground
10-05-2012 by Official
Bring me to Life [Invasion - ROUND FIVE] World's Edge
Aaron, Alan, Aurelius, Ázzuen, Cineviam, Deimos, Descaro, Faelene, Giselle, Kiara, Korra, Kri, Lace, Leander, Lena, Lucius, Madyrn Maskan, Mauja, Midas, Mirage, Monster, Ned, Paladin, Psyche, Tares, Vikram
10-02-2012 by Kri
Bring me to Life [Invasion - ROUND FOUR] World's Edge
Aaron, Alan, Aurelius, Ázzuen, Cineviam, Deimos, Delinne, Descaro, Faelene, Giselle, Jaydan, Kiara, Korra, Kri, Lace, Leander, Lena, Lloyd, Lucius, Madyrn Maskan, Mauja, Midas, Mirage, Monster, Ned, Paladin, Psyche, Ricochet, Tares, Vikram
09-29-2012 by Aaron
PEGASUS :: Flying Race, Round THREE Archives
Ázzuen, Hector, Jaydan, Leander, Merakerr, Midas, Random Event, Sierra, Vikram
09-28-2012 by Hector
Bring me to Life [Invasion - ROUND THREE] World's Edge
Aaron, Alan, Arabella, Archibald, Aurelius, Ázzuen, Cineviam, Deimos, Delinne, Descaro, Faelene, Giselle, Jaydan, Kiara, Korra, Kri, Lace, Leander, Lena, Lloyd, Lucius, Madyrn Maskan, Mauja, Midas, Mirage, Monster, Ned, Paladin, Psyche, Ricochet, Tares, Torasin, Vikram
09-26-2012 by Cineviam
UNICORNS :: Swimming the Coast, Round THREE Archives
Aurelius, Cineviam, d'Artagnan, Faelene, Keahi, Korra, Lena, Monster, Random Event, Validino
09-26-2012 by Random Event
EQUINE :: Cross Country Race, Round THREE Archives
Aaron, Bellatrix, Kiara, Lace, Mirage, Query, Random Event, Tisco, Tor, Willow
09-26-2012 by Random Event
PEGASUS :: Flying Race, Round TWO Archives
Ázzuen, Breeze, Hector, Jaydan, Leander, Merakerr, Midas, Random Event, Vikram
09-23-2012 by Random Event
Bring me to Life [Invasion - ROUND TWO] World's Edge
Aaron, Alan, Arabella, Archibald, Aurelius, Ázzuen, Cineviam, Deimos, Delinne, Descaro, Faelene, Giselle, Jaydan, Kiara, Korra, Kri, Lace, Leander, Lena, Lloyd, Lucius, Madyrn Maskan, Mauja, Midas, Mirage, Monster, Ned, Paladin, Psyche, Ricciardo, Ricochet, Rishima, Tares, Torasin, Vikram
09-23-2012 by Rishima
UNICORNS :: Swimming the Coast, Round TWO (fixed) Archives
Aurelius, Cineviam, d'Artagnan, Descaro, Evers, Faelene, Keahi, Kiara, Korra, Lena, Monster, Random Event, Rishima, Validino
09-23-2012 by Random Event
EQUINE :: Cross Country Race, Round TWO (edited) Archives
Aaron, Bellatrix, Kiara, Lace, Madyrn Maskan, Mirage, Query, Random Event, Tor, Torasin, Willow
09-22-2012 by Random Event [Lloyd] Battleground
Lloyd, Lucius
11-28-2012 by Official
Suddenly Strangers [Ophelia] Battleground
Ophelia, Tares
10-20-2012 by Official
PEGASUS :: Flying Race, Round One Archives
Ázzuen, Breeze, Hector, Jaydan, Leander, Leliel, Merakerr, Midas, Random Event, Vikram, Xira
09-17-2012 by Random Event
UNICORNS :: Swimming the Coast, Round ONE Archives
Aurelius, Cineviam, d'Artagnan, Descaro, Evers, Faelene, Harlequin, Irene, Keahi, Korra, Lena, Monster, Prometheus, Random Event, Validino
09-17-2012 by Irene
ROUND ONE: Poppy v. Mauja >> POPPY Archives
09-26-2012 by Official
ROUND ONE: Ricochet v. Deimos >> TIE Archives
Deimos, Lena, Ricochet
09-25-2012 by Official
ROUND ONE: Rishima v. Kri >> RISHIMA Archives
Boom Boom, Kri, Rishima
09-30-2012 by Boom Boom
ROUND ONE: Prometheus v. Ink >> THEUS Archives
Ink, Prometheus
09-24-2012 by Official
ROUND ONE: Huyana v. Cassiopeia >> HUYANA Archives
09-24-2012 by Official
ROUND ONE: Xira v. Azzuen >> AZZUEN Archives
Ázzuen, Xira
09-24-2012 by Official
ROUND ONE: Belial v. Mirage >> BELIAL Archives
Belial, Mirage
10-12-2012 by Official
EQUINE :: Cross Country Race, Round ONE Archives
Aaron, Bellatrix, Histe, Kiara, Knox, Lace, Madyrn Maskan, Mirage, Poppy, Query, Random Event, Rishima, Soleil, Tisco, Tor, Torasin, Willow
09-17-2012 by Tisco
axes in the attics Battleground
Svetlana, Validino
11-22-2012 by Official
:: Cross Country Obstacle Race :: Guidelines & Sign Ups! Archives
ali, Boom Boom, Coris, d'Artagnan, Daenerys, Ink, Kiara, Lace, Leander, Lloyd, Mirage, Query, Random Event, Rishima, Tisco, Tor, Xira
09-10-2012 by Boom Boom
:: Pegasus Flying Race :: Guidelines & Sign Ups! Archives
ali, Boom Boom, Cassiopeia, Coris, d'Artagnan, Harlequin, Kachie, Leander, Midas, Mirage, Rishima, Sierra, Xira
09-09-2012 by Sierra
{JUDGE ME}swing, swing [Cineviam/Spar] Battleground
Cineviam, Faelene
11-07-2012 by Official
practicing skills [Descaro] Battleground
Descaro, Tillas
10-20-2012 by Official
The Fatalist [JUDGE] Battleground
Archibald, Birch
10-23-2012 by Official
the call[leyra spar] Battleground
Archibald, Leyra
08-25-2012 by Official
Where is she [rehovah, open] Archives
Quiach, Rehovah
08-20-2012 by Rehovah
Let the Light Shine through Roses(open) Archives
Midas, Rehovah, Second Chances
08-23-2012 by Midas
Let the Light Shine throght Roses(open) Archives
Aure, Jaydan, Second Chances, Sunchaser
08-19-2012 by Jaydan
[JUDGE :D] [AJAX challenge] You have to come through me Battleground
Ajax, Monster
08-26-2012 by Official
Company Is Adventure(Intro to Beyral)[Open] Archives
Ajax, Beyral, Enheduanna, Noise
08-27-2012 by Enheduanna
A Silent Beauty(Pegasus Of Thunder) Archives
Ajax, Diedre, Lightus, PegasusofThunder
08-20-2012 by Ajax
To Protect And Serve Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
It Begins with a Dark Glowing Ember Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
Sail across the Sun, make it to the milkyway[Open] Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
Pallor [Open] Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
Frozen in Time [Open] Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
ice cold [birthing- paladin, open] Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
Advice sought [Kri + Cass] Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
simple wishes | open Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
Almost Paradise Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
A Promise Drenched In Blood Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
Come To Me, Dear Ones. [open] Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
When petals fall Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
Signal for Healing [Sun/Lazulli/Observer] | SUN GOD Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
Judgment [Lotus/Mauja] Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
Me gusta this Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
Fulfilling Heritage [ Sun God ] Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
boiling blood [open] Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
fall from glory | archibald, charky, goss, open Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
hop, skip, jump | azzuen Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
No Safe Return Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
Erstwhile Ally [Kri] Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
rattle of the bones Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
Honorable Gentlemen [Goss/Smoke] Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
Thoughts That Dwell Within The Darkness Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
The Freshman [open] Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
Blood of the tree Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
..::The Euphoria of Freedom::.. Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
Run rabbit run [Kri] Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
Fallen Behind Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
i don't want to die Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
Three Spirits without Drink [Quest] | RE Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
Statuesque [Open] Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
Tradesman[open, gifts] Archives
08-12-2012 by Official
Counting Bodies Like Sheep {Invasion} Battleground
08-12-2012 by Official
the din of war drums. [invasion] Battleground
08-12-2012 by Official
Dusk upon us [invasion] Battleground
08-12-2012 by Official
Stand and fight [invasion] Battleground
08-12-2012 by Official
Fury that burns [invasion] Battleground
08-12-2012 by Official
Try It Again [Goss Challenge] Battleground
Gossamer, Paladin
08-28-2012 by Official
Son of the Earth. [Ktulu] Veins of the Gods
God of the Earth, Ktulu
08-07-2012 by Official
Flint [Vikram] Battleground
Tares, Vikram
08-29-2012 by Official
Hell Battered Soul [ali] Battleground
d'Artagnan, Kou
10-20-2012 by Official
you fell down, so get back up kid. [JUDGE] Battleground
Onni, Tares
08-12-2012 by Official
Bounce[Open ] Battleground
Arathea, Noise
09-01-2012 by Official
First Move [Smoke] - {Judge me!} Battleground
Paladin, Smoke
07-18-2012 by Official
The Path is Open (Moon Goddess) Archives
06-29-2012 by Official
Revenge Battleground
06-09-2012 by Official
.:::Clarity of the Soul::. Archives
06-09-2012 by Official
Altitude Grazing Archives
06-09-2012 by Official
You have to cross the line Archives
06-09-2012 by Official
Light of my Life Archives
06-09-2012 by Official
fire and ice Archives
06-09-2012 by Official
..:: Touch ::.. Archives
06-09-2012 by Official
Shadows of friends past and present Archives
06-09-2012 by Official
Distance Archives
06-09-2012 by Official
Reflection Archives
06-09-2012 by Official
Sin Archives
06-09-2012 by Official
Terra Archives
06-09-2012 by Official
Friends Archives
06-09-2012 by Official
It's that thing called curiosity. Archives
06-09-2012 by Official
Song on the wind :: Archives
06-09-2012 by Official
Unwounded Soldier Archives
06-09-2012 by Official
burn. Archives
06-09-2012 by Official
raw. Archives
06-09-2012 by Official
Enrapture the Masses Archives
06-09-2012 by Official
new life :: Archives
06-09-2012 by Official
-Vessel of Sorrow- Archives
06-09-2012 by Official
Not as Planned Archives
06-09-2012 by Official
the beginning. Archives
06-09-2012 by Official
To Make A Request Archives
06-09-2012 by Official
toy soldiers. [moved] Battleground
Boom Boom, Cassiopeia, Kri
07-15-2012 by Cassiopeia
Fighting Souls [moved] Battleground
10-22-2012 by Official
Don't go quietly [moved] Battleground
08-28-2012 by Official
Sol/Pal Spar [moved] Battleground
10-22-2012 by Official
For Sanctuary [moved] Battleground
10-22-2012 by Official
Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow {Birth, Vayu} [moved] Archives
Eios, Enheduanna, God of the Earth, Vayu
06-06-2012 by God of the Earth
When the stars come out :: { moved } World's Edge
God of the Moon, Mauja, Mirage
06-03-2012 by Mirage

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